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Adventures of the
fourth Doctor Who

Story Title Location Notes

Doctor Who and the ArkBF Lost 7.1
Death Flower!TV Comic 1204-1214
The Doctor visits the Mordee colony, and attempts to repair Xoanon, with the consequences later seen in The Face of Evil.
Flashback of the fourth Doctor in Assimilation2.
Flashback of the Doctor's visit to Pesca in Doctor Who and the Pescatons.
A New LifeAnnual 1976
The Vampires of CrelliumThe Amazing World of Doctor Who
On the Slippery TrailThe Amazing World of Doctor Who
ConscriptionST: Xmas around the World
Avast There!Annual 1976
The Hospitality on HankusAnnual 1976
The Psychic JungleAnnual 1976
The Sinister SpongeAnnual 1976
Neuronic NightmareAnnual 1976
The MissionAnnual 1976
The Ark in Space
The Sontaran Experiment
Genesis of the Daleks

The events of this story are told again in Dust Devil, as the Doctor makes a different decision and the universe changes.

A Device of DeathVirgin MA
The Last Thing You Ever SeeST: How the Doctor...The final scene occurs between Revenge of the Cybermen and #HarrySullivan.
Return of the CybermenBF Lost 6.1
Revenge of the Cybermen

The fourth Doctor's appearance in A Stitch in Time occurs during this adventure.

The Doctor, Sarah and Harry discuss the consequences of their travels, as depicted in The Last Thing You Ever See.
#HarrySullivanShort Trips 9.08
The Return of Robin HoodPuffin novel
Black DestinyDWM 235-237
The Heat-SeekersDWM 117
To Kill a Nandi BearST: Past Tense
NanomorphosisST: Prague
WolfsbaneBBC novelFeatures an appearance by the eighth Doctor, occurring between Casualties of War and The Turing Test.
Toil and TroubleTales of Terror
Terror of the Zygons
Planet of Evil
Collector's ItemShort Trips bonus
The Republican's StoryST: Repercussions
The Wondrous BoxShort Trips 3
ManagraVirgin MA
Pyramids of Mars
The Duke of DominoesDecalog 1
RightsShort Trips
Observer EffectST: 2040
Blessed Are the PeacemakersST: Magic
The Android Invasion
All Done With MirrorsST: Past Tense
Gaze of the MedusaTitan mini-series
War on AquaticaAnnual 1977
Cyclone TerrorAnnual 1977
Double Trouble!Annual 1977
The Time SnatchAnnual 1977
The Box of TerrorsBF audio novelFeatures the third Doctor, between Neptune and The Gulf.
The Body SnatcherAnnual 1977
The Eye Spiders of Pergross Annual 1977
Detour to DiamedesAnnual 1977
Menace on MetalupiterAnnual 1977
Secret of the Bald PlanetAnnual 1977
The Dragons of PragueST: Prague
Doctor Who and the Vortex CrystalFASA game book
How to Win Planets and Influence PeopleShort Trips 7.06
ScratchmanBBC novelFeatures an appearance by the thirteenth Doctor, between Time Lapse and The Runaway. The final epilogue takes place immediately before The Masque of Mandragora.
The Last BroadcastST: Day in the Life
UNIT Christmas Parties: Ships That PassST: Christmas Treasury
The Brain of Morbius

EvolutionVirgin MA
Sarah Jane and the Temple of EyesThe Day She Saved the Doctor
Chain ReactionShort Trips 2
The Lost GenerationScientific Secrets
Appearance of fourth Doctor in Where's the Doctor?
Return of the Daleks!TV Comic 1215-1222
The Wreckers!TV Comic 1223-1231
The Emperor's Spy!TV Comic 1232-1238
Only ConnectST: Transmissions
The Magic Box!TV Comic Holiday Special 1975
The Sinister SeaTV Comic 1239-1244
Woden's WarriorsTV Comic Annual 1976
The Space Ghost!TV Comic 1245-1250
The Dalek Revenge!TV Comic 1251-1258
VirusTV Comic 1259-1265
Treasure TrailTV Comic 1266-1272
Hubert's FollyTV Comic 1273-1279
Which Way Out?TV Comic Holiday Special 1976
Counter-RotationTV Comic 1280-1286
Mind SnatchTV Comic 1287-1290
The HoaxersTV Comic 1291
The Tansbury ExperimentTV Comic Annual 1977
The Mutant StrainTV Comic 1292-1297
Double TroubleTV Comic 1298-1304
The Seeds of Doom
Scarab of DeathDecalog 1
Doctor Who and the PescatonsArgo Records Features a flashback of the Doctor's first visit to Pesca, which occurs between Death Flower! and A New Life.
System ShockVirgin MA
Appearance of fourth Doctor in Deleted Scenes.
The Sleeping BeastAnnual 1978Features a flashback of the second Doctor's encounter with the Guerners, between Peril at 60 Fathoms and The Champion.
The Sands of TymusAnnual 1978
The Rival RobotsAnnual 1978
A New LifeAnnual 1978
The TraitorAnnual 1978
The Sea of FacesAnnual 1978
Invasion of the Body StealersClassic/New 4.1
Categorical ImperativeST: MonstersFeatures appearances of the first Doctor between Indian Summer and The Alchemists; the third Doctor between ...And Eternity in an Hour and Last of the Gadarene; the fifth Doctor between Excelis Dawns and The Creation of Camelot; the sixth Doctor between Year of the Pig and Revelation of the Daleks; the seventh Doctor between uPVC and Silver Nemesis; and the eighth Doctor between A Good Life and Venus. (Although not seen, it is reported that the second Doctor and Jamie are also present.)
DredgerTV Comic 1305-1311
Exploring the Tardis, the Doctor and Sarah discuss the jigsaw room, as recounted in Scratchman.
The Masque of Mandragora
Hello GoodbyeST: Magic
The Android Maker of Calderon IVST: Side Steps
Jackals of Space!TV Comic Annual 1978
Autaia Pipipi PiaST: Xmas around the World
EternityST: Steel Skies
Old FlamesShort Trips
Exploration Earth: The Time MachineBBC Radio 4
The Naked FlameYearbook 1995
The Hand of Fear
The Deadly Assassin

Blood of the Time LordsBF 4DA 11.1
Appearance of fourth Doctor in Out of Time.
Night of the Vashta NeradaClassic/New 2.1
Ghost ShipTelos novella
The Ravencliff WitchBF 4DA 11.2
The Drosten's CurseBBC novel
Someone I Once KnewDiary of River Song 4.4
CallahuancaST: History of Xmas
The Dreams of AvariceBF 4DA 11.3
ShellshockBF 4DA 11.4
Peake SeasonBF 4DA 11.5
The False PlanetTV Comic 1312-1317
The Fire FeedersTV Comic 1318-1325
Kling DynastyTV Comic 1326-1333
The Sky WarriorTV Comic Holiday Special 1977
Storm of the Sea DevilsBF 4DA 13.1
Worlds BeyondBF 4DA 13.2
MatryoshkaBF 4DA 13.3
The Caged AssassinBF 4DA 13.4
MetamorphosisBF 4DA 13.5
Doctor Who and the Hell PlanetDaily Mirror
Genetics of the DaleksBF TLV 4
MurmurationOrigin Stories
The Stranger, the Writer, his Wife and the Mixed MetaphorDWM 196
Appearance of fourth Doctor in Under Pressure.
Master of the BlackholeTV Comic Annual 1978
Down to EarthDWM 210
UNITed We FallDecalog 3
Appearance of fourth Doctor in Wonderland.
Millennium ShockBBC novel
AsylumBBC novel
Appearance of fourth Doctor in Einstein and the Doctor.
The Northern HeightsST: Life Science
The Baron WastesST: 2040
EarthST: Solar System
In Case of EmergenciesST: Snapshots
The Nobility of FaithST: Ghosts of Xmas
MutinyST: Patterns
The Doctor's Cross WordST: Xmas around the World
The Face of Evil

The Robots of Death
The RevisionistsShort Trips 9.01
The Death-DealerShort Trips 1
Last Man RunningBBC novel
Corpse MarkerBBC novel
The Bushranger's StoryST: Repercussions
Psi-ence FictionBBC novel
Match of the DayBBC novel
The Ghost TrapShort Trips 5.04
The Doctor sends Leela back to assist the second Doctor in Dumb Waiter.
The Foe from the FutureBF Lost 4th
The Prodigal SunST: History of Xmas
Black DogShort Trips 5.12
The Talons of Weng-Chiang
Destination: NervaBF 4DA 1.1
The Beast of MuirShort Trips bonus
Sound the Siren and I'll Come to You ComradeShort Trips bonus
The OrbTV Comic 1334-1340
The MutantsTV Comic 1341-1347
The Devil's MouthTV Comic 1348-1352
The Aqua-CityTV Comic 1353-1360
Red PlanetTwelve Angels Weeping
The Renaissance ManBF 4DA 1.2
The Wrath of the IceniBF 4DA 1.3
Energy of the DaleksBF 4DA 1.4
Eye of HeavenBBC novel
Appearance of fourth Doctor in The Light at the End.
ShamansST: Magic
Trail of the White Worm
The Oseidon Adventure
BF 4DA 1.5-1.6
Night of the StormcrowBF bonus XI
Famine on Planet XAnnual 1979
The Planet of DustAnnual 1979
Terror on TantalogusAnnual 1979
The PowerAnnual 1979
FlashbackAnnual 1979
Emsone's CastleAnnual 1979
The Crocodiles from the MistAnnual 1979
The Smallest BattleShort Trips bonus
The ChildBF CC 7.06
It's a Lovely Day TomorrowST: Christmas Treasury
The Sooner the BetterST: Day in the Life
The Ghosts of GralsteadHinchcliffe presents 1
The Devil's ArmadaHinchcliffe presents 1
The Genesis ChamberHinchcliffe presents 2.1
The Helm of AweHinchcliffe presents 2.2
The God of PhantomsHinchcliffe presents 4
DriftBBC novel
The Living WaxDW Winter Special 1977
String TheoryShort Trips bonus
A Ghost of AlchemyStrange Chemistry
The King of SontarBF 4DA 3.1
White GhostsBF 4DA 3.2
The Crooked ManBF 4DA 3.3
The Evil OneBF 4DA 3.4
Last of the ColophonBF 4DA 3.5
Destroy the InfiniteBF 4DA 3.6
The AbandonedBF 4DA 3.7
Zygon HuntBF 4DA 3.8
The Brain of SocratesST: Muses
The DestroyersST: Life Science
The Very Last Picture ShowST: Farewells
In one timeline, the Doctor and Leela visit Henlan, as recalled in Collision Course.
Rest & Re-creationYearbook 1994
The World TradersBF 4DA 10.1
The Day of the CometBF 4DA 10.2
The Tribulations of Thadeus NookBF 4DA 10.3
The Primeval DesignBF 4DA 10.4
The Tivolian Who Knew Too MuchClassic/New 3.2
Ice Heist!BF 4DA 12.1
Antillia the LostBF 4DA 12.2
The Wizard of TimeBF 4DA 12.3
The Friendly InvasionBF 4DA 12.4
Stone ColdBF 4DA 12.5
The Ghost of MargaretBF 4DA 12.6
The CatalystBF CC 2.4
Empathy GamesBF CC 3.4
Horror of Fang Rock
Dear Great Uncle PeterST: Ghosts of Xmas
StanleyST: Patterns
The Valley of DeathBF Lost 4th
The Changeling YearsYearbook 1994
One Bad AppleMore Short Trips
The Invisible Enemy
Image of the Fendahl

The Doctor interrupts the first performance of Hamlet.
People of the TreesDecalog 2
Christmas Every DayST: Xmas around the World
The Dogs of WarST: Prague
Appearance of fourth Doctor in Prisoners of Time.
The Sun Makers
The Roots of EvilPuffin e-book
The ExxilonsBF 4DA 4.1
The Darkness of GlassBF 4DA 4.2
Requiem for the Rocket ManBF 4DA 4.3
Death MatchBF 4DA 4.4
Suburban HellBF 4DA 4.5
The Cloisters of TerrorBF 4DA 4.6
The Fate of Krelos
Return to Telos
BF 4DA 4.7-4.8 Features an encounter with the second Doctor and Jamie, taking place during The Tomb of the Cybermen.
The Sons of KaldorBF 4DA 7.1
The Crowmarsh ExperimentBF 4DA 7.2
The Mind Runners
The Demon Rises
BF 4DA 7.3-7.4
The Shadow of LondonBF 4DA 7.5
The Bad PennyBF 4DA 7.6
Kill the Doctor!
The Age of Sutekh
BF 4DA 7.7-7.8
Crimson DawnDecalog 2
Shadow of the SunBF 4DA special
The Dalek ProtocolDalek Universe 1.0
The Time VampireBF CC 4.10Features an appearance by the third Doctor, between The Magician! and Dream Devils.
The Invasion of Time

Following the departure of Leela and K-9, the Doctor travels alone, although he is gradually working on building K-9 mark II...
DoomcloudTV Comic Mighty Midget 1 In a now negated timeline, a subtly different version of this adventure happened to the third Doctor.
The Snow DevilsTV Comic 1361-1365
The Space GardenTV Comic 1366-1370
The LabyrinthDW Winter Special 1977 Originally experienced by the third Doctor.
InvasionDW Winter Special 1977 Originally experienced by the third Doctor.
The SpoilersDW Winter Special 1977 Originally experienced by the third Doctor.
Who is the StrangerDW Winter Special 1977 Originally experienced by the third Doctor.
The Eerie ManorTV Comic 1371-1372
Guardian of the TombTV Comic 1373-1379
The Image MakersTV Comic 1380-1385
The Unheard VoiceTV Comic Holiday Special 1978 Originally experienced by the third Doctor.
The DuellistsTV Comic 1386-1389 Originally experienced by the second Doctor.
The AmateurTV Comic 1390-1396 Originally experienced by the third Doctor.
The Magician!TV Comic 1397-1403 Originally experienced by the third Doctor.
The WanderersTV Comic 1404-1408 Originally experienced by the third Doctor.
The Metal-Eaters!TV Comic 1409-1415 Originally experienced by the third Doctor.
The Sea DevilTV Comic Annual 1979
MilenaTV Comic Annual 1979
Moon ExplorationTV Comic 1416-1423 Originally experienced by the third Doctor.
Size ControlTV Comic 1424-1430 Originally experienced by the third Doctor.
Appearance of fourth Doctor in The Glass Princess.
The Stuff of NightmaresHornets' Nest 1
The Dead ShoesHornets' Nest 2
The Circus of DoomHornets' Nest 3
A Sting in the TaleHornets' Nest 4
Hive of HorrorHornets' Nest 5
Doctor Who and the Iron LegionDWW 1-8
City of the DamnedDWW 9-16
I Am the MasterShort Trips 8.10
Three Wise Men12 Doctors of Xmas
AttachmentsST: Snapshots
Plight of the MonkrahST: Snapshots
PuppeteerST: Snapshots
Appearance of fourth Doctor in The Day of the Doctor.
The Relics of TimeDemon Quest 1
The Demon of ParisDemon Quest 2
A Shard of IceDemon Quest 3
StarfallDemon Quest 4
SepulchreDemon Quest 5
Tsar WarsSerpent Crest 1
The Broken CrownSerpent Crest 2
Aladdin TimeSerpent Crest 3
Machine TimeST: Patterns
The Hexford InvasionSerpent Crest 4
Survivors in SpaceSerpent Crest 5
Those Left BehindST: How the Doctor...
Anne of a Thousand Light YearsPaternoster Gang: Trespassers 2.1
The Sinestran KillBF 4DA 8.1
Planet of the DrashigsBF 4DA 8.2
The Enchantress of NumbersBF 4DA 8.3
The False Guardian
Time's Assasssin
BF 4DA 8.4-8.5
Fever IslandBF 4DA 8.6
The Perfect PrisonersBF 4DA 8.7-8.8
TimevaultDecalog 3
The FearST: Terrors
Appearance of fourth Doctor in Supremacy of the Cybermen.
The Ribos Operation
The Seventh SegmentDWM Summer Special 1995
The Tomb of ValdemarBBC novel
PericlesThe Shakespeare NotebooksShakespeare's telling of these events may not be strictly accurate.
The Pirate Planet
The Stones of Blood
The Shadow of Weng-ChiangVirgin MA
Heart of TardisBBC novelFeatures an appearance by the second Doctor, Jamie and Victoria. For them, the story occurs between Death to Mufl and The Lost.
Ferril's FollyBF CC 5.11
The Androids of Tara

The Glarn StrategyST: Snapshots
The Doctor investigates a mysterious painting, as recounted in Tales from the Vault.
Appearance of fourth Doctor in the prelude to Falls the Shadow.
The Power of Kroll

The Doctor and Romana encounter Stoyn in ancient Rome, as recounted in Luna Romana.
The Armageddon Factor
The Auntie MatterBF 4DA 2.1
The Sands of Life
War Against the Laan
BF 4DA 2.2-2.3
The Justice of JalxarBF 4DA 2.4
Phantoms of the DeepBF 4DA 2.5
Good Queen, Bad Queen, I Queen, You QueenST: Leadership
Life from LifelessnessST: PragueFeatures a flashback of the first Doctor, between Urrozdinee and The Price of Conviction.
The Dalek Contract
The Final Phase
BF 4DA 2.6-2.7
The Warren LegacyShort Trips bonus
X-Rani and the Ugly MutantsAnnual 1980
Light FantasticAnnual 1980
Terror on XaboiAnnual 1980
Reluctant WarriorsAnnual 1980
The WeaponAnnual 1980
Return of the ElectridsAnnual 1980
The Sleeping GuardiansAnnual 1980
Flashback of fourth Doctor in Death to the Doctor!
Dr. Who and the TurgidsAdvertisement
The Doctor's First XIShort Trips bonus
The Stealers from SaiphBF CC 3.12
Destiny of the Daleks
The Lying Old Witch in the WardrobeST: Companions
VictimsDWM 212-214
Under ReykjavicDWM 174
The Old RogueShort Trips 4Features a flashback of the second Doctor, between All of Beyond and Lares Domestici.
City of Death

The fourth Doctor's appearance in Notre Dame du Temps occurs during this adventure.

The End of NowST: Prague
The Final AnalysisDWM 230-232
Appearance of fourth Doctor in The Lost Dimension.
The Creature from the Pit

The Romance of CrimeVirgin MA
The English Way of DeathVirgin MA
Appearance of fourth Doctor in Seven to One.
Nightmare of Eden

The fourth Doctor's appearance in Time & Time Again occurs during this adventure.

The Beautiful PeopleBF CC 1.4
Time Lady of MeansThe Many Lives of Doctor Who
The Little ThingsST: Christmas Treasury Features a brief appearance by the first Doctor and Susan, occurring between Quinnis and Time and Relative.
The Clanging Chimes of DoomST: Christmas Treasury
Present TenseST: Christmas Treasury
The Horns of Nimon

Flashback of fourth Doctor in The Forgotten.
Return of the SpidersMore Short Trips
BabblesphereDestiny of the Doctor 4
ShadaUnbroadcast TV story, released on BBC video The fourth Doctor's involvement in The Five Doctors occurs during this story, and is detailed more fully in Punting. However, these events create a divergent timeline in which this adventure (and possibly some of those subsequent) no longer occur - until the eighth Doctor returns to live these events again...
PuntingTarget StorybookThis story occurs during and deviates from the events of Shada and chronicles the fourth Doctor's involvement in The Five Doctors.
GlassShort Trips
Festival of DeathBBC novel
The Doctor, Romana and K-9 attend the Mars Conference, as seen in Beige Planet Mars.
The Doomsday ContractBF Lost 6.2
CheckpointST: Centenarian
A flashback in Telling Tales depicts the Doctor's meeting with Laurence, who then becomes trapped inside the story-telling machine - a situation finally resolved in Seven Deadly Sins.
Wave of DestructionBF 4DA 5.1
The Labyrinth of Buda CastleBF 4DA 5.2
The Paradox Planet
Legacy of Death
BF 4DA 5.3-5.4
Gallery of GhoulsBF 4DA 5.5
The Trouble with DraxBF 4DA 5.6
The Pursuit of History
Casualties of Time
BF 4DA 5.7-5.8
In one timeline, the Doctor and Romana visit Henlan, as recalled in Collision Course.
Colony of DeathAnnual 1981
Alien Mind GamesAnnual 1981
A Midsummer's NightmareAnnual 1981
Every Dog Has His DayAnnual 1981
The Voton TerrorAnnual 1981
Sweet Flower Of UtheAnnual 1981
Doctor Who and the KrikkitmenBBC novel
Suitors, Inc.ST: Sins
All Snug in Their BedsST: Ghosts of Xmas
BreadcrumbsST: Transmissions
Child's PlayST: How the Doctor...
The Pyralis EffectBF CC 4.04
The Doctor, Romana and K-9 attend the Queen's re-coronation, in The Dying Days.
The Well-Mannered WarVirgin MA
Special Occasions:
1. The Not-So-Sinister Sponge
ST: Side Steps
Special Occasions:
2. Do You Love Anyone Enough?
ST: Side Steps
Special Occasions:
3. Better Watch Out, Better Take Care
ST: Side Steps
Special Occasions:
4. Playing With Toys
ST: Side Steps
Romana embarks on adventures of her own, leaving the Doctor with only K-9 for company...
The Winged CovenBBC audiobook
Ode to JoyST: History of Xmas
Time ShearST: How the Doctor...
Collision CourseThe Legacy of Time 6Leela and Romana recall previous (and possibly mutually exclusive) adventures with the Doctor, one between The Very Last Picture Show and Rest and Re-creation, the other between Casualties of Time and Colony of Death. The fourth Doctor is brought to resolve the crisis, joined by the third Doctor between The Dragon of Hyacinth Lodge and Echoes; the fifth Doctor between The Stockbridge Horror and Circular Time: Autumn; the sixth Doctor between Hour of the Cybermen and The Marian Conspiracy; the seventh Doctor between The Steward's Story and The Prisoner's Dilemma; and the eighth Doctor between DS al Fine and Bad Blood. In addition, the tenth Doctor appears, between The Rebirth of Corah and The Big, Blue Box; accompanied by the first Doctor between Ten Fathom Pirates and iNtRUsioNs; and the second Doctor between The Entertainer and Operation Wurlitzer.
Christmas with the PlasmavoresWintertime Paradox
K-9's Finest HourDWW 12
TimeslipDWW 17-18
The Two-TimerDWW 26
StowawayDWW 27
Doctor Who and the Star BeastDWW 19-26
Evil EggDWW 28
Doctor Who and the Dogs of DoomDWW 27-34
Sands of TimeDWW 29-30
Mind-JumpDWW 31
The Hole TruthDWW 32
BreakdownDWW 33
Doctor Who and the Time WitchDWW 35-38
Dragon's ClawDWW 39-45
The CollectorDWM 46
Dreamers of DeathDWM 47-48
The Touchdown on Deneb 7DWM 48
The Life BringerDWM 49-50
War of the WordsDWM 51
Waiting for GadotShort Trips bonusFeatures an appearance by the third Doctor between The Bad Guy and Hide and Seek.
The Thing from the SeaBBC audiobook
Star Beast IIYearbook 1996
Appearance of fourth Doctor in Party Animals.
Romana rejoins the Doctor and K-9...
Luna RomanaBF CC 8.07The Doctor and Romana encounter their past selves, between The Power of Kroll and The Armageddon Factor.
The Monster in the WardrobeST: How the Doctor...
The Beast of KravenosBF 4DA 6.1
The Eternal BattleBF 4DA 6.2
The Silent ScreamBF 4DA 6.3
The Beast InsideYearbook 1995
DethrasBF 4DA 6.4
The Haunting of Malkin PlaceBF 4DA 6.5
SubterraneaBF 4DA 6.6
The Movellan GraveBF 4DA 6.7
Into the Silent LandST: Farewells
The Self-Made ManThe Decades Collection
The Leisure Hive
The Skin of the Sleek
The Thief Who Stole Time
BF 4DA 6.8-6.9
Child of DarknessPerfect Timing
"I Was a Monster!!!"ST: Zodiac
Doing TimeST: Steel Skies
Insider DealingST: How the Doctor...
Full Circle
State of Decay

The fourth Doctor's appearance in The Eight Doctors occurs during this adventure.

Purgatory 12BF 4DA 9.1
Chase the NightBF 4DA 9.2
The Planet of WitchesBF 4DA 9.3
The Quest of the EngineerBF 4DA 9.4
The Invasion of E-SpaceBF CC 5.04
The Doctor encounters the starship Hermes on the edge of a black hole, as recounted in Messages from the Dead.
O, DarknessST: Steel Skies
A Full LifeShort Trips 6.09
PathfindersDWM 173
Warriors' Gate

As the Tardis tries to leave E-Space, the Doctor unveils K-9 mark III, who he's been working on secretly for a while...
ConundrumAnnual 1982
Planet of the ElvesST: Xmas around the World
The Keeper of Traken
Messages from the DeadShort Trips 11.2Adric recounts the encounter with the Hermes, occurring between The Invasion of E-Space and O, Darkness.
A Boy's TaleST: Companions
MauritzST: Terrors
ErasureShort Trips 8.04
Inter-Galactic CatAnnual 1982
Planet of ParadiseAnnual 1982
Plague WorldAnnual 1982
Just a Small Problem...Annual 1982
The Doctor and Adric part company temporarily. The Doctor despatches K-9 mark III to Sarah Jane on Earth (see K-9 and Company), then he resumes travelling on his own...
Direct ActionST: Centenarian
My HeroST: Snapshots
Spider-GodDWM 52
The DealDWM 53
End of the LineDWM 54-55
Doctor Who and the Freefall WarriorsDWM 56-57
Junkyard DemonDWM 58-59
Junkyard Demon IIYearbook 1996
The Doctor on Mars with Audrey and AynDWMSE 66
FarewellsYearbook 1993
The Neutron KnightsDWM 60
The Doctor is reunited with Adric...
WatchersBF audio novel

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