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Adventures of the
seventh Doctor Who

Story Title Location Notes
Time and the Rani
The Useful PileDWM 188
Unregenerate!BF 70
Daisy ChainST: 2040
Paradise Towers

24 Crawford RoadST: Ghosts of Xmas
Flashback of the Doctor and Melanie meeting Hartung in Just War.
Bang-Bang-a-Boom!BF 39
The Invertebrates of DoomST: Zodiac
Flip-FlopBF 46
We Are the DaleksBF 201
The WarehouseBF 202
Terror of the SontaransBF 203
Flashback of the Doctor and Melanie brokering peace on Prosper in Maker of Demons.
Delta and the Bannermen
Plastic MilleniumDWM Winter Special 1994
The Devil's FootprintsShort Trips 8.12
Special WeaponsMore Short Trips
DriftwoodST: Transmissions
Pulling StringsYearbook 1994
The Fires of VulcanBF 12
UranusST: Solar System Features scenes of an older Doctor setting Maleficent on its course and then meeting the entity emerging from Uranus, occurring between An Unfulfilled Dream and Testament.
Have You Tried Turning It Off and Then Back On Again?ST: Magic
RedBF 85

Appearance of seventh Doctor in Echoes of Future Past.
Remembrance of the Daleks

The seventh Doctor's appearance in A Stitch in Time occurs during this adventure.

The Slyther of ShoreditchTarget StorybookThis story occurs during Remembrance of the Daleks.
In the CommunityDWM 195
The Happiness Patrol

Appearance of seventh Doctor in Seven to One.
uPVCMore Short TripsThe first part of this story features the second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe, set between Land of the Blind and The Indestructible Man.
Appearance of seventh Doctor in Categorical Imperative.
Silver Nemesis
EchoST: Life Science
Appearance on seventh Doctor in The Forgotten.
The Best of DaysST: Xmas around the World
The Greatest Show in the Galaxy
It's Only a GameYearbook 1995
The Living ImageTales of Terror
The Grotto12 Doctors of Xmas
Appearance of seventh Doctor in The Light at the End.
1963: The Assassination GamesBF 180
Dark ConvoyShort Trips 5.07
Ante BellumST: Past Tense
The Ghost's StoryST: Repercussions
A Yuletide TaleST: Christmas Treasury
EvitabilityST: How the Doctor...
Doctors and DragonsShort Trips 9.03
Hill of BeansTitan mini-series
Appearance of seventh Doctor in Where's the Doctor?
ShockwaveDestiny of the Doctor 7
The Ripple EffectPuffin e-book
When Ace wishes to visit the Cretaceous Period, the Doctor leaves her there, and takes up residence at Ercildoune in Scotland in the thirteenth century - as recounted in Birthright. He stays here for a couple of years, using it as a base from which to set out on various travels. On his first trip, he is reunited with Frobisher.
A Cold Day in Hell!DWM 130-133
Redemption!DWM 134
The Crossroads of TimeDWM 135
Claws of the Klathi!DWM 136-138
Culture Shock!DWM 139
KeepsakeDWM 140
Planet of the DeadDWM 141-142
Scream of the Silent!DWM Anniversary Special
Echoes of the Mogor!DWM 143-144
Time and TideDWM 145-146
Follow that Tardis!DWM 147
Invaders from Gantac!DWM 148-150
Time Bomb!Death's Head 8
The Infinity SeasonDWM 151
Flashback of the Doctor carrying the Telphin life-seed to Earth, seen in Memorial.
Nemesis of the DaleksDWM 152-155
Appearance of seventh Doctor in The Glass Princess.
Front LineDWM 208
The Shopping Trolleys of DoomST: How the Doctor...
SpookasemST: Christmas Treasury
The Doctor visits Victorian London, and saves Barbara's grandfather from being arrested for a murder he did not commit - as seen in flashback in Birthright.
Appearance of seventh Doctor in The Four Doctors.
Once in a LifetimeHulk Presents 1
Hunger from the Ends of Time!Hulk Presents 2-3
War World!Hulk Presents 4
Technical HitchHulk Presents 5
A Switch in Time!Hulk Presents 6
The Sentinel!Hulk Presents 7
Who's That Girl!Hulk Presents 8-9
The Enlightenment of Ly-Chee the WiseHulk Presents 10
Slimmer!Hulk Presents 11
Nineveh!Hulk Presents 12
Stairway to HeavenDWM 156
The GalleryDWM 213
The Doctor leaves Ercildoune for the last time, shortly before the Charl Queen arrives looking for the Tardis. She instead suborns the Doctor's stable lad into a centuries-long quest - as seen in flashback in Birthright.
Brief appearance of seventh Doctor in A Religious Experience.
MonitorST: Steel Skies
Last ChristmasST: Christmas Treasury
The DefectorsBF 198The Doctor is transposed with his third self, between The Three Doctors and The Hidden Realm.
Time, Love and TardisDWM 189
Log 384ST: Centenarian
OmegamorphosisST: Prague
There's Something About MaryST: SnapshotsFeatures appearances by the fifth Doctor, between Suspension and Disbelief and Cuddlesome; and the sixth Doctor between Urgent Calls and Vampire of the Mind.
The Celestial Harmony EngineST: Patterns
Clean-up on Aisle TwoST: Leadership
Appearance of seventh Doctor in The Day of the Doctor.
Harvest of the SycoraxClassic/New 1.3
Last of the TitansBig Finish CD/
DWM 300

The Sirens of TimeBF 1Features appearances by the fifth Doctor, occurring between Qualia and Sontar's Little Helpers; and the sixth Doctor, between Wish You Were Here and The Ratings War.
The Doctor visits the court of Elizabeth I, and persuades the Queen to send John Dee on a fool's errand - as seen in flashback in Birthright.
Christmas Every Day?ST: Ghosts of Xmas
We Will Feed You to the TreesWintertime Paradox
Train-FlightDWM 159-161
Doctor Conkeror!DWM 162
Appearance of seventh Doctor in Supremacy of the Cybermen.
Living in the PastDWM 162
The Riparian RipperShort Trips 3
The Anchorite's EchoST: History of Xmas

Instead of YouST: Xmas around the World
Ghost Light
Relative DementiasBBC novel
Appearance of seventh Doctor in The Colony of Lies.
The Curse of Fenric
Ace of HeartsShort Trips
The Hollow MenBBC novel
Citadel of DreamsTelos novella
Terror from the DeepProposed newspaper strip
Appearance of seventh Doctor in Prisoners of Time.
The Shadow TraderShort Trips 4
Crystal BallShort Trips bonus
The Time and TideST: Patterns
The NecromancersTime Lord
Anti-Matter with FriesDWM 199
The Shrine of SorrowsShort Trips bonus
The Split InfinitiveThe Legacy of Time 2
Stop the PigeonShort Trips
Dead Woman WalkingShort Trips 10.04
Independence DayBBC novelFeatures a flashback of the second Doctor, occurring between Death to Mufl and The Lost.
Thin IceBF Lost 2.3
Crime of the CenturyBF Lost 2.4
AnimalBF Lost 2.5
Earth AidBF Lost 2.6
The Girl Who Stole the StarsScientific Secrets
Hymn of the CityST: Muses
Fable FusionST: Prague
But Once a YearST: Ghosts of Xmas
One Card for the CuriousST: Patterns
RelativityST: How the Doctor...
Critical MassShort Trips 2
Crossing the RubiconThe Many Lives of Doctor Who
Illegal AlienBBC novel
MatrixBBC novelFeatures a scene of the eighth Doctor meeting up with Joseph Liebermann, which occurs between The Dying Days and Dreadnought.
Storm HarvestBBC novel
Three Steps to the LeftDWM 198
Dimensions in TimeIt's not certain whether the Doctor's previous incarnations actually appear in this story, or whether he simply takes on their image as he moves back and forth through his own time stream. In support of the latter view, only one Doctor is seen at any one time, and the warning message broadcast by the fourth Doctor could certainly be a manifestation of the Doctor's subconscious. (The appearances of various past companions could also be drawn from his memories, although K-9 is real, having rejoined the Doctor on his travels - presumably mark I on a visit from Gallifrey.)
Storm in a TikkaST: Side Steps
The Ultimate ChallengeSearch Out Science module The Doctor's decision to host this quiz show doesn't seem so unusual when we consider some of his past career moves - inventing and marketing labour-saving devices, managing a pop group, test-flying aircraft and so on...
The Genocide MachineBF 7
Prime TimeBBC novel
HeritageBBC novel
Loving the AlienBBC novel
Seance, or Smoking is Highly Addictive, Don't StartST: Patterns
The Grey Man of the MountainBF 272
Teenage Kicks!DWM 163
Fellow TravellersDWM 164-166
The Doctor and Ace visit the Quantum Anvil, as seen in At Childhood's End.
School TieDWM 169
Darkness, Falling
The Mark of Mandragora
DWM 167-172
Party AnimalsDWM 173 Features brief appearances by the fourth Doctor, occurring between Star Beast II and Luna Romana - and the sixth Doctor, between Fixing a Hole and Outsourcing. Also featured is a future incarnation of the Doctor, along with his companion Ria - though we've never seen this particular incarnation before or since, his appearance is later assumed by Shayde whilst impersonating the supposed ninth Doctor in Wormwood.
The Chameleon FactorDWM 174 Features a flashback of the second Doctor, which occurs between The Power of the Daleks and Pluto.
Seaside RendezvousDWM Summer Special 1991
Under PressureYearbook 1992 Features a flashback of the third Doctor, occurring between Galactic Gangster and Target Practice; and the fourth Doctor, between The Stranger, the Writer, His Wife and the Mixed Metaphor and Master of the Blackhole.
The Good SoldierDWM 175-178
Atom Bomb BluesBBC novel
The Incomplete Death's Head
Appearance of seventh Doctor in "Dream a Little Dream For Me".
The Algebra of IceBBC novelThe final scene features an older Doctor meeting Ethan Amberglass again, occurring between Tymewyrm: Revelation and A Glitch in Time.
The Devil Like a BearST: Patterns
Last RitesST: Monsters
Washington BurnsShort Trips 6.03
The Armageddon GambitTitan FCBD 2018
Operation VolcanoTitan mini-series
A Rose by Any Other NameST: Life Science
The Doctor leaves Ace in the Great Rift Valley, while he makes various preparations in London - as seen in the Prelude to Birthright.
Timewyrm: GenesysVirgin NA
Timewyrm: ExodusVirgin NA
Appearance of seventh Doctor in Endgame.
Timewyrm: ApocalypseVirgin NA Features several flashbacks of the second Doctor. The first two recount an incident that occurs between The Power of the Daleks and Pluto. The third takes place immediately prior to The Enemy of the World; while the fourth occurs during The Night Walkers.
Timewyrm: RevelationVirgin NA Features a flashback of the first Doctor, which occurs a great many years before Dr Who and the Daleks.
The Doctor enters the dreams of the hospitalized Ethan Amberglass, as seen in the final scene of The Algebra of Ice.
A Glitch in TimeDWM 179
Evening's EmpireDW Holiday Special 1993
DugganDWM 184
The GriefDWM 185-187
One Minute Fourteen SecondsDWM 206
MonstersST: Side Steps
Forever FallenShort Trips 6.X
Cat's Cradle: Time's CrucibleVirgin NA
RavensDWM 188-190
Cat's Cradle: WarheadVirgin NA
Cat's Cradle: Witch MarkVirgin NA
NightshadeVirgin NA
(prelude DWM 190)
Features a flashback of the first Doctor, which takes place some time between Dr Who and the Daleks and The Exiles.
Cathedral HeartDWM 186
MemorialDWM 191Features a flashback of the Doctor rescuing the Telphin life-seed, an event which occurs between The Infinity Season and Nemesis of the Daleks.
Cat LitterDWM 192
MetamorphosisYearbook 1993
Inmate 280ST: Steel SkiesThe framing device features the eighth Doctor, between Father Time and Escape Velocity.
MeridiansDWM 227-229
Police and ShreevesShort Trips 1
The FearmongerBF 5
Dust BreedingBF 21
Private InvestigationsST: Dalek Empire
Sunday Afternoon, AD 848,988ST: Prague
Closing the AccountST: Patterns
ColditzBF 25
The RaptureBF 36
Love and War Virgin NA
(prelude DWM 192)

PurebloodDWM 193-196
TransitVirgin NA
(prelude DWM 195)

FlashbackDWM Winter Special 1992 As its title suggests, this story features a flashback to the first Doctor, taking place between Dr Who and the Daleks and The Exiles.
The Highest Science Virgin NA
(prelude DWM 196)

The PitVirgin NA
(prelude DWM 197)

A Time & A PlaceDWM 197
Emperor of the Daleks!DWM 197-202 The first episode features the sixth Doctor, and ties in with "...Up Above the Gods..." Following those events, the sixth Doctor turns up again at the very end of this adventure.
Younger & WiserDWM Summer Special 1994
PlaybackDecalog 1
Continuity ErrorsDecalog 3
How You Get ThereST: Day in the Life
DeceitVirgin NA
(prelude DWM 198)

Lucifer Rising Virgin NA
(prelude DWM 199)

White DarknessVirgin NA
(prelude DWM 201)
The Prelude features the third Doctor, set between Terror of the Autons and Dark Intruders.
Shadowmind Virgin NA
(prelude DWM 202)

Final GenesisDWM 203-206
Time & Time AgainDWM 207Features the seventh Doctor and his companions encountering all the Doctor's previous incarnations. The first Doctor is seen immediately prior to An Unearthly Child; the second Doctor during The Mind Robber; the third Doctor during Day of the Daleks; the fourth Doctor during Nightmare of Eden; the fifth Doctor during Black Orchid; and the sixth Doctor between The Age of Chaos and The Shadow in the Glass. There is also a flashback of the first Doctor and Susan leaving Gallifrey, which occurs immediately prior to The Exiles.
The Doctor watches Sonia Bannen being killed in a food riot, seen in flashback in Parasite.
The Doctor gives Bernice the keys to the Tardis, and leaves her in control - arranging for it to crash in Victorian London, as seen in flashback in Birthright.
IcebergVirgin NA
(prelude DWM 204)

BirthrightVirgin NA
(prelude DWM 203)
The Prelude features the Doctor and Ace between A Rose by Any Other Name and Timewyrm: Genesys. There are numerous flashbacks - the Doctor in Ercildoune, between The Gallery and Monitor; saving Ernie Wright, between Spookasem and Once in a Lifetime; entrusting Bernice with the Tardis, immediately prior to Iceberg; and avoiding Jared Khan at Queen Elizabeth's court, between The Sirens of Time and Christmas Every Day? We also see Khan narrowly missing the Doctor at Kublai Khan's court, following Assassin at Peking, and at Culloden during The Highlanders.
Blood HeatVirgin NA
(prelude DWM 205)

The Dimension RidersVirgin NA
(prelude DWM 206)

The Left-Handed HummingbirdVirgin NA
(prelude DWM 207)

ConundrumVirgin NA
(prelude DWM 208)

No FutureVirgin NA
(prelude DWM 209)

Tragedy DayVirgin NA
(prelude DWM 210)
Features a flashback of Barbara and Susan which occurs immediately prior to The Sea of Death.
Question Mark PyjamasDecalog 2
CuckooDWM 208-210
Uninvited GuestDWM 211
Cold WarST: Steel Skies
LegacyVirgin NA
(prelude DWM 211)
Features a flashback of the third Doctor and Jo, occurring between The Battle Within and The Tyrants of Logic.
Theatre of WarVirgin NA
(prelude DWM 212)

All-Consuming FireVirgin NA
(prelude DWM 213)
Features an appearance by the first Doctor and Susan, which occurs between Indian Summer and The Alchemists - and an appearance by the third Doctor, occurring between Dream Devils and Potential.
The Shadow of the ScourgeBF 13
The Last WordDWM 305
Virgin LandsST: Zodiac
The Dark FlameBF 42
The Doctor sends Ace and Benny on a mission to Antarctica, as seen in The Last Emperor.
UtopiaST: Farewells
The Big Blue BookThe Eighth of March
Appearance of seventh Doctor in Not in My Back Yard.
Blood HarvestVirgin NA
(prelude DWM 214)

Strange EnglandVirgin NA
(prelude DWM 215)

First FrontierVirgin NA
(prelude DWM 216)
The Prelude features the second Doctor, set between Lepidoptery for Beginners and Lords of the Red Planet.
St Anthony's FireVirgin NA
(prelude DWM 217)

Falls the ShadowVirgin NA
(prelude DWM 218)
The prelude features the fourth Doctor, set between The Glarn Strategy and The Power of Kroll.
ParasiteVirgin NA
(prelude DWM 220)
Features a flashback of the Doctor witnessing Sonia Bannen's death, which occurs between Time & Time Again and Iceberg.
WarlockVirgin NA
(prelude DWM 221)

Set PieceVirgin NA
(prelude DWM 222)
Features a scene of an older Doctor meeting up with an older Ace, occurring between Reunion and Perfect Present.
Infinite RequiemVirgin NA
(prelude DWM 223)

Of the Mermaid and JupiterST: Past Tense
The Trials of TaraDecalog 2
Bernice Summerfield and the Criminal CodeBF CC 4.06
SanctuaryVirgin NA
(prelude DWM 225)

Human NatureVirgin NA
(prelude DWM 226)

The Doctor rescues Kadiatu from a slave ship, seen in flashback in The Also People.
The Hesitation DeviationShort Trips 6.12
And Then AgainA Life of Surprises
LarkspurST: Transmissions
Original SinVirgin NA
Sky Pirates!
or The Eyes of the Schirron
Virgin NA
ZamperVirgin NA
Toy SoldiersVirgin NA
Head GamesVirgin NA
The Also PeopleVirgin NAFeatures a flashback of the Doctor rescuing Kadiatu, occurring between Human Nature and The Hesitation Deviation.
Too Rich for My BloodST: Sins
ShakedownVirgin NA
Just WarVirgin NAFeatures a flashback to an adventure the Doctor had with Melanie, which occurs between 24 Crawford Road and Bang-Bang-a-Boom!.
WarchildVirgin NA
SleepyVirgin NA
Death and DiplomacyVirgin NA
Happy EndingsVirgin NA
GodEngineVirgin NA
The Nuclear OptionST: 2040
AnteusST: 2040
The Trial of a Time MachineBF NA 1.1
VanguardBF NA 1.2
The Jabari CountdownBF NA 1.3
The Dread of NightBF NA 1.4
Christmas on a Rational PlanetVirgin NA
Return of the Living DadVirgin NA
Appearance of seventh Doctor in Cold Fusion.
The Death of ArtVirgin NA
Damaged GoodsVirgin NAFeatures a brief appearance by the eighth Doctor, between Mordieu and Father Time.
So Vile a SinVirgin NA
AscensionPerfect Timing
Bad TherapyVirgin NA
The Southwell Park MermaidST: Life Science
Culture WarST: 2040
No RoomST: Xmas around the World
Eternity WeepsVirgin NA
The Room with No DoorsVirgin NA
LungbarrowVirgin NAFeatures numerous flashbacks of the Doctor's early life; and some dream sequences of events prior to The Exiles.
The UnknownDiary of River Song 2.1
The Eye of the StormDiary of River Song 2.4Features the sixth Doctor between World Enough and Time and Last of the Cybermen.
The Steward's StoryST: RepercussionsFeatures an appearance by the eighth Doctor, between The Glass Princess and Vampire Science.
Appearance of the seventh Doctor in Collision Course.
The Prisoner's DilemmaBF CC 3.8
The HarvestBF 58
These Things Take TimeST: Monsters
DreamtimeBF 67
The Doctor battles the Cragvar, as told in flashback in Afterlife.
Appearance of seventh Doctor in The Heroine, the Hero and the Megalomaniac.
Six Impossible Things Before BreakfastST: Day in the Life
Appearance of seventh Doctor in Thicker Than Water.
LIVE 34BF 74
PresenceST: History of Xmas
Shadow PlanetBF 226
World ApartBF 226
Night ThoughtsBF 79
The Doctor meets his fifth incarnation, before sending Ace and Hex on their mission in The Veiled Leopard.
The SettlingBF 82
No Man's LandBF 89
NocturneBF 92
The ReportST: Snapshots
Appearance of seventh Doctor in 100 Days of the Doctor.
The Dark HusbandBF 106
Muse of FireBF 245
The Flying DutchmanBF 268
DisplacedBF 268
False GodsBF 115
Order of SimplicityBF 115
Casualties of WarBF 115
The Word LordBF 115
The Magic MousetrapBF 120
Enemy of the DaleksBF 121
The Angel of ScutariBF 122
Project: DestinyBF 139
A Death in the FamilyBF 140The Doctor discovers his future self's attempt to trap the Word Lord, between Project: Lazarus and Master.
Lurkers at Sunlight's EdgeBF 141
Natalie's DiaryST: Dalek Empire
RobophobiaBF 149
The Doomsday QuatrainBF 151
House of Blue FireBF 152
Project: NirvanaBF CC 7.03
Protect and SurviveBF 162
Black and WhiteBF 163
Gods and MonstersBF 164
AfterlifeBF 181Features flashbacks of the Doctor's visit to Palinor, between Dreamtime and Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast.
Revenge of the SwarmBF 189
Mask of TragedyBF 190
Signs and WondersBF 191
You Are the DoctorBF 207
Come Die With MeBF 207
The Grand Betelgeuse HotelBF 207
Dead to the WorldBF 207
A Life of CrimeBF 214
Fiesta of the DamnedBF 215
Maker of DemonsBF 216Features a flashback of the Doctor's previous visit to Prosper, which occurs between Terror of the Sontarans and Delta and the Bannermen.
The High Price of ParkingBF 227
The Blood FurnaceBF 228
The Silurian CandidateBF 229
Red PlanetsBF 241
The DispossessedBF 242
The Quantum Possibility EngineBF 243
SeparationST: 2040
Appearance of seventh Doctor in The Day of the Doctor.
Excelis DecaysBig Finish CD
Project: LazarusBF 45The first part of this story features the sixth Doctor, in an adventure between Mortlake and Arrangements for War.
The Doctor traps the Word Lord inside his head, as seen in A Death in the Family.
MasterBF 49
The Tramp's StoryST: Repercussions
The Hunting of the SlookST: Time Signature
ValhallaBF 96
Frozen TimeBF 98
Peaceable KingdomST: Leadership
The Death CollectorsBF 109
Spider's ShadowBF 109
Policy to InvadeST: Transmissions
Kingdom of SilverBF 112
Stolen DaysST: How the Doctor...
Christmas in TorontoST: Xmas around the World
Appearance of seventh Doctor in The Lost Dimension.
A Thousand Tiny WingsBF 130
Klein's StoryBF 131
Survival of the FittestBF 131
The Architects of HistoryBF 132
The Shadow HeartBF 167
Nobody's GiftST: History of XmasFeatures a flashback of the sixth Doctor, set between The Garden of Evil and The Book of My Life.
Return of the DaleksBF bonus V
Ground ZeroDWM 238-242
AffirmativeDWM 178
An Unfulfilled DreamDWM 178
The Doctor encounters Victoria, prompting her to recall the events of The Story of Extinction.
Appearance of seventh Doctor in Never Seen Cairo.
Appearance of seventh Doctor in The Wormery.
The Doctor takes care of unfinished business concerning Maleficent, as recounted in Uranus.
TestamentST: Centenarian
The Psychic CircusBF 261
The Monsters of GokrothBF 250
The Moons of VulpanaBF 251
An Alien Werewolf in LondonBF 252
Death SentencesST: MagicThis story recounts the Logovore's attack on the sixth Doctor, between The Wormery and Invasion of the Ormazoids.
Running on EmptyST: How the Doctor...
Bullet TimeBBC novel
ReunionDWM 191
The Doctor catches up with an older Ace following the defeat of the Voltranons, as recounted in Set Piece.
Perfect PresentST: Christmas Treasury
DominionBF boxset
Many Happy ReturnsBF download
The RevolutionThe New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield
Good Night, Sweet Ladies
Random Ghosts
The Lights of Skaro
The Pyramid of Sutekh
The Vaults of Osiris
The Eye of Horus
The Tears of Isis
The Triumph of Sutekh
Twilight's EndST: Patterns
The Night Before ChristmasShort Trips bonus
PersuasionBF 175
Starlight RobberyBF 176
Daleks Among UsBF 177
The Two MastersBF 213
Warlock's CrossBF 244
SubterfugeBF 262
Appearance of seventh Doctor in The End of the Beginning.
KeepsakeBF 112
Companion PieceTelos novella
Caveat EmptorPerfect Timing
Death Comes to TimeBBCi webcast
Dark UniverseBF 260The flashback of the seventh Doctor in The Eleven occurs during this story.
Appearance of seventh Doctor in The Eight Doctors.
Appearance of seventh Doctor in Notre Dame du Temps.
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