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Adventures of the
fifth Doctor Who

Story Title Location Notes

PsychodromeBF 5DA 1
Cold FusionVirgin MAFeatures an appearance by the seventh Doctor, Chris and Roz - for them, the adventure takes place between Return of the Living Dad and The Death of Art. Flashbacks show Patience with her husband; while another uncertain memory might depict the first Doctor some time between Dr Who and the Daleks and The Exiles.
On the Planet IsopterusAnnual 1983
The ImmortalsST: Past Tense
The Ingenious Gentleman Adric of AlzariusShort Trips 7.11
The Key of VagaAnnual 1982
Planet of FearAnnual 1982
First BornST: Centenarian
Appearance of fifth Doctor in Prisoners of Time.
Four To Doomsday
Secrets of TelosForty 1The Doctor is projected into his future body, between The Children of Seth and The Sands of Time.
God of WarForty 1The Doctor is projected into his future body, between Zaltys and Kingdom of lies.
Sock PigShort Trips 2
The Visitation

The fifth Doctor's appearance in A Stitch in Time occurs during this adventure.

The Dark RiverTarget StorybookThis story occurs during The Visitation.
Divided LoyaltiesBBC novelFeatures a flashback of the first Doctor, in an early adventure which occurs long before Dr Who and the Daleks.
Hearts of StoneST: Companions
Smoke and MirrorsDestiny of the Doctor 5
The Star MenBF 221
The Contingency ClubBF 222
ZaltysBF 223
The Doctor's body is inhabited by the mind of his earlier self, as depicted in God of War.
Flashback of fifth Doctor in The Last Action Figure.
Kingdom of LiesBF 234
Ghost WalkBF 235
Serpent in the Silver MaskBF 236
Black Orchid

The fifth Doctor's appearance in Time & Time Again occurs during this story.

The Darkening EyeBF CC 3.6
Appearance of fifth Doctor in Where's the Doctor?
The Constant DoctorScientific SecretsFeatures an appearance by the twelfth Doctor, between Listen and The Monsters of Coal Hill School.
Iterations of IBF 5DA 1
The ToyShort Trips bonus
Long TermST: Terrors
Artificial IntelligenceST: 2040
Empire of DeathBBC novel
God Send Me Well to KeepST: Leadership
Tip of the TonguePuffin e-book
Lonely DaysDecalog 2
The Doctor returns for Tegan, who rejoins the Tardis...
Lackaday ExpressDecalog 1
WakeST: Farewells
LATOTDoctor Who's little book of Villains
The King of the DeadShort Trips 5.05
Danger Down BelowAnnual 1983
The God MachineAnnual 1983
The Armageddon ChrysalisAnnual 1983
The HavenAnnual 1983
The PenaltyAnnual 1983
Night Flight to NowhereAnnual 1983
Tegan remains behind at Heathrow once more. This time, she intends her departure to be permanent - until she loses her job...
The Land of the DeadBF 4
Circular Time: SpringBF 91
Past ReckoningDecalog 3
The Parliament of RatsShort Trips
The Eternity ContractMore Short Trips
The DeepShort Trips 1
Winter for the AdeptBF 10
The Mutant PhaseBF 15
PrimevalBF 26
Spare PartsBF 34
Creatures of BeautyBF 44
Circular Time: SummerBF 91
ConfabulaST: Muses
Not So Much a Programme, More a Way of Life ST: Monsters
The GameBF 66
The 57thST: Sins
SaturnST: Solar System
The Church of Saint SebastianST: History of Xmas
Aimed at the BodyBF 269
LightspeedBF 269
The Bookshop at the End of the WorldBF 269
InterludeBF 269
Echo ChamberBF 270
Towards ZeroBF 270
Castle HydraBF 270
Effect and CauseBF 270
The Tides of TimeDWM 61-67
Stars Fell on StockbridgeDWM 68-69
The Stockbridge HorrorDWM 70-75
Appearance of the fifth Doctor in Collision Course.
Circular Time: AutumnBF 91
Renaissance of the DaleksBF 93
Return to the Web PlanetBF bonus VI
TweakerST: Transmissions
The Haunting of Thomas BrewsterBF 107
The Three CompanionsBF 120-131Features flashbacks of the second Doctor between The Slave War and The Forbidden Time; and the third Doctor between Dream Devils and Potential.
The Boy That Time ForgotBF 110
Time ReefBF 113
A Perfect WorldBF 113
CuriosityST: How the Doctor...
Castle of FearBF 127
The Eternal SummerBF 128
Plague of the DaleksBF 129
Appearance of fifth Doctor in Seven to One.
The Demons of Red LodgeBF 142
The Entropy CompositionBF 142
Doing TimeBF 142
Special FeaturesBF 142
1001 NightsBF 168
Appearance of fifth Doctor in The Light at the End.
1963: Fanfare for the Common MenBF 178
MoonfleshBF 185
Tomb ShipBF 186
MasqueradeBF 187
Alien HeartBF 224
Dalek SoulBF 224
The Second Oldest QuestionShort Trips 9.10
Downward SpiralShort Trips 10.07
Arc of Infinity

The Waters of AmsterdamBF 208
OmegaBF 47
The Burning PrinceBF 165
The Lady in the LakeDiary of River Song 3.1
A Requiem for the DoctorDiary of River Song 3.2
My Dinner with AndrewDiary of River Song 3.3
The FuriesDiary of River Song 3.4
Relative TimeThe Legacy of Time 4
The EliteBF Lost 3.1
Fear of the DarkBBC novel
HexagoraBF Lost 3.2
The Children of SethBF Lost 3.3
The Doctor's body is inhabited by the mind of his earlier self, as depicted in Secrets of Telos.
The Sands of TimeVirgin MA
Zeta MajorBBC novel
AquitaineBF 209
The Peterloo MassacreBF 210
Soul MateST: Terrors
No ExitST: Steel Skies
TartarusBF 256
InterstitialBF 257
Feast of FearBF 257
WarzoneBF 258
ConversionBF 258
Ghost StationBF 266
The Bridge MasterBF 266
What Lurks Down UnderBF 266
The Dancing PlagueBF 266
The Doctor answers River Song's message, as depicted in Expiry Dating.
Thin TimeBF 267Features an appearance by the eleventh Doctor, between The Dalek Generation and The Great Detective.
MadquakeBF 267
The Lost ResortBF 5DA 4
The Perils of Nellie BlyBF 5DA 4
Nightmare of the DaleksBF 5DA 4
Men of the EarthST: Prague
Goths and RobbersST: Leadership
The Lions of TrafalgarShort Trips 4
The Mistpuddle MurdersShort Trips 8.11
Goth OperaVirgin MA
Blood InvocationYearbook 1995
Appearance of fifth Doctor in Time Crash.
Mawdryn Undead

Gardens of the DeadShort Trips 6.01
OphiuchusThe Many Lives of Doctor Who
Turlough and Tegan briefly encounter Charley's "ghost", as seen in The Light at the End.
FreakshowBig Finish download/
DWM 419

CobwebsBF 136
The Whispering ForestBF 137
The Cradle of the SnakeBF 138
Heroes of SontarBF 146
Kiss of DeathBF 147
Rat TrapBF 148
The Emerald TigerBF 159
The Jupiter ConjunctionBF 160
The Butcher of BrisbaneBF 161
The Monkey HouseShort Trips bonus
Eldrad Must Die!BF 172
The Lady of MerciaBF 173
Prisoners of FateBF 174
MistfallBF 195
EquilibriumBF 196
The Entropy PlagueBF 197
GudokST: Transmissions
The King's Demons
The Bird of FireDWM 122
The Crystal BucephalusVirgin MA
Devil in the MistBF 247
Black ThursdayBF 248
Power GameBF 248
The Kamelion EmpireBF 249
The Five Doctors

Features appearances by the previous four Doctors: for the first Doctor, occurring between Roses and Cambridge Previsited; for the second Doctor, between Test Flight and Loop the Loup; for the third Doctor, between We Are the Daleks! and Island of Death; while the fourth Doctor's appearance is clearly during Shada.

The Five CompanionsBF bonus XThis adventure occurs during The Five Doctors.
One Perfect TwilightPerfect Timing
Appearance of fifth Doctor in The Eight Doctors.
QualiaST: Companions
Appearance of fifth Doctor in The Sirens of Time.
Sontar's Little Helpers12 Doctors of Xmas
RingpullworldBF CC 4.05
Warriors of the Deep
Deep BlueBBC novel
The Oxaqua IncidentAnnual 1984
Winter on MesiqueAnnual 1984
Class 4 RenegadeAnnual 1984
Last Minute ShoppingST: Christmas Treasury
The Velvet DarkST: Farewells
Mark of the MedusaTales of Terror
The Awakening
With Tegan and Turlough staying in Little Hodcombe, the Doctor travels with Jane Hampden and Will Chandler, in an attempt to return the latter to his own time. Quite an adventure ensues, as later mentioned in The Hollow Men.
And You Will Obey MeBF 211
The King of TerrorBBC novel
The Doctor leaves Tegan and Turlough on Metebelis 3, and meets up with River Song, as depicted in Expiry Dating.
Lunar LagoonDWM 76-77
4-Dimensional VistasDWM 78-83
The ModeratorDWM 84-87
Appearance of fifth Doctor in The Glass Princess.
Appearance of fifth Doctor in The Day of the Doctor.
A Victorian InterludeDWM 172
Catalogue of EventsDWM Summer Special 1983
Appearance of fifth Doctor in The Four Doctors.
Appearance of fifth Doctor in The Juror's Story.
LilyST: Christmas Treasury
ResonanceST: Time Signature
Suspension and DisbeliefST: Prague
Appearance of fifth Doctor in There's Something About Mary.
CuddlesomeBig Finish CD/
DWM 393

The Man on the PhoneST: How the Doctor...
The Secret HistoryBF 200The Doctor is transposed with his first self, between The Founding Fathers and Etheria.
Appearance of fifth Doctor in The Power Supply.
FungusAnnual 1984
Fallen AngelsClassic/New 1.1
The Helliax RiftBF 237
Appearance of fifth Doctor in The Gates of Hell.
Diary ExtractThe Shakespeare Notebooks
Do You Smell Carrots?ST: Xmas around the WorldThe first part of this story features the first Doctor and Steven, between Waiting for Jeremy and White on White.
Appearance of fifth Doctor in The Lost Dimension.
Empire of the RacnossClassic/New 2.2
The Doctor is reunited with Tegan and Turlough, and they resume their travels together...
The Lunar StrangersDWM 215-217
The NemertinesAnnual 1984
Birth of a RenegadeRT 20th Anniversary Special
Falling from Xi'anST: Centenarian
The Doctor, Tegan and Turlough attend the third test at Headingley in 1981 - with the dire consequences seen later in Graham Dilley Saves the World.
Lant LandST: Life Science
The Assassin's StoryST: Repercussions
RomeST: History of Xmas
Nightmare CountryBF Lost 5.1
The Fall of the DruidsST: Magic
Appearance of fifth Doctor in The Forgotten.
Life After QuethST: Farewells
Time in OfficeBF 230
Perfect DayYearbook 1994
Keeping It RealST: Ghosts of Xmas
Excelis DawnsBig Finish CD
Appearance of fifth Doctor in Categorical Imperative.
The Creation of CamelotAnnual 1984 This and the preceding stories actually take place during the final episode of Frontios.
Resurrection of the Daleks

Lords of the StormVirgin MA
ZeitgeistDecalog 3
The Volcanis DealAnnual 1984
One Last TryYearbook 1995
I, KamelionBF interlude
PhantasmagoriaBF 2
Imperial MoonBBC novel
Loups-GarouxBF 20
White Man's BurdenST: Past TenseFeatures a flashback of the first Doctor, set between The Fifth Traveller and All I Want for Christmas.
ObservationST: Life Science
FlashpointST: Monsters
One Wednesday AfternoonST: Day in the Life
SingularityBF 76
Comforts of HomeST: History of Xmas
The Misadventure of Mark ThorneST: Snapshots
PiecemealST: Snapshots
Do You Believe in the Krampus?ST: Ghosts of Xmas
One Step Forward, Two Steps BackST: PatternsFeatures an appearance by the second Doctor, between The Christmas Presence and Time Ruins.
The Memory BankBF 217
The Last Fairy TaleBF 217
Repeat OffenderBF 217
The BecomingBF 217
The Blazing HourBF 274
Appearance of fifth Doctor in The End of the Beginning.
Encounter on Burnt Snake FlatYearbook 1993
Trap For FoolsShort Trips 8.05
Planet of Fire

Appearance of fifth Doctor in Supremacy of the Cybermen.
Light at the End of the TunnelST: Steel Skies
RulebookShort Trips 6.10
Black and WhiteST: Farewells
The Church of FootballST: Centenarian
Leap SecondST: Prague
Five Card DrawST: ZodiacFeatures appearances of the first Doctor, occurring between Ten Little Aliens and Falling; the second Doctor between Reunion and Dust; the third Doctor between Generation Gap and The Metal-Eaters! and the sixth Doctor between Slipback and The Hollows of Time.
Hot IceMore Short Trips
Red DawnBF 8
The Ultimate TreasureBBC novel
A Town Called EternityST: Side Steps
The Curse of the ScarabDWM 228-230
The Meaning of RedShort Trips 10.10
Superior BeingsBBC novel
FascinationDecalog 1
Wet WallsShort Trips 3
The Canvey AngelsST: Companions
A Life in the DayST: Day in the Life
ExotronBF 95
Urban MythsBF 95
MethuselahST: Transmissions
A Room with No ViewShort Trips bonus
The Eye of the ScorpionBF 24
The Church and the CrownBF 38
No Place Like HomeBig Finish CD/
DWM 326

NekromanteiaBF 41
Blood and HopeTelos novella
Graham Dilley Saves the WorldST: Past TenseFeatures a glimpse of the Doctor's earlier visit to the third test, which occurs between Falling from Xi'an and Lant Land.
The Axis of InsanityBF 56
The Roof of the WorldBF 59
The Gangster's StoryST: Repercussions
Three's a CrowdBF 69
The Council of NicaeaBF 71
The KingmakerBF 81
The Doctor meets his seventh incarnation, immediately prior to the events of The Veiled Leopard.
The Veiled LeopardBig Finish CD/
DWM 367

The GatheringBF 87
Son of the DragonBF 99
The Doctor attends the inauguration of the three-bodied lustrousness of the Vix, as seen in 100 Days of the Doctor.
The Mind's EyeBF 102
Far Away in a MangerST: Ghosts of Xmas
The Bride of PeladonBF 104
Mission of the ViyransBF 102
The Judgement of IsskarBF 117
The Destroyer of DelightsBF 118
The Chaos PoolBF 119
Never Seen CairoST: Christmas TreasuryFeatures a brief appearance by the seventh Doctor, between An Unfulfilled Dream and Testament.
A Girl Called DoubtWintertime Paradox
Time on a VineYearbook 1992
WarmongerBBC novel
The Garden of StormsWicked Sisters
The Moonrakers
The People Made of Smoke
Appearance of fifth Doctor in Peri and the Piscon Paradox.
The Caves of Androzani
Circular Time: WinterBF 91This adventure occurs during the final moments of The Caves of Androzani.
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