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Alternative, Potential and
Apocryphal Adventures

Apocryphal stories: The following stories may be fanciful or stylized accounts, or perhaps don't fit into the ongoing continuity as we understand it - but that's no reason to exclude them. My thoughts on the validity of apocryphal Doctor Who stories appear elsewhere on this site.
Story Title Location Notes
The TouristAdventures in LockdownThe mysterious woman seen clearing up loose ends after the Judoon incursion in Gloucester may well be the "fugitive Doctor" encountered by the thirteenth Doctor during that adventure.
DeadlineBF Unbound 5Is the Doctor's life story just a rejected idea for a tv series? Something that exists only in the mind of its writer, Martin Bannister?
The Longest Story in the WorldST: Side Steps An old man (maybe the first Doctor?) is told stories by his granddaughter (Susan?) of fantastical adventures they will have - distant travels and battles with monsters... And yet these two are mere characters in an Arabian Nights story told by a slave girl to entertain her Caliph... If there is any truth in the story, it would seem to depict events prior to The Exiles.
The Thief of SherwoodST: Past TenseThere's peripheral evidence to suggest this adventure of the first Doctor occurring, immediately prior to Planet of Giants - but no definite record of the story itself - save a distorted flashback in That Time I Nearly Destroyed the World whilst Looking for a Dress.
All Our ChristmasesST: Christmas TreasuryThe old man may be the first Doctor - but would his interlocutor recognize him...?
The MeetingDWM 167Writer John Lucarotti meets the first Doctor - or possibly a figment of his imagination...
Who Killed KennedyVirgin novel A devastating piece of investigative journalism, that uncovers the story of the third Doctor's involvement with UNIT. The Doctor's eventual meeting with the author takes place between Day of the Daleks and The Face of the Enemy.
Doctor Who and the Fangs of TimeDWM 243 The story of the fourth Doctor meeting the artist Sean Longcroft, and encouraging him in his work. Or possibly all just a wild fantasy imagined in Sean's head...
HamletThe Shakespeare NotebooksA transcription of the first performance reveals how the fourth Doctor interrupted the play, between Image of the Fendahl and People of the Trees.
The Comet's TailST: Terrors Nightmarish visions suffered by the fifth Doctor during his post-regeneration trauma in Castrovalva.
Swamp of Horrors (1957) - Viewing NotesST: How the Doctor... An examination of this film reveals how the sixth Doctor and Mel came to appear in it, between Fegovy and Intuition.
Old BoysST: CentenarianThe characters in this tale recount three separate encounters with the sixth Doctor: defeating the Rainbow between Curtain Call and The Best Joke I Ever Told; foiling the telepathic worms, between House and Vengeance on Varos; and preventing an historical wrong between Instruments of Darkness and The Eyes Have It.
"Dream a Little Dream For Me"Yearbook 1993 Zoe wakes up to find everything after The Wheel in Space is a dream, and the second Doctor has been waiting twenty-three years for her to wake from a coma. Then the seventh Doctor helps to free some of Zoe's lost memories - though this implies that Zoe wrote much of the tv series! It seems likely that Zoe has suffered some illness - possibly linked to her mental trauma in The Tip of the Mind - and much of this story is the result of her confusion upon recovery. The meeting with the seventh Doctor does occur though, between The Incomplete Death's Head and The Algebra of Ice.
The Tempest - A Work in ProgressThe Shakespeare NotebooksThe Bard's notes reveal how the tenth Doctor assisted him in devising this play, while dealing with a dinosaur situation between Hold Your Horses and Beautiful Chaos.
Summer FallsBBC e-bookThis children's book is inspired by an adventure the eleventh Doctor had whilst staying in the town of Watchcombe, between The Dalek Project and The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe.
CanariesWintertime ParadoxAnke receives phone calls from, among others, the eleventh Doctor during Father of the Daleks and the eighth Doctor during The Enemy of My Enemy.
The Terror of the Umpty UmsBBC DW websiteThe thirteenth Doctor encounters the Karpagnon the Deathborg - or perhaps it's all in the head of David Karpagnon, a troubled boy in a children's home.
The Complete Adventures

The cinematic Doctor:
Story Title Location Notes
Dr. Who and the Daleks Film
Dr Who and the House on Oldark MoorST: Side Steps
Daleks Versus the MartiansDWM Spring Special 1996
Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. Film
Dr. Who & the MechonoidsDWM 578
Alternative first Doctor: a divergent timeline, featuring a Doctor who never left Gallifrey - and when he does finally travel the cosmos, completely changes history...
Story Title Location Notes
Auld MortalityBF Unbound 1
The InnocentsST: History of Xmas
A Storm of AngelsBF Unbound 7

Alternative third Doctor: in a timeline that diverges after The Night Walkers, this Doctor is exiled to a later Earth, one in which he wasn't around to assist UNIT...
Story Title Location Notes
Sympathy for the DevilBF Unbound 2
The sixth Doctor meets his alternative self, as recounted in 100 Days of the Doctor.
Masters of WarBF Unbound 8
The Library in the BodyThe Unbound Universe
Planet X
The Very Dark Thing
The Emporium at the End
The City and the ClockRuler of the Universe
Asking For a Friend
The True Saviour of the Universe
Pride of the LampianBuried Memories
Clear History
Dead and Breakfast
Burrowed Time
Have I Told You Lately?Lost in Translation
The Undying Truth
"Doctor of War": in a timeline that diverges during the events of Genesis of the Daleks, the fourth Doctor regenerates into a different version of the War Doctor - one who physically resembles the sixth Doctor.
Story Title Location Notes
Dust DevilGenesisThe story starts with the fourth Doctor as the events of Genesis of the Daleks proceed along a very different path. We also see another version of the sixth Doctor, closer to the one we know, from an alternative "aberrant" timeline.
The Difference Office

Other alternative realities and divergent timelines:
Story Title Location Notes
ExileBF Unbound 6Diverging after The War Games: the Doctor escapes from the Time Lords before his trial, and forces a regeneration to change sex...
The Ultimate AdventureStage play

A divergent timeline created when a Watcher-like alternative incarnation is projected by an ailing third Doctor. Companions Jason and Crystal are later kidnapped from this timeline, and used to trap the sixth Doctor.

He Jests at Scars...BF Unbound 4 An alternative reality in which the Valeyard defeated the sixth Doctor in The Trial of a Time Lord, taking over the life force of his subsequent regenerations - with dire consequences...
The Infinity DoctorsBBC novel The clue's in the name. Infinite realities contain an infinite number of Doctors. This one physically resembles the eighth Doctor (though his previous incarnations may not have been the same). He gave up his wanderings early on, and has spent most of his time on Gallifrey. This Doctor was married to Patience (as indeed he may have been in "our" reality...) Flashbacks in Cold Fusion show something of those times.
Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death

An alternative ninth Doctor has his final adventure, and his next four regenerations. It could just be an affectionate comedy spoof...

The Complete Adventures
"Dr Smith": - exists in an alternative timeline, whose history has shifted more towards the female - perhaps as a result of the Sodality's tampering with time. His origin is similar to that of the eighth Doctor in the original timeline.
Story Title Location Notes
Child of TimeTelos novella
The Cabinet of LightTelos novella
Alternative ninth Doctor: another divergent timeline, and a different ninth Doctor (though he's identified as the tenth in ...Curse of Fatal Death).
Story Title Location Notes
Scream of the ShalkaBBCi webcast
The Feast of the StoneBBCi Vampires magazine
"Meta-Crisis": The human version of the tenth Doctor, created by the events of Journey's End.
Story Title Location Notes
The Turning of the TideTarget Storybook
The Siege of Big BenShort Trips 8.06
Flight into Hull!Short Trips 8.08

Future "Merlin" Doctor: as featured in the novelization of the tv story Battlefield - but not on screen - the red-haired future incarnation who will one day become Merlin...
Story Title Location Notes
Good CompanionsMore Short Trips Features Tegan, a good many years after her departure in Resurrection of the Daleks, encountering the Doctor again.
RevenantsST: Side Steps
GreenawayST: Steel SkiesThis story also features appearances by the second, fifth and eighth Doctors, in the form of telepathic projections into the titular character's dream state.
Theatrical future Doctors: three successive incarnations, whose stories are linked together by the same companion - the (presumably very long-lived) Prince Karnak...
Story Title Location Notes
HellblossomStage play
Vox DeiStage play
WarsmithStage play
Pragmatic future Doctor: trapped on Earth and desperate to recover his lost Tardis, this Doctor is twisted by events into an utter bastard...
Story Title Location Notes
Sustainable EnergyST: 2040
Full Fathom FiveBF Unbound 3

Other potential future Doctors:
Story Title Location Notes
The Empress of OthernowStage play
The final Doctor enters Mictlan and makes a deal with the Celestis, as seen in Alien Bodies.
Doctor Who and the Inheritors of TimeUnproduced stage play Long after his death, the Doctor is resurrected in a new form to perform a vital mission for the Time Lords.
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