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Adventures of the
thirteenth Doctor Who

Story Title Location Notes
The Many Lives of Doctor WhoTitan 13th 0.0
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Things She Thought While FallingBBC DW website
The Woman Who Fell to Earth
The Ghost Monument
A New BeginningTitan 13th 1.1-1.4The preludes for this story in The Road to... feature the tenth Doctor during The Girl in the Fireplace; the eleventh Doctor during The Power of Three; and the twelfth Doctor during World Enough and Time.
Chasing the DawnStar TalesRecounts the eleventh Doctor's meeting with Amelia Earhart, between The Tomb of Shemura and The Jago & Litefoot Revival.
The WarmongerDWM 531-534
Arachnids in the UK
That's All Right, MamaStar TalesFeatures appearances by the tenth Doctor between The Warkeeper's Crown and Cats and Dogs; the eleventh Doctor between A Gamble with Time and Run, Doctor, Run; and the twelfth Doctor between Terror of the Cabinet Noir and Invasion of the Mindmorphs.
Where's the Doctor?Annual 2019Features appearances by the first Doctor between Bide-a-Wee and The Gift; the second Doctor between Martha the Mechanical Housemaid and Across Silent Seas; the third Doctor between The Many Deaths of Jo Grant and Rock Star; the fourth Doctor between The Lost Generation and Return of the Daleks!; the fifth Doctor between The Darkening Eye and The Constant Doctor; the sixth Doctor between The Mystery of the Rings and Vigil; the seventh Doctor between Hill of Beans and Shockwave; the eighth Doctor between Phoenix and Organism 96; the ninth Doctor between Pitter-patter and Retail Therapy; the tenth Doctor between Pest Control and Blood Will Out; the eleventh Doctor between The Runaway Train and Nothing O'Clock; and the twelfth Doctor between A Confusion of Angels andTulpa.
The Tsuranga Conundrum
The Good DoctorBBC novel
The Rhino of Twenty-Three Strand StreetTwelve Angels Weeping
Demons of the Punjab
Einstein and the DoctorStar TalesFeatures an appearance by the fourth Doctor, between Asylum and The Northern Heights.
The Greatest Movie Never MadeDWA Special
The Witchfinders
GatecrashersTarget Storybook
It Takes You Away
Molten HeartBBC novel
Combat MagicksBBC novel
Who-Dini?Star TalesFeatures an appearance by the twelfth Doctor, between Hyperballad and Big Bang Generation.
Citation NeededTarget Storybook
The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos
Meet the Fam!Titan FCBD 2019
The Secret in Vault 13Puffin novel
The Maze of DoomPuffin novel
Hidden Human HistoryTitan 13th 1.5-1.8
Old FriendsTitan 13th 1.9-1.12
Time Lapse13 Doctors, 13 Stories
Appearance of thirteenth Doctor in Scratchman.
The RunawayVR experience
The Liar, the Glitch and the War ZoneMissy Chronicles
The Paradox MoonWintertime Paradox
Herald of MadnessDWM 535-539
The Power of the MoboxDWM 540-542
Mistress of ChaosDWM 543-548
The Pythagoras ProblemStar Tales
Mission of the KaaDokStar TalesRecounts the twelfth Doctor's previous encounter with Audrey Hepburn, between Big in Japan and Distant Voices.
Time Out of MindTitan mini-series
Paper MoonTeam Tardis Diaries 1
Ghost TownTeam Tardis Diaries 2
Press PlayBBC DW website
Orphan 55
The Simple ThingsBBC DW website
Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror
The Runaway TardisPicture book
A Little Help from My FriendsTitan 13th 2.1-2.4Features the tenth Doctor, during the events of Blink.
Alternating CurrentTitan DW Comic 1-4Features the tenth Doctor, between Blink and Defender of the Daleks. The thirteenth Doctor's appearance in Defender of the Daleks occurs during the final scenes of this story.
Fugitive of the Judoon

At Childhood's EndBBC novelFeatures a flashback of the seventh Doctor, between Fellow Travellers and School Tie.
The PiggybackersDWM 549-552
The White DragonDWM 559-562
Can You Hear Me?
The Haunting of Villa Diodati
Ascension of the Cybermen
The Timeless Children

Revolution of the Daleks

The Shadow PassesBBC DW websiteThis adventure occurs before the final scenes of Revolution of the Daleks.
The Wonderful Doctor of OzPuffin novelThis adventure occurs before the final scenes of Revolution of the Daleks.
The Shadow in the MirrorOnline mini-episodeThis adventure occurs before the final scenes of Revolution of the Daleks.
Fellow TravellerAdventures in LockdownThis adventure occurs before the final scenes of Revolution of the Daleks.
Black PowderDWM 568-569
The Forest BrideDWM 570-571
The Halloween Apocalypse
War of the Sontarans
Once, Upon Time
Village of the Angels
Survivors of the Flux
The Vanquishers
It's Behind You!DWM 572
Eve of the Daleks
Hydra's GateDWM 574-577
Legend of the Sea Devils
RedactedBBC Sounds
Fear of the FutureDWM 579-
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Jodie Whittaker, the actor

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