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Additional Adventures

As well as the Doctor's own exploits, there are some further adventures of his companions which can be said to contribute to the ongoing continuity. These are non-exhaustive listings, and are to be regarded as a starting point. There's a lot more to the Doctor Who universe, and my best advice is to go out there and explore it...
Story Title Location Notes
The Splintered GateST: CompanionsFeaturing Ian and Barbara, this story is set before An Unearthly Child.
After the DaleksBF Early 7.1Featuring Susan, this story occurs immediately following Flashpoint.
London, 1965BBC audiobookFeaturing Ian and Barbara, this story occurs in the months following The Planet of Decision.
Katarina in the UnderworldST: MusesKatarina's final dreams at the moment of her death, during The Traitors.
Sleeper AgentsBBC audiobookFeaturing Ben and Polly, this story takes place shortly after The Faceless Ones.
Do You Dream in Colour?ST: Ghosts of XmasFeaturing Ben and Polly, this story takes place about six years after The Faceless Ones.
The Man from DOCTO(R)ST: CompanionsFeaturing Harry, this story is set some time after Mutiny.
K9 and the Time TrapPicture bookThese stories feature K-9 mark I, operating as an agent of the Time Lords, and occur between The Invasion of Time and Arc of Infinity.
K9 and the Beasts of VegaPicture book
K9 and the Zeta RescuePicture book
K9 and the Missing PlanetPicture book
Jealous, PossessiveST: ZodiacFeaturing K-9 marks I and II, this story occurs shortly after Logopolis.
Stolen FuturesProtectors of TimeFeaturing Romana, these stories occur between Warriors' Gate and Blood Harvest.
The Kairos RingBBC audiobook
Turlough and the Earthlink Dilemma Target novelThis story takes place shortly after Planet of Fire.
Harry Sullivan's WarTarget novel Also featuring Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and Sarah Jane Smith, this story occurs some time after Mawdryn Undead.
Mondas PassingShort TripsFeaturing Ben and Polly, this story takes place around twenty years after The Faceless Ones.
Missing One: Business as UsualMore Short Trips Featuring Melanie, these stories take place some time after Dragonfire.
Missing Two: Message in a BottleMore Short Trips
Curriculum VitaeST: CompanionsFeaturing Polly, a few years after Mondas Passing, and prior to That Time I Nearly Destroyed the World whilst Looking for a Dress.
Kept Safe and SoundST: CompanionsThe fate of one version of K-9...
DistanceST: CompanionsFeaturing Ian and Barbara, many years after The Face of the Enemy.
Sphere of InfluenceSusan's War 1.1Featuring Susan and Ian, these stories occur between All Hands on Deck and The Shoreditch Intervention.
The Uncertain shoreSusan's War 1.2
Assets of WarSusan's War 1.3
Taking MickeyDW Files 5Featuring Mickey, this story occurs between New Earth and The Feast of the Drowned.
The Endless NightDimension Cannon 1.1Featuring Rose, these stories occur between Doomsday and Turn Left.
The FloodDimension Cannon 1.2
Ghost MachinesDimension Cannon 1.3
The Last Party on EarthDimension Cannon 1.4
The Time MuseumBF CC 7.01Featuring Ian, who recalls his travels with the first Doctor many years ago.
Imaginary EnemiesDWM 455Featuring Amy and Rory, recalling past events from many years after The Angels Take Manhattan.
In RemembranceBF Class 2.3Featuring Ace, talking care of unfinished business - with a brief appearance of her younger self during Remembrance of the Daleks.

Gallifrey: Featuring Romana, Leela and K-9, these stories might correlate to the Doctor's adventures between Zagreus and The Shadows of Avalon.
Story Title Location Notes
Weapon of ChoiceBig Finish 1.1
Square OneBig Finish 1.2
The InquiryBig Finish 1.3
A Blind EyeBig Finish 1.4
LiesBig Finish 2.1
SpiritBig Finish 2.2
PandoraBig Finish 2.3
InsurgencyBig Finish 2.4
ImperiatrixBig Finish 2.5
FracturesBig Finish 3.1
WarfareBig Finish 3.2
AppropriationBig Finish 3.3
MindbombBig Finish 3.4
PanaceaBig Finish 3.5
RebornBig Finish 4.1
DisassembledBig Finish 4.2
AnnihilationBig Finish 4.3
ForeverBig Finish 4.4
EmancipationBig Finish 5.1
EvolutionBig Finish 5.2
ArbitrationBig Finish 5.3
ExterminationBig Finish 6.1
RenaissanceBig Finish 6.2
AscensionBig Finish 6.3

Gallifrey: Featuring Ace, Romana, and Leela, these stories might correlate to the Doctor's adventures between The Shadows of Avalon and The Night of the Doctor, although the timelines of these events are constantly changing.
Story Title Location Notes
Intervention EarthBig Finish 7
Enemy LinesBig Finish 8
Celestial InterventionTime War 1
Soldier ObscuraTime War 1
The Devil You KnowTime War 1
Desperate MeasuresTime War 1
HavocTime War 2
PartisansTime War 2
CollateralTime War 2
AssassinsTime War 2
HostilesTime War 3
NevernorTime War 3
Mother TongueTime War 3
UnityTime War 3
DeceptionTime War 4
DissolutionTime War 4
BeyondTime War 4
HomecomingTime War 4

UNIT: The operations of the Intelligence Taskforce, in the absence of the Doctor...
Story Title Location Notes
The Blood WoodsDiary of River Song 9Featuring Liz Shaw and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, these adventures are set between The Unzal Incursion and Rivers of Light.
Terror of the Suburbs
Never Alone
The Fires Down BelowDWM 64
Skywatch-7DWM 58/
Winter Special 1981

Rogue StateSeabird One
Time Flies
Dark Side of the Moon
The CoupBig Finish CD/
DWM 351
Featuring Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, these adventures are set between The Dying Days and Happy Endings.
Time HealsBig Finish 1
Snake HeadBig Finish 2
The Longest NightBig Finish 3
The WastingBig Finish 4
Tales from the VaultBF CC 6.01The UNIT archive contains accounts of the third Doctor between The Other Woman and Find and Replace; the fourth Doctor between The Glarn Strategy and The Power of Kroll; the second Doctor between Lepidoptery for Beginners and Lords of the Red Planet; and the first Doctor between This Sporting Life and 64 Carlysle Street.
MastermindBF CC 8.01
The Screaming SkullWorlds of DW boxsetFeaturing Mike Yates, this story occurs prior to Second Sight.
For the Girl Who Has EverythingWintertime ParadoxFeaturing Kate Stewart and Osgood, this story occurs between Death of the Doctor and The Power of Three
ExtinctionThis story occurs between The Power of Three and The Day of the Doctor.
Power Cell
Death in Geneva
The Battle of the Tower
Ice Station Alpha
House of Silents
Square One
Silent Majority
In Memory Alone
Call to Arms
Tidal Wave
Yes, MissyAnnual 2017
The Dalek TransactionEncounters
The Sontaran Project
False Negative
Game Theory
Code Silver
Master of Worlds
It Takes a ThiefLady Christina 1
Skin Deep
Portrait of a Lady
Death on the Mile
Hosts of the WirrnRevisitations
Breach of Trust
Open the Box
This Sleep of DeathIncursions
The Power of River Song
NarcissusThe Eighth of March
The WreckLady Christina 2
Long Shot
The Enemy BeyondBetween Two Worlds
Fire and Ice
Eleven's Eleven
The Curator's Gambit
The Man from GallifreyAgents of the Vulpreen
Power of the Dominators
The War Factory
Ten Minutes in Hell
The Turn of the TidesProtectors of Time
The Complete Adventures

Sarah Jane Smith: The adventures of the investigative journalist, sometimes accompanied by K-9 mark III...
Story Title Location Notes
A Girl's Best Friend

This story takes place some time after Just A Small Problem....

PowerstoneK-9 Annual
The Shroud of AzarothK-9 Annual
Hound of HellK-9 Annual
The Monster of Loch CragK-9 Annual
Horror HotelK-9 Annual
The Curse of Kanbo-AlaK-9 Annual
Appearance of Sarah Jane in The Five Doctors.
Appearance of Sarah Jane in Harry Sullivan's War.
Appearance of Sarah Jane in Train-Flight.
City of DevilsDWM Summer Special 1992
HousewarmingDecalog 2
DowntimeVirgin MA Also featuring Victoria Waterfield and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, this story occurs between Business Unusual and Millennial Rites. It includes a flashback of Victoria's time with the second Doctor and Jamie, which takes place between The Web of Fear and Father Figure - and a brief appearance by the third Doctor, which occurs for him between Potential and The Time Warrior.
The Sow in RutMore Short Trips
Appearance of Sarah Jane in Interference.
Appearance of Sarah Jane in Bullet Time.
Balloon DebateST: Companions
Moving OnDecalog 3
A Dog's LifeDW Files 6
ComebackBig Finish I
The TAO ConnectionBig Finish II
Test of NerveBig Finish III
Ghost TownBig Finish IV
Mirror, Signal, ManoeuvreBig Finish V
Buried SecretsBig Finish VI
Snow BlindBig Finish VII
Fatal ConsequencesBig Finish VIII
DreamlandBig Finish IX
Appearance of Sarah Jane in School Reunion.
Invasion of the Bane
Revenge of the Slitheen
Eye of the Gorgon
Warriors of Kudlak
The Thirteenth StoneBBC audiobook
The Glittering StormBBC audiobook
Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?
The Lost Boy
Appearance of Sarah Jane in The Stolen Earth.
The Last Sontaran
The Day of the Clown
Secrets of the Stars
The Ghost HouseBBC audiobook
The Time CapsuleBBC audiobook
The Mark of the Berserker
The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith
Enemy of the Bane
Appearance of Sarah Jane in Vortex Butterflies.
From Raxacoricofallapatorius with LoveComic Relief mini-episode
Prisoner of the Judoon
The Mad Woman in the Attic
The White WolfBBC audiobook
The Shadow PeopleBBC audiobook
The Wedding of Sarah Jane SmithFeatures an appearance by the tenth Doctor, occurring between The Day of the Troll and The Time Machination.
The Eternity Trap
Mona Lisa's Revenge
The Gift
Monster HuntSJA website interactive game and comic strip
Deadly DownloadBBC audiobook
Appearance of Sarah Jane in The End of Time.
Wraith WorldBBC audiobook
Return of the KruliusSJA website
The Nightmare Man
The Vault of Secrets
Death of the Doctor

Features an appearance by the eleventh Doctor, occurring between The Boy Who Saved the Proms and The Night After Hallowe'en.

The Empty Planet
Defending Bannerman RoadSJA website
Lost in Time
Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith
The Curse of Clyde Langer
The Man Who Never Was
Children of SteelBBC audiobook
Judgement DayBBC audiobook
Appearance of Sarah Jane in Lily.
Farewell, Sarah JaneBBC mini-episode
The Complete Adventures
The Complete Adventures

Torchwood: This is a partial list of stories featuring the adventures of Captain Jack Harkness, set after The Parting of the Ways.
Story Title Location Notes
The Year After I DiedLives of Captain Jack 1.1
Best FriendsDW Files 10
The Baby FarmersConsequences
Wednesdays for BeginnersLives of Captain Jack 1.2The Doctor and Rose almost turn up in response to Jackie's call, following an encounter with dragons between F.A.Q. and I Am a Dalek.
Everything Changes
Day One
Ghost Machine
Another LifeBBC novel
Border PrincesBBC novel
Slow DecayBBC novel
Small Worlds
HiddenBBC audiobook
Greeks Bearing Gifts
They Keep Killing Suzie
Random Shoes
Out of Time
Captain Jack Harkness
End of Days
Appearance of Captain Jack in Utopia.
Appearance of Captain Jack in The Sound of Drums.
Appearance of Captain Jack in Last of the Time Lords.
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
To the Last Man
Something in the WaterBBC novel
Everyone Says HelloBBC audiobook
In the ShadowsBBC audiobook
Trace MemoryBBC novel
The Twilight StreetsBBC novel
Dead Man Walking
A Day in the Death
Pack AnimalsBBC novel
Something Borrowed
SkyPointBBC novel
From Out of the Rain
Exit Wounds
Lost SoulsBBC Radio 4
Appearance of Captain Jack in The Stolen Earth.
Almost PerfectBBC novel
The Sin EatersBBC audiobook
Into the SilenceBBC novel
Bay of the DeadBBC novel
The House That Jack BuiltBBC novel
Risk AssessmentBBC novel
The Undertaker's GiftBBC novel
The Wrong HandsConsequences
AsylumBBC Radio 4
Golden AgeBBC Radio 4
The Dead LineBBC Radio 4
The Devil and Miss CarewBBC Radio 4
SubmissionBBC Radio 4
Ghost TrainBBC audiobook
Department XBBC audiobook
Children of Earth
The House of the DeadBBC Radio 4
Appearance of Captain Jack in The End of Time.
One Enchanted EveningLives of Captain Jack 1.3
The Complete Adventures
The Complete Adventures

The New Adventures feature the continuing exploits of Bernice Summerfield, Chris Cwej and other characters from Virgin's Doctor Who novels. These stories occur after The Dying Days, and are more or less concurrent with the subsequent adventures of the Eighth Doctor...

Story Title Location Notes
Oh No It Isn't!Virgin NA
Dragons' WrathVirgin NA
Beyond the SunVirgin NA
Ship of FoolsVirgin NA
The Judgment of SolomonDecalog 5
DownVirgin NA
DeadfallVirgin NA
Ghost DevicesVirgin NA
Mean StreetsVirgin NA
TempestVirgin NA
Buried Treasures: Making Myths Big Finish CD
Walking to BabylonVirgin NA
OblivionVirgin NA
The Medusa EffectVirgin NA
Dry PilgrimageVirgin NA
The Sword of ForeverVirgin NA
Buried Treasures: Closure Big Finish CD
Another Girl, Another PlanetVirgin NA
Beige Planet MarsVirgin NAFeatures a brief appearance by the fourth Doctor, occurring between Festival of Death and The Doomsday Contract.
Where Angels FearVirgin NA
The Mary-Sue ExtrusionVirgin NA
Dead RomanceVirgin NA
Tears of the OracleVirgin NA
Return to the Fractured PlanetVirgin NA
The Joy DeviceVirgin NA
Twilight of the GodsVirgin NA

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