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Adventures of the
eighth Doctor Who

Story Title Location Notes
Doctor WhoTV Movie
The Eight DoctorsBBC novelFeatures meetings between the eighth Doctor and all of his predecessors. The encounter with the first Doctor takes place during The Forest of Fear. The second Doctor is seen during The War Games. The third Doctor's appearance takes place between The Sea Devils and The Other Woman. The fourth Doctor's adventure occurs during State of Decay. The fifth Doctor is encountered between One Perfect Twilight and Qualia. The meeting with the sixth Doctor takes place during The Trial of a Time Lord, and the seventh Doctor's appearance occurs after Dark Universe.
BountyEarth and Beyond
Model Train SetShort Trips
The People's TempleShort Trips
The Doctor leaves Sam at a Greenpeace rally, intending to pick her up after a few hours - during which time he has plenty of adventures of his own...
The Doctor is present as the witch Isabella places the consciousness of Malson into the infant Jeff, as seen in flashback in Running Out of Time.
TotemMore Short Trips
The Scent of BloodBBC audiobook
One Fateful KnightST: Leadership
The Dying DaysVirgin NAFeatures a brief appearance by the fourth Doctor, occurring between The Pyralis Effect and The Well-Mannered War.
The Doctor meets up with Joseph Liebermann in Salt Lake City, as recounted in Matrix.
DreadnoughtRT 3775-3784
DescendanceRT 3785-3794
AscendanceRT 3795-3804
PerceptionsRT 3805-3814
CodaRT 3815-3816
The Doctor parts company with Stacy and Ssard.
Appearance of eighth Doctor in Prisoners of Time.
From Little Acorns...ST: Leadership
Rip TideTelos novella
Far From HomeST: Past Tense
JonahST: Life Science
The Wickerwork ManST: Farewells
For the Man Who Has EverythingST: Ghosts of Xmas
Suns and MothersST: How the Doctor...
CompanionST: Xmas around the World
PhoenixST: Magic
Appearance of eighth Doctor in Where's the Doctor?
Organism 96Tales of Terror
The Company of Friends:
Benny's Story
BF 123
The Glass PrincessST: MusesFeatures appearances by all the previous Doctors. The first Doctor appears between The Fishmen of Kandalinga and Doctor Who and the Invasion from Space; the second Doctor between ...'Daleks Invade Zaos'... and Blue Road Dance; the third Doctor between Dream Devils and Potential; the fourth Doctor between Size Control and The Stuff of Nightmares; the fifth Doctor between The Moderator and A Victorian Interlude; the sixth Doctor between She Won't Be Home and Search for the Doctor; and the seventh Doctor between Nemesis of the Daleks and Front Line.
Appearance of eighth Doctor in The Steward's Story.
Vampire ScienceBBC novel
The BodysnatchersBBC novelThe epilogue depicts the Doctor re-visiting Litefoot, between Interference and Second Contact.
GenocideBBC novel
War of the DaleksBBC novel
Alien BodiesBBC novelFeatures a flashback of the third Doctor, occurring between The Monster of Peladon and Doomcloud; a flashback of the sixth Doctor between Her Final Flight and I.D.; and a glimpse of the final Doctor confronting the Celestis.
KursaalBBC novel
Option LockBBC novel
Dead TimeEarth and Beyond
The Queen of ErosST: Side Steps
Longest DayBBC novel
Legacy of the DaleksBBC novel
Dreamstone MoonBBC novel
Seeing IBBC novel
Placebo EffectBBC novel
Vanderdeken's ChildrenBBC novel
The Scarlet EmpressBBC novel
The Janus ConjunctionBBC novel
BeltempestBBC novel
The Face-EaterBBC novel
Femme FataleMore Short TripsQuite how much of this story actually happened, and how much was made up by Iris Wildthyme, will forever be open to question...
Sad ProfessorPerfect Timing
Doctor Who and the TaintBBC novel
DemontageBBC novel
Revolution ManBBC novel
DominionBBC novel
Unnatural HistoryBBC novel
Autumn MistBBC novel

The eighth Doctor's appearance in A Stitch in Time occurs during this adventure.

Interference Book One:
Shock Tactic
BBC novel These adventures feature a guest appearance by the third Doctor. For him, they occur between The Monster of Peladon and Doomcloud.
Interference Book Two:
The Hour of the Geek
BBC novel
The Doctor returns Litefoot's fowling piece, as seen in The Bodysnatchers.
Appearance of eighth Doctor in The Juror's Story.
Second ContactST: Time Signature
The Quality of Leadership EpilogueST: Leadership
The Turn of the ScrewShort Trips 8.03
The Elixir of DoomBF CC 8.11
The Eye of the TygerTelos novella
The Doctor returns to help Jeff and Isabella, as seen in flashback in Running Out of Time.
End GameDWM 244-247
The KeepDWM 248-249
A Life of Matter and DeathDWM 250
Fire and BrimstoneDWM 251-255
By Hook Or By CrookDWM 256
The Company of Friends:
Izzy's Story
BF 123
Tooth and ClawDWM 257-260
The Final ChapterDWM 262-265
WormwoodDWM 266-271
IlluminationST: Xmas around the World
Happy DeathdayDWM 272
The FallenDWM 273-276
The Road to HellDWM 278-282
TV Action!DWM 283
The Company of ThievesDWM 284-286
The Glorious DeadDWM 287-296
SyntaxST: Life Science
The Autonomy BugDWM 297-299
Flashback of eighth Doctor in Death to the Doctor!
OphidiusDWM 300-303
Beautiful FreakDWM 304
The Way of All FleshDWM 306-311
Children of the RevolutionDWM 312-317
Me and My Shadow
DWM 318-322
OblivionDWM 323-328
Where Nobody Knows Your NameDWM 329
Doctor Who and the Nightmare GameDWM 330-332
The Power of Thoueris!DWM 333
Reversal of FortuneST: Steel Skies
TuesdayShort Trips bonus
Seven Deadly SinsST: Sins
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ShadaBBCi webcastAfter dreaming of Chronotis, the Doctor relives this adventure of the fourth Doctor, which had been lost in a divergent timeline.
The Time Lord's StoryST: Repercussions
The Doctor starts travelling with Gemma and Samson, as seen in flashback in Terror Firma.
The Long MidwinterST: History of Xmas
Dear JohnST: Centenarian
Having left Gemma and Samson in Vienna, the Doctor answers his future self's distress signal, and meets Mary Shelley, as seen in Mary's Story.
The Silver TurkBF 153
The Witch from the WellBF 154
Army of DeathBF 155
The Doctor and his companions are captured by Davros - as seen in flashback in Terror Firma.
Storm WarningBF 16
Sword of OrionBF 17
The Light at the EndBig FinishFeatures appearances by the fourth Doctor between Eye of Heaven and Shamans; the fifth Doctor between 1001 Nights and Fanfare for the Common Men; the sixth Doctor between Power to the People and Trouble in Paradise; and the seventh Doctor between The Grotto and The Assassination Games. There are also insubstantial appearances by the first Doctor between A Long Night and Mire and Clay; the second Doctor between The Avant Guardian and The Dying Light; and the third Doctor between Who's Who? and Link. In addition, Charley has "ghostly" encounters with the first Doctor between The Power Supply and The Founding Fathers; with Sara Kingdom between The Anachronauts and Men of War; with the second Doctor immediately following The Power of the Daleks; with the third Doctor between The Battle Within and The Tyrants of Logic; and with Tegan and Turlough immediately prior to Terminus.
Repercussions...ST: Repercussions
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Letting GoShort Trips 2
The Stones of VeniceBF 18
Minuet in HellBF 19
The Man Who Wasn't ThereShort Trips 6.11
Best SellerST: Monsters
A Good LifeST: Steel Skies
Appearance of eighth Doctor in Categorical Imperative.
VenusST: Solar System
War in a Time of PeaceST: Prague
The Mummy Speaks!Charlotte Pollard
The Further Adventuress

The Slaying of the Writhing Mass
Heart of Orion
Enemy AliensDestiny of the Doctor 8
Invaders From MarsBF 28
The Chimes of MidnightBF 29
Seasons of FearBF 30
Embrace the DarknessBF 31
SolitaireBF CC 4.12
Living LegendBig Finish CD/
DWM 337

The Heroine, the Hero and the MegalomaniacST: Day in the Life Features an appearance by the seventh Doctor, occurring between Dreamtime and Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast.
Be Good For Goodness's SakeST: History of Xmas
You Had me at Verify Username and PasswordST: Snapshots
Lady of the SnowsST: Prague
They FellST: Ghosts of Xmas
Doctor Who and the Adaptation of DeathST: Transmissions
Hall of the Ten ThousandShort Trips 9.11
The End of the BeginningBF 275Features the fifth Doctor between The Blazing Hour and Encounter on Burnt Snake Flat; the sixth Doctor between The Lovecraft Invasion and The Wings of a Butterfly; and the seventh Doctor between Subterfuge and Keepsake.
Second ChancesST: How the Doctor...
Faithful FriendsST: Ghosts of XmasThe first part of this story features the third Doctor, between Dream Devils and Potential.
The Time of the DaleksBF 32
Apocrypha BipediumST: Companions
ForeshadowingShort Trips 5.08
NeverlandBF 33
ZagreusBF 50
ScherzoBF 52
The Creed of the KromonBF 53
The Natural History of FearBF 54
The Twilight KingdomBF 55
Faith StealerBF 61
The LastBF 62
CaerdroiaBF 63
The Next LifeBF 64
Terror FirmaBF 72Features flashbacks of the Doctor meeting and travelling with Gemma and Samson, events which occur between The Time Lord's Story and Storm Warning.
Round Trip part two: After Midnight
Round Trip part one: Before Midnight
ST: Day in the Life
Scaredy CatBF 75
Other LivesBF 77
Time WorksBF 80
Something InsideBF 83
Memory LaneBF 88
On the American frontier, the Doctor plays poker with his future self, as seen in 100 Days of the Doctor.
Salva MeaST: Snapshots
AbsolutionBF 101
The Girl Who Never WasBF 103The epilogue features the sixth Doctor, immediately prior to The Condemned.
The Curious Tale of Spring-Heeled JackDWM 334-336
The Land of Happy EndingsDWM 337
The Colour of MonstersST: Monsters
SporePuffin e-book
ST: Centenarian
The Blue AngelBBC novel
The Taking of Planet 5BBC novel
Frontier WorldsBBC novel
Parallel 59BBC novel
Growing HigherST: Zodiac
LonelyST: Transmissions
The Shadows of AvalonBBC novel
The Fall of YquatineBBC novel
ColdheartBBC novel
The Space AgeBBC novel
The Banquo LegacyBBC novel
The Ancestor CellBBC novel
The BurningBBC novel
EvergreenST: Christmas Treasury
Casualties of WarBBC novel
The Doctor serves as a sailor aboard the Sarah Gail as seen in flashback in The Year of Intelligent Tigers.
Appearance of eighth Doctor in Wolfsbane.
The Doctor buys Fitz's journal in a bookshop on the Euston Road, as seen in flashback in Time Zero.
The Turing TestBBC novel
EndgameBBC novelFeatures an appearance by the seventh Doctor, immediately after Timewyrm: Exodus.
MordieuST: Muses
The Doctor studies at an ancient Khmer temple, as seen in flashback in The Year of Intelligent Tigers.
The Doctor witnesses Eva Dalloway being caught shoplifting in Damaged Goods.
Father TimeBBC novelThe Doctor's defeat of the Great Provider, seen in flashback in The Gallifrey Chronicles, occurs between the events of this story.
The Doctor is told the tale of Inmate 280.
Escape VelocityBBC novel
EarthworldBBC novel
Fear ItselfBBC novel
The Doctor takes a cat to a new life in Wales, as seen in flashback in The City of the Dead.
Vanishing PointBBC novel
Eater of WaspsBBC novel
The Year of Intelligent TigersBBC novelFeatures flashbacks of the Doctor's time as a South Seas sailor in the 1930s, between Casualties of War and The Turing Test; and studying at a Khmer temple in 1962, between Mordieu and Father Time.
The Company of Friends:
Fitz's Story
BF 123
The Slow EmpireBBC novel
Dark ProgenyBBC novel
The City of the DeadBBC novelFeatures a flashback of the Doctor's adventure with a cat, between Fear Itself and Vanishing Point.
Grimm Reality
or The Marvellous Adventures of Doctor Know-All
BBC novel
The Adventuress of Henrietta StreetBBC novel
Mad Dogs and EnglishmenBBC novel
HopeBBC novel
AnachrophobiaBBC novel
Trading FuturesBBC novel
The Book of the StillBBC novel
The Crooked WorldBBC novel
History 101BBC novel
Notre Dame du TempsST: Companions Features a flashback of the seventh Doctor, set after Dark Universe; with a brief appearance by the fourth Doctor, set during City of Death.
Camera ObscuraBBC novel
Time ZeroBBC novelFeatures a flashback of the Doctor buying Fitz's journal, between Casualties of War and The Turing Test.
The Infinity RaceBBC novel
The Domino EffectBBC novel
Reckless EngineeringBBC novel
The Last ResortBBC novel
TimelessBBC novel
Emotional ChemistryBBC novel
Sometime Never...BBC novel
HalflifeBBC novel
We Can't Stop What's ComingTarget Storybook
The Tomorrow WindowsBBC novel
The Sleep of ReasonBBC novel
The Deadstone MemorialBBC novel
To the SlaughterBBC novel
The Gallifrey ChroniclesBBC novel Features a flashback to the Doctor's encounter with the Great Provider, which occurs during the course of Father Time.
Not in My Back YardST: History of Xmas Features an appearance by the seventh Doctor, occurring between Utopia and The Prisoner's Dilemma.
Thinking WarriorST: 2040
The EtherealST: 2040
...Be ForgotST: Christmas Treasury
Fallen GodsTelos novella
The Sorrows of ViennaST: Snapshots
DS al FineST: Time SignatureThis story features a brief appearance by the sixth Doctor, as it revisits the events of Gone Fishing.
Appearance of the eighth Doctor in Collision Course.
Bad BloodDWM 338-342
Sins of the FathersDWM 343-345
The FloodDWM 346-353
Quantum HeresyShort Trips 4
Gazing VoidST: Terrors
Anything You Can DoTwelve Angels Weeping
NettlesST: Transmissions
Transmission EndsST: Transmissions
The EndST: Life ScienceFeatures an appearance by the first Doctor, occurring between From Eternity and Making History.
Blood of the DaleksBBC7/BF 8th 1-2
Horror of Glam RockBBC7/BF 8th 3
Immortal BelovedBBC7/BF 8th 4
PhobosBBC7/BF 8th 5
No More LiesBBC7/BF 8th 6
Human ResourcesBBC7/BF 8th 7-8
The Dalek TrapFurther Adventures of Lucie Miller
The Revolution Game
The House on the Edge of Chaos
Island of the Fendahl
Remain in LightST: Snapshots
On the American frontier, the Doctor plays poker with his past self, as seen in 100 Days of the Doctor.
Decorative PurposesST:Ghosts of Xmas
Dead LondonBF 8th 2.1
Max WarpBF 8th 2.2
Brave New TownBF 8th 2.3
The Skull of SobekBF 8th 2.4
FlashpointShort Trips 7.07
The Young LionsShort Trips bonus
The Caves of ErithShort Trips bonus
The Great EscapesST: Patterns
Grand Theft CosmosBF 8th 2.5
The Zygon Who Fell to EarthBF 8th 2.6
Sisters of the Flame
The Vengeance of Morbius
BF 8th 2.7-2.8
OrbisBF 8th 3.1
HothouseBF 8th 3.2
Late Night ShoppingShort Trips bonus
The Beast of OrlokBF 8th 3.3
Wirrn DawnBF 8th 3.4
The ScapegoatBF 8th 3.5
The CannibalistsBF 8th 3.6
The Curse of the FugueShort Trips 6.04
All the Fun of the FairShort Trips 3
The Eight Truths
Worldwide Web
BF 8th 3.7-3.8
Death in BlackpoolBF 8th 4.01
An Earthly ChildBF bonus VIII
Running Out of TimeShort Trips 1Flashbacks show the Doctor present when Isabella cast her spell, between The People's Temple and Totem; and returning to help on Jeff's 16th birthday, between The Eye of the Tyger and End Game.
Situation VacantBF 8th 4.02
NevermoreBF 8th 4.03
The Book of KellsBF 8th 4.04
The Resurrection of Mars
BF 8th 4.05-4.06
Relative DimensionsBF 8th 4.07
The Four DoctorsBF bonus IXFeatures the fifth Doctor between Catalogue of Events and Lily; the sixth Doctor between Teach Yourself Ballroom Dancing and Masterpiece; and the seventh Doctor between Spookasem and Once in a Lifetime.
Prisoner of the SunBF 8th 4.08
Lucie Miller
To the Death
BF 8th 4.09-4.10
The Great War
Tangled Web
X and the Daleks
Dark Eyes
The Traitor
The White Room
Time's Horizon
Eyes of the Master
Dark Eyes 2
The World Beyond the TreesShort Trips 7.01
The Death of Hope
The Reviled
Rule of the Eminence
Dark Eyes 3
A Life in the DayDark Eyes 4.1
The Monster of MontmartreDark Eyes 4.2
Master of the DaleksDark Eyes 4.3
Eye of DarknessDark Eyes 4.4
The ElevenDoom Coalition 1.1Features a flashback of the seventh Doctor, set during Dark Universe.
The Red LadyDoom Coalition 1.2
The Galileo TrapDoom Coalition 1.3
The Satanic MillDoom Coalition 1.4
BeachheadDoom Coalition 2.1
Scenes from Her LifeDoom Coalition 2.2
The GiftDoom Coalition 2.3
The SonomancerDoom Coalition 2.4
Absent FriendsDoom Coalition 3
The Eighth Piece
The Doomsday Chronometer
The Crucible of Souls
Ship in a BottleDoom Coalition 4.1
Songs of LoveDoom Coalition 4.2
The Side of the AngelsDoom Coalition 4.3
Stop the ClockDoom Coalition 4.4
Their Finest HourRavenous 1
How to Make a Killing in Time Travel
World of Damnation
Sweet Salvation
Escape from KaldorRavenous 2
Better Watch Out
Fairytale of Salzburg
Deeptime FrontierRavenous 3.1
Companion PieceRavenous 3.2
L.E.G.E.N.D.Ravenous 3.3
The Odds AgainstRavenous 3.4
WhisperRavenous 4
Planet of Dust
Day of the Master
Lost PropertyStranded 1.1
Wild AnimalsStranded 1.2
Must See TVStranded 1.3
Divine InterventionStranded 1.4
Dead TimeStranded 2.1
UNIT DatingStranded 2.2
Baker Street IrregularsStranded 2.3
The Long Way RoundStranded 2.4
PatienceStranded 3.1
Twisted FolkloreStranded 3.2
SnowStranded 3.3
What Just Happened?Stranded 3.4
Crossed LinesStranded 4.1
Get AndyStranded 4.2
The Keys of Baker StreetStranded 4.3
Best Year EverStranded 4.4
An Ocean of SawdustShort Trips bonus
The Truth of PeladonPeladon 4
The Pictures of Josephine DayTitan mini-series 1
Music of the SpherionsTitan mini-series 2
The SilveringTitan mini-series 3
BriarwoodTitan mini-series 4Features an appearance by the twelfth Doctor, between The Hyperion Empire and Spirits of the Jungle.
A Matter of Life and DeathTitan mini-series 5
Appearance of eighth Doctor in Supremacy of the Cybermen.
Appearance of eighth Doctor in The Lost Dimension.
The Time BallThe Many Lives of Doctor Who
Appearance of eighth Doctor in Empire of the Wolf.
Appearance of eighth Doctor in Echoes of Extinction.
He Kills Me, He Kills Me NotBF TLV 1The eighth Doctor's interlude in The Knight, the Fool and the Dead occurs during this story.
The Enemy of My EnemyBF TLV 2The eighth Doctor's interjection into Canaries occurs during this story.
Appearance of eighth Doctor in All Flesh Is Grass.
Mutually Assured DestructionBF TLV 3
The Company of Friends:
Mary's Story
BF 123 Features an appearance by the Doctor's younger self, occurring between The Time Lord's Story and The Silver Turk.
Appearance of eighth Doctor in The Day of the Doctor.
Ghost of Christmas Past12 Doctors of Xmas
The Rulers of the UniverseDiary of River Song 1.4
Natural RegressionScientific Secrets
Appearance of eighth Doctor in The Forgotten.
The Edge of Redemption
The Scaramancer
The Castle of Kurnos 5
The Cognition Shift
The War Master 5.1-5.4
OsskahST: Snapshots
The Sontaran OrdealClassic/New 1.4
Day of the Vashta NeradaClassic/New 2.4
The Missing Link
Darkness and Light
The War Master 3.3-3.4
Museum PeaceST: Dalek Empire
A Heart on Both SidesShort Trips 7.09
The Starship of TheseusTime War 1.1
Echoes of WarTime War 1.2
The ConscriptTime War 1.3
One LifeTime War 1.4
The Lords of TerrorTime War 2.1
Planet of the OgronsTime War 2.2
In the Garden of DeathTime War 2.3
JonahTime War 2.4
State of BlissTime War 3.1
The Famished LandsTime War 3.2
Fugitive in TimeTime War 3.3
The War ValeyardTime War 3.4
PalindromeTime War 4.1-4.2
DreadshadeTime War 4.3
Restoration of the DaleksTime War 4.4
All Hands on DeckShort Trips 7.10
Death Will Not Part UsShort Trips 11.4The conclusion features the ninth Doctor, in the days following the end of the Time War.
The Shoreditch InterventionSusan's War 1.4Features an appearance of the first Doctor, between Echoes of Future Past and An Unearthly Child.
Lies in RuinsThe Legacy of Time 1
The Night of the DoctorBBC red button

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Paul McGann, the actor
The Complete Adventures
Paul McGann, the actor
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Paul McGann, the actor

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