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Adventures of the
eleventh Doctor Who

Story Title Location Notes
The Eleventh Hour
The Beast Below
Victory of the Daleks
Attack of the Space Leeches!DWA 160-161
Madness on the M1!DWA 162
The Coldest WarDecide Your Destiny 2
Apollo 23BBC novel
Night of the HumansBBC novel
Claws of the MacraDecide Your Destiny 1
The Runaway TrainBBC audiobook
Appearance of eleventh Doctor in Where's the Doctor?
Nothing O'ClockPuffin e-book
The Forgotten ArmyBBC novel
The Time of Angels
Flesh and Stone
The Vampires of Venice
Nuclear TimeBBC novel
The King's DragonBBC novel
Buzz!Annual 2011
Amy's Choice
The Glamour ChaseBBC novelFeatures a flashback of the third Doctor, between Potential and The Time Warrior.
The Hungry Earth
Cold Blood
SupernatureDWM 421-423
Planet Bollywood!DWM 424
The Calendar ManBF 11DC 1.1
Suddenly in a Graveyard...The Weeping Angels
The Ring of SteelBBC audiobook
Winning HandDWA 163
Booked UpDWA 164
Bad VibrationsDWA 165
About FaceDWA 166
Track AttackDWA 167
Nowhere ManDWA 168
Good as GoldBlue Peter mini-episode
The Gemini ContagionBBC audiobook
City of the DaleksAdventure Games
Money TroublesDWA 169
Vincent and the Doctor
Fashion VictimsDWA 170
The CollectorDWA 171
The StrayDWA 172
Blood of the CybermenAdventure Games
Wish You Were HereAdventure Games teaser script
TardisAdventure Games
Shadows of the Vashta NeradaAdventure Games
The Only Good Dalek
The Jade PyramidBBC audiobook
The Golden OnesDWM 425-428
The Screams of DeathDWM 430-431
Do Not Go Gentle into That Good NightDWM 432
Forever DreamingDWM 433-434
ApotheosisDWM 435-437
The Child of TimeDWM 438-441
Mistaken IdentityDWA 173
Foul PlayDWA 174
Attack of the Gatebots!DWA 175
Blue Skies ThinkingDWA 176
Samurai's SecretDWA 177
A Mess of TroubleDWA 178
Secret of ArkatronAnnual 2011
The Grey HoleAnnual 2011
In the StarsDWA 179
Most HauntedDWA 180
The Living StormDWA 181
The ScarecrowDWA 182
The Hounds of ArtemisBBC audiobook
Empire of the WolfDecide Your Destiny 4
Sky ScraperDWA 183
The Purrfect CrimeDWA 184
The Steel WebDWA 185
In the CanDWA 186
Snow GlobeDWA 187
Wave MachineDWA 188
A Fairytale LifeIDW mini-series
Umwelts For HireBrilliant Book 2011
The Lodger
The Coming of the Terraphiles
Or, Pirates of the Second Aether!!
BBC novel
Cell ShockDWA 189
The TrickDWA 190
The Lunar TykDWA 191
Pencil PusherDWA 192
The Cleverest KingDWA 193
Seeing ThingsDWA 194
Pirates of the Seven SeedsDWA 195
Rough WatersDWA 196
Red ChristmasDWA 197
The Pandorica Opens
The Big Bang
Vampire HurricaneBBC DW website
The Boy Who Saved the PromsDoctor Who at the Proms
Appearance of eleventh Doctor in Death of the Doctor.
The Night After Hallowe'enBBC DW website
The Monsters Are Coming!Doctor Who Live arena tour
Honeymoon HorrorsBrilliant Book 2012
A Christmas Carol
Living HistoryThe Churchill Years 1.3 These adventures occur during the events of A Christmas Carol.
The Top of the TreeBF 11DC 1.2
The Professor, the Queen
and the Bookshop
DWM 429
Cold SnapBBC DW website
Borrowed TimeBBC novel
Spam FilteredIDW DW 2.1
First Foot FirstDWA 198
Random HistoryDWA 199
The Salt SolutionDWA 200
Rory's StoryDWA 201
Sub-SpeciesDWA 202
Quite InterestingDWA 203
SnowfallBBC DW website
Judoon MonsoonDecide Your Destiny 3
Death RidersBBC novel
The Good, the Bad and the AlienBBC novel
Heart of StoneBBC novel
System WipeBBC novel
Ripper's CurseIDW DW 2.2-2.4
Bad NightNight and the Doctor mini-episode
Extra TimeStep Back in Time
EarwormDWA 204
If You Go Down to the Woods TodayDWA 205
Ghost WorldDWA 206
Power of the MykuootniDWA 207
Mine, All Mine!DWA 208
Golden SlumbersDWA 209
Paradox LostBBC novel
Comic Relief mini-episode
Sound BytesDWA 210
Chasing RainbowsDWA 211
Pier Head from SpaceDWA 212
The Evergreen DeathDWA 213
The RageDWA 214
The Peace StrikeDWA 215
They Think It's All OverIDW DW 2.5
Good NightNight and the Doctor mini-episode
The King in GlassTwelve Angels Weeping
The Underwater WarAlien Adventures
Rain of TerrorAlien Adventures
Terminal of DespairSightseeing in Space
The Web in SpaceSightseeing in Space
When Worlds CollideIDW DW 2.6-2.8
Your Destiny AwaitsIDW Annual 2011
Space SquidIDW DW 2.9
The War of ArtBBC DW website
Dead of WinterBBC novel
The Way Through the WoodsBBC novel
Touched by an AngelBBC novel
Hunter's MoonBBC novel
A Gamble with TimeLegends of River Song
Appearance of eleventh Doctor in That's All Right, Mama.
Run, Doctor, RunIDW Annual 2011
The Light KeepersBF 11DC 1.3
After LifeTitan 11th 1
The Friendly PlaceTitan 11th 2
What He Wants...Titan 11th 3
The Sound of Our Voices
Titan 11th 4-5
Space in Dimension Relative and TimeTitan 11th 6
The Eternal Dogfight
The Infinite Astronaut
Titan 11th 7-8
The Rise and Fall
The Other Doctor
Titan 11th 9-10
Give Free or DieTitan FCBD 2015
Four DimensionsTitan 11th 11
ConversionTitan 11th 12-13
The Comfort of the GoodTitan 11th 14-15
Appearance of eleventh Doctor in Four Doctors.
Appearance of eleventh Doctor in The Long Con.
The Then and the NowTitan 11th 2.1-2.2Features a flashback of the War Doctor some time before the events of Decoy.
Pull to Open
Titan 11th 2.3-2.4Features a flashback of the War Doctor some time before the events of Decoy.
ObsessionsTitan FCBD 2016
The Judas Goatee
The One
Titan 11th 2.5-2.7
Running to Stay Still
First Rule
Titan 11th 2.8-2.10Features an appearance by the War Doctor some time before the events of Decoy.
The Organ Grinder
Kill God
Fast Asleep
Gently Pulls the Strings
Physician, Heal Thyself
Titan 11th 2.11-2.15Features an appearance by the War Doctor some time before the events of Decoy.
Appearance of eleventh Doctor in Supremacy of the Cybermen.
Something BorrowedTitan 11th 3.7
The Scream
Titan 11th 3.1-3.2
The Tragical History TourTitan 11th 3.3-3.4
Appearance of eleventh Doctor in The Promise.
Time of the OodTitan 11th 3.5
The Memory FeastTitan 11th 3.6-3.7
FooledTitan 11th 3.8
Strange LoopsTitan 11th 3.9, 3.11
Hungry Thirsty RootsTitan 11th 3.12-3.13
Appearance of eleventh Doctor in The Lost Dimension.
Midnight FeastTitan FCBD 2018
The Steampunk ConundrumRoad to 13th Doctor 2
Without a PaddleThe Many Lives of Doctor Who
The Impossible Astronaut
Day of the Moon

Features an appearance by the Doctor's future self, events seen from another perspective in The Wedding of River Song.

Extinction EventDWA 216
Hot Stuff!DWA 217
The Very Cool Bow Tie!DWA 218
The Curse of the Black Spot
Reality ChequeDWA 219
Road RageDWA 220
The King and the TripeberryDWA 221
Danger FlightDWA 222
Dinosaurs in New York!DWA 223
Screamers!DWA 224
Grow Your OwnDWA 225
The Eye of the JungleBBC audiobook
The Doctor's Wife
The Golesterkol CollectionDWA 226
Missing in ActionDWA 227
Peril on the SeaDWA 228
Rock Quasar and the Mudslugs of GurrnDWA 229
Terrible LizardsMonstrous Missions
The House of LightsAnnual 2012
Amy's Escapade
Rory's Adventure
Annual 2012
Attack of the 50 Ft RoryAnnual 2012
Dino WorldDWA 230
The Upper DeckDWA 231
The Rebel Flesh
The Almost People
A Good Man Goes to War
Down to EarthIDW Annual 2011
Let's Kill Hitler
The Moon of Lost HopeDWA 232
Vacuum PackedDWA 233
Funny Phone Call!DWA 234
The Deadly MutantDWA 235
The Mutant TurnipDWA 236
The Secret Star TrailDWA 237
Agent 99
Dimension Warp
DWA 238-239
First Night
Last Night
Night and the Doctor mini-episode Features an appearance by the Doctor's future self, between Attack of the Snowmen and Lorna's Escape.
TuesdayIDW Annual 2011
Night Terrors
Body SnatchedIDW DW 2.10-2.11
Convention SpecialIDW one-shot
BlackoutBBC audiobook
The Water ThiefStep Back in Time
The Kchrusivour GambitDWA 240
Trapped in the Pages of HistoryDWA 241
Dawn of the Living BreadDWA 242
Air Force GoneDWA 243
The Frankenstein ParticleDWA 244
Dog of War!DWA 245
Harvest of DoomDWA 246
The Atomon InvasionDWA 247
Wait Until MorningDWA 248
Humans Aren't Just For ChristmasDWA 249
Vengeance of the AtomonDWA 250-251
The Girl Who Waited
The Silent Stars Go ByBBC novel
The Chains of OlympusDWM 442-445
Sticks & StonesDWM 446-447
The Cornucopia CaperDWM 448-450
The Broken ManDWM 451-454
Clockwork WorldBirthday Cardooo
Picture ImperfectDWA 252
The Star SerpentDWA 253
The Home StoreDWA 254
Cold ComfortDWA 255
Faster Than Light!DWA 256
The Fairest of Them AllDWA 257
The Gunpowder PlotAdventure Games
The Art of DeathBBC audiobook
Magic of the AngelsBBC Quick Reads
As Time Goes ByIDW DW 2.13-2.16
New and ImprovedDWA 258
Malthill WayDWA 259
Darkstar AcademyBBC audiobook
The Demons of Repton AbbeyDWA 260
The Punch & Judy TrapDWA 261
Buy, Buy, Baby!DWA 262
Ghosts of the Never-WereDWA 263
The ParasitesDWA 264
DoomlandDWA 265
Buying TimeDWA 266
Island of the CyclopesDWA 267
Day of the CockroachBBC audiobook
In-fez-station!IDW Special 2012
Trouble on the Orion ExpressDWA 268
Dummy RunDWA 269
Finders KeepersDWA 270
The Mirror WarDWA 271
Ghost TrainDWA 272
I ScreamDWA 273
Le Tour de DeathDWA 274
The Sky Is Falling!DWA 275
The Time GalleryDWA 276
The Nu-HumansBBC audiobook
Time FraudIDW Special 2012
The Cliff FaceDWA 277
Bumble of DestructionDWA 278
The Light CatcherDWA 279
Dungeon of the LostDWA 280
The Intergalactic TrialsDWA 281
24-Hour News InvasionDWA 282
The Panic RoomDWA 283
Terror from the SwampDWA 284
The Planet That SleptDWA 285
The Empty HouseBBC audiobook
Planet of the RorysDWA 286
Assimilation2IDW mini-seriesFeatures of flashback of the fourth Doctor, between Death Flower! and A New Life.
Queen AmyBirthday Cardooo
The God Complex
Horror of the Space SnakesMonstrous Missions
Picnic at AsgardLegends of River Song
Escape into AlcatrazIDW Special 2012
The Lesson of the Unholy WaterBrilliant Book 2012
The Zentrabot InvasionAnnual 2013
The Tomb of ShemuraAnnual 2013
The Doctor encounters Amelia Earhart, as recounted in Chasing the Dawn.
The Jago & Litefoot RevivalShort Trips 7.03-7.04Features an appearance of the tenth Doctor, during the events of The End of Time.
Appearance of eleventh Doctor in Doctor Who and the Horror of Coal Hill.
Death Is the Only AnswerDW Confidential

Silent KnightIDW DW 2.12
Attack of the SnowmenBBC DW website
Whilst trying to take River Song to Darillium, the Doctor briefly meets his younger self, as seen in Last Night.
Lorna's EscapeAnnual 2013
Closing Time
The Wedding of River Song

The Doctor attends the Brigadier's funeral, as seen in flashback in Shroud of Sorrow.
The InforariumDVD mini-episode
Dark HorizonsBBC novel
The Evolving DeadBF 11DC 2.1
The Day Before They CameBF 11DC 2.2
The Melting PotBF 11DC 2.3
A Tragical HistoryBF 11DC 2.4
The Dalek Project
The Doctor acts as curator of the town museum in Watchcombe, inspiring the tale told in Summer Falls.
The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe
Suspicious MindsLegends of River Song
Pond LifeBBC DW website mini-episode
Asylum of the Daleks
Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
Eagle of the ReichIDW Special 2012
The Hypothetical GentlemanIDW DW 3.1-3.2
The Doctor and the NurseIDW DW 3.3-3.4
The Eye of AshayaIDW DW 3.5-3.6
Visiting HoursWintertime Paradox
A Town Called Mercy

This adventure occurs during the events of The Power of Three.

The Power of Three

The eleventh Doctor's appearance in The Road to... occurs during this story.

The True and Most Excellent Comedie of Romeo and Juliet The Shakespeare NotebooksShakespeare's telling of these events may not be strictly accurate.
Sleepers in the DustBBC audiobook
Dawn of Time!DWA 287
TV Hell!DWA 288
Pondnium!DWA 289
Snake BiteBBC audiobook
The Angels Take Manhattan

The eleventh Doctor's appearance in A Stitch in Time occurs during this adventure.

Empire of the WolfTitan DW comic 1-Features the eighth Doctor between The Time Ball and He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not.
Bite of the Morphuse!DWA 290
Garbage Day!DWA 291
Houdini and the Space CuckoosBBC DW website
The Silurian GiftBBC Quick Reads
Space OddityIDW DW 3.7-3.8
The Time MachineDestiny of the Doctor 11
The Winter's TaleThe Shakespeare NotebooksShakespeare's telling of these events may not be strictly accurate.
In Search of Lost TimeScientific Secrets
Plague of the CybermenBBC novel
The Mist of SorrowTales of Terror
The Infinite TodayShort Trips 10.01
The Greedy GulperDWA 292
Meteorite MeetingDWA 293
Tower of PowerDWA 294
The Shark ShockerDWA 295
The ToyboxDWA 296
The Runaway BogeyDWA 297
On the CardsDWA 298
Decky the HallsDWA 299
Snowball!DWA 300
Museum PieceDWA 301
All Change!DWA 302
An Ill WindDWA 303
The Water WorldDWA 304
Pet PanicDWA 305
Space RaceDWA 306
Love Is in the AirDWA 307
Toothache!DWA 308
Terror in the Taj MahalDWA 309
Eye SpyDWA 310
Colossus of the ColosseumDWA 311
The Tail of Decky FlamboonDWA 312
Hunters of the Burning StoneDWM 456-461
Father of the DaleksWintertime ParadoxThe eleventh Doctor's interjection into Canaries occurs during this story.
The Chartwell MetamorphosisThe Churchill Years 1.4
The Gift12 Doctors of Xmas
Cinderella and the Magic BoxTime Lord Fairy Tales This heavily-stylized telling may not be an accurate depiction of events.
Rain GodsDVD mini-episode
The Dalek GenerationBBC novel
Appearance of eleventh Doctor in Thin Time.
Appearance of eleventh Doctor in Regeneration Impossible.
The Great DetectiveChildren in Need

The Snowmen
The Egg HuntDWA 313
The Bells of Saint John
The Rings of Akhaten
The Mystery of the MouldDWA 314
Clara and the TardisDVD mini-episode
The Planet that Went BackwardsDWA 315
Teacher's PetDWA 316
Coral MazeDWA 317
The Doctor and Clara observe the Tonnchenform, as recalled in Normality.
Paradise LostBBC audiobook
Prisoners of TimeIDW mini-seriesFeatures an appearance of the first Doctor between The Rocket Men and The Lion; the second Doctor between Aliens and Predators and The Final Sanction; the third Doctor between Decline of the Ancient Mariner and The Ghosts of N-Space; the fourth Doctor between The Dogs of War and The Sun Makers; the fifth Doctor between First Born and Four To Doomsday; the sixth Doctor between Frobisher's Story and Exodus; the seventh Doctor between Terror from the Deep and The Shadow Trader; the eighth Doctor between Coda and From Little Acorns...; the ninth Doctor between A Groatsworth of Wit and Rose and the Snow Window; the tenth Doctor between Gridlock and Rewriting History.
A Wing and a PrayerDWM 462-464
Cold War
Shroud of SorrowBBC novelFeatures a flashback of the Doctor at the Brigadier's funeral, following The Wedding of River Song.
SandblastedDWA 318
Tunnel Terrors!DWA 319
NovaDWA 320
Line of BattleDWA 321
Clara and the Maze of Cui PaltaThe Day She Saved the Doctor
Journey to the Centre of the Tardis
False CoronetsBF 11DC 1.4
The Curse of the GibwynDWA 322
GumfightDWA 323
The Hat TrickDWA 324
Gnome GuardDWA 325
Strictly Fight MonstersDWA 326
Planet VoidDWA 327
ReprogrammeDWA 328
ShipwreckedDWA 329
The Door to a Winter Long AgoAnnual 2014
The Crimson Horror
Nightmare in Silver
Young WinstonThe Churchill Years 2.1
The Fifty-Year DelayAnnual 2014
Night LightAnnual 2014
Eye of the StormDWA 330
Whale TaleDWA 331
FaceacheDWA 332
The Birthday BoyIDW one-shot
Welcome to Tickle TownDWM 465-466
The Name of the Doctor

Clara encounters the Doctor at various points in his previous lives - most notably the first Doctor fleeing Gallifrey, immediately prior to The Exiles.

She Said, He SaidBBC red button

The Girl Who Loved Doctor WhoIDW Special 2013
RearguardShort Trips 11.1
Sky Jacks!IDW DW 3.9-3.12
Dead Man's HandIDW DW 3.13-3.16
Time TrickDWA 333Features an appearance by the first Doctor, between The Arboreals and Urrozdinee.
Dragon AttackDWA 334
The Holly and the IvyDWA 335
John Smith and the Common MenDWM 467
NormalityHeroes and MonstersClara recalls encountering the Tonnchenform, between Coral Maze and Paradise Lost.
The Day of the Doctor

Features appearances by the War Doctor on the last day of the Time War; the tenth Doctor between The Good Companion and Echoes of Extinction; the first Doctor between Doctor Who and the Invasion from Space and The Klepton Parasites; the second Doctor between ...'Daleks Invade Zaos'... and Blue Road Dance; the third Doctor between The Magician! and Dream Devils; the fourth Doctor between Puppeteer and The Relics of Time; the fifth Doctor between The Moderator and A Victorian Interlude; the sixth Doctor between The Garden of Evil and The Book of My Life; the seventh Doctor between Clean-up on Aisle Two and Harvest of the Sycorax and also betwen Separation and Excelis Decays; the eighth Doctor prior to Ghost of Christmas Past; the ninth Doctor between Battle Scars and A Day to Yourselves; and the twelfth Doctor between Deep Breath and Lights Out.

By the BookDWA 336
Creatures from the DeepDWA 337
Into the NowhereTime Trips
Invaders of the VortexDWA 338
A Tangled WebDWA 339
Ball-Pit BeastDWA 340
T-Shirt TerrorDWA 341
FansDWA 342
Universally KnownDWA 343
Thrill-SeekerDWA 344
WinterventionDWA 345
A Long Way DownDWA 346
The Killer WeedDWA 347
Eternity SpringsDWA 348
Robot v RobotDWA 349
Jungle JamDWA 350
SwarmDWA 351
CymbelineThe Shakespeare NotebooksShakespeare's telling of these events may not be strictly accurate.
Pay the PiperDWM 468-469
The Blood of AzraelDWM 470-474
Appearance of eleventh Doctor in The Minds of Magnox.
The Time of the Doctor
Let It SnowTales of TrenzaloreThese stories occur during the events of The Time of the Doctor.
An Apple a Day...
Strangers in the Outland
The Dreaming
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