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Adventures of the
second Doctor Who

Story Title Location Notes
The Power of the Daleks

The Doctor, Ben and Polly briefly encounter Charley's "ghost", as seen in The Light at the End.
Flashback of second Doctor in The Chameleon Factor.
Flashback of second Doctor in Timewyrm: Apocalypse.
PlutoST: Solar System
Invasion of the Cat-PeopleVirgin MA
Venusian SunsetPerfect Timing
The Curator's EggBF CC 12.1
The Sour NoteAnnual 1968
The Dream MastersAnnual 1968
The Tests of TrefusAnnual 1968
The Word of AsiriesAnnual 1968
Only a Matter of TimeAnnual 1968
Planet of BonesAnnual 1968
When Starlight Grows ColdAnnual 1968
World Without NightAnnual 1968
H.M.S. TardisAnnual 1968
The King of Golden DeathAnnual 1968
The Murder GameBBC novel
Dying in the SunBBC novel
WonderlandTelos novellaFeatures an appearance by the fourth Doctor, occurring between UNITed We Fall and Millennium Shock.
The FeastST: History of Xmas
Lost and FoundShort Trips 6.06
The Highlanders

Something at the DoorTales of Terror
The Underwater Menace
The Moonbase

The second Doctor's appearance in Supremacy of the Cybermen occurs during this adventure.

The Macra Terror
ResistanceBF CC 3.9
The Yes MenBF Early 2.1
The Night WitchesBF Early 4.1
The Mouthless DeadBF CC 10.1
The RoundheadsBBC novel
The Slave WarST: Leadership
Flashback of second Doctor in The Three Companions.
The Forbidden TimeBF CC 5.09
The Selachian GambitBF CC 6.08
House of CardsBF CC 7.08
The ForsakenBF Early 2.2
The OutliersBF Early 4.2
The Morton LegacyBF Early 4.3
The Home GuardBF Early 6.1
Card ConundrumThe Many Lives of Doctor Who
The Faceless Ones

The Evil of the Daleks
The Tomb of the Cybermen

The second Doctor's appearance in Return to Telos occurs during this story.

The Age of AmbitionST: Life Science
The Great Space ElevatorBF CC 3.2
The Way ForwardShort Trips 2
Dumb WaiterBF CC 12.2Features an appearance of the fourth Doctor, between The Ghost Trap and The Foe from the Future.
Lords of the GalaxyAnnual 1969
Follow the PhantomsAnnual 1969
Mastermind of SpaceAnnual 1969
Freedom by FireAnnual 1969
The Celestial Toy-ShopAnnual 1969
Valley of DragonsAnnual 1969
Planet from NowhereAnnual 1969
Happy As QueegAnnual 1969
Atoms InfiniteAnnual 1969
World of IceAnnual 1969
The Microtron MenAnnual 1969
Death to MuflAnnual 1969
Appearance of second Doctor in Heart of Tardis.
Flashback of second Doctor in Independence Day.
The LostST: Centenarian
The Abominable Snowmen
The Ice Warriors

The second Doctor's appearance in A Stitch in Time occurs during this adventure.

The Black HoleBF Early 2.3
Appearance of second Doctor in The Last Emperor.
Dreams of EmpireBBC novel
Combat RockBBC novel
Face-PainterST: Terrors
The Farmer's StoryST: Repercussions
Saint Nicholas's BonesST: History of Xmas
On a PedestalST: Leadership
The Story of ExtinctionBF CC 10.2Victoria recalls the events of this story following an encounter with the seventh Doctor, between An Unfulfilled Dream and Testament.
The Elysian BladeBBC audiobook
Year of the Drex OlympicsShort Trips 9.04
Flashback of second Doctor in Timewyrm: Apocalypse.
The Enemy of the World
The Web of Fear

Flashback of second Doctor in Downtime.
Father FigureST: Farewells
Bringer of DarknessDWM Summer Special 1993
Twilight of the GodsVirgin MA
The Dark PathVirgin MA
The Cutty WrenST: Ghosts of Xmas
The Emperor of EternityBF CC 4.08
The Astronomer's ApprenticeST: Muses
ScreamagerST: Monsters
Fury from the Deep
The Last Day at WorkShort Trips 8.X
Deleted ScenesShort Trips 10.02The framing story features the fourth Doctor, between System Shock and The Sleeping Beast.
The Wheel in Space

The Evil of the DaleksTV repeatThis repeated story is incorporated into the ongoing fiction of the series, by the device of Zoe watching a projection of a previous adventure.
Fear of the DaleksBF CC 1.2
The Uncertainty PrincipleBF CC 7.02
The Dominators
The Mind Robber

The second Doctor's appearance in Time & Time Again occurs during this adventure.

The Invasion
The Isos NetworkBF Early 2.4
Future ImperfectYearbook 1992
Appearance of second Doctor in The Three Doctors.
Briefly NotedYearbook 1995
The Wreck of the WorldBF Early 4.4
The Horror of Hy-BrasilShort Trips bonus
Little DoctorsShort Trips 5.02
Shadow of DeathDestiny of the Doctor 2
Prison in SpaceBF Lost 2.2
The RosemarinersBF Lost 3.8
The Anti-HeroTime Trips
UndercurrentsST: Day in the Life
Foreign DevilsTelos novella
The IntegralBF CC 10.3
Fallen AngelDecalog 1
The Queen of TimeBF Lost 4.2
The True Tragedie of MacbethThe Shakespeare NotebooksShakespeare's telling of these events may not be strictly accurate.
The Iron MaidBF CC 12.3
That Which Went AwayST: Sins
Goodwill Toward MenST: Christmas Treasury
The Avant GuardianST: Time Signature
Flashback of second Doctor in The Forgotten.
Appearance of second Doctor in The Light at the End.
The Dying LightBF CC 8.06
The Krotons
Land of the BlindDWM 224-226
Appearance of second Doctor in uPVC.
The Indestructible ManBBC novel
Outstanding BalanceST: How the Doctor...
Penny Wise, Pound FoolishShort Trips 4
A Comedy of Terrors12 Doctors of Xmas
The Dragons of KekokroAnnual 1970
The Singing CrystalsAnnual 1970
The Mystery of the Marie CelesteAnnual 1970
The Vampire PlantsAnnual 1970
Grip of IceAnnual 1970
Man FridayAnnual 1970
Robot KingAnnual 1970
Slave of ShranAnnual 1970
Run the GauntletAnnual 1970
A Thousand & One DoorsAnnual 1970
Daughter of the GodsBF Early 6.2Features an appearance by the first Doctor, between Horse of Destruction and Scribbles in Chalk.
One Small Step...ST: Past Tense
Visiting HoursST: Day in the Life
MercuryST: Solar System
HomeworkST: Patterns
Mirth, and Walking SpiritsST: Xmas around the World
The Memory CheatsBF CC 6.03
The Jigsaw WarBF CC 6.11
The Five Dimensional ManShort Trips 3
The Seeds of Death
The Room With All the DoorsScientific SecretsThis story occurs during The Seeds of Death.
The Glorious RevolutionBF CC 4.02
Lepidoptery for BeginnersST: Patterns
The Doctor investigates some mysterious robberies, as recounted in Tales from the Vault.
The Doctor and Jamie save Finney after a plane crash, in the Prelude to First Frontier.
Lords of the Red PlanetBF Lost 4.3
Vortex of FearDecalog 2
Aliens and PredatorsDecalog 3
Appearance of second Doctor in Prisoners of Time.
The Final SanctionBBC novel
Please Shut the GateST: Side Steps
Favourite StarST: Magic
Echoes of GreyBF CC 5.02
The Apocalypse MirrorBF CC 7.11
The Way of the Empty HandShort Trips 5.10
The Wheel of IceBBC novel
The Space Pirates

Appearance of second Doctor in Last of the Cybermen.
The MenagerieVirgin MA
Second ChancesBF CC 8.12
The Colony of LiesBBC novelFeatures an appearance by the seventh Doctor, occurring between Relative Dementias and The Curse of Fenric.
The Scruffy PiperTime Lord Fairy Tales This heavily-stylized telling may not be an accurate depiction of events.
The EdgeBF CC 10.4
The British InvasionShort Trips 7.08
The Tactics of DefeatBF CC 12.4
Constant CompanionST: Zodiac
The War Games

The second Doctor's appearance in The Eight Doctors occurs during this adventure; as does the flashback of the second Doctor in The Thousand Years of Christmas.

War CrimesShort TripsThis story actually occurs during the final episode of The War Games.
Save YourselfTarget Storybook
World GameBBC novelThe flashback of the second Doctor in Players occurs during this adventure.
Appearance of second Doctor in The Two Doctors.
Helicon PrimeBF CC 2.2
The Nameless CityPuffin e-book
Now working for the CIA, the Doctor is granted a modicum of freedom whilst being used to undertake various secret assignments.
Twin PiquesST: Zodiac
The RevolutionariesST: History of Xmas
The Time EaterST: Prague
All of BeyondST: Snapshots
Flashback of second Doctor in The Old Rogue.
Jamie leaves the Doctor, staying behind on twentieth century Earth...
Lares DomesticiST: How the Doctor...
A Stain of Red in the SandShort Trips 1
...'Daleks Invade Zaos'... Dr. Who's Space Adventure Book and Sky Ray Ice Lolly cards
Appearance of second Doctor in The Day of the Doctor.
The Doctor defeats the Blenhims, as seen in flashback in The Mark of Terror
Appearance of second Doctor in The Glass Princess.
Blue Road DanceST: Transmissions
The Piltdown MenShort Trips bonus
Appearance of second Doctor in The Lost Dimension.
The Doctor is reunited with John and Gillian, who join him on his travels once more...
The ExtortionerTV Comic 784-787
The Trodos AmbushTV Comic 788-791
The Doctor Strikes BackTV Comic 792-795
The ZombiesTV Comic 796-798
Master of Spiders!TV Comic 799-802
The ExterminatorTV Comic 803-806
BarnabusTV Comic Holiday Special 1967
Jungle AdventureTV Comic Holiday Special 1967
The Monsters from the Past!TV Comic 807-811
The Tardis WorshippersTV Comic 812-815
Space War TwoTV Comic 816-819
Egyptian EscapadeTV Comic 820-823
Attack of the DaleksTV Comic Annual 1968
Pursued by the TrodsTV Comic Annual 1968
Secret of the CybermenTV Comic 824-827
The Faithful Rocket PackTV Comic 828-831
Flower PowerTV Comic 832-836
The WitchesTV Comic 837-841
The Big DigTV Comic 842-845
The Sabre Toothed GorillasTV Comic 846-849
The Cyber EmpireTV Comic 850-853
The DyronsTV Comic 854-858
Return of the WitchesTV Comic Holiday Special 1968
MasqueradeTV Comic Holiday Special 1968
Dr. Who and the Space PiratesTV Comic 859-863
Car of the CenturyTV Comic 864-867
The JokersTV Comic 868-871
The Time MuseumTV Comic Annual 1969
The ElectrodesTV Comic Annual 1969
The Invasion of the QuarksTV Comic 872-876 The Doctor decides to enroll John and Gillian at the University of Zebedee, to protect them from the terror of the dreaded Quarks. He then meets up with Jamie once more...
The Killer WaspsTV Comic 877-880
Ice Cap TerrorTV Comic 881-884
Jungle of DoomTV Comic 885-889
Father TimeTV Comic 890-893
Martha the Mechanical HousemaidTV Comic 894-898
Appearance of second Doctor in Where's the Doctor?
Appearance of second Doctor in Seven to One.
Across Silent SeasST: Prague
The Christmas PresenceST: Ghosts of Xmas
Appearance of second Doctor in One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
Time RuinsPerfect Timing
That Time I Nearly Destroyed the World whilst Looking for a DressST: Past Tense Polly's time travels cause distortion to a number of adventures: The Thief of Sherwood; Bide-a-Wee; Colditz; Graham Dilley Saves the World; The Immortals; and Of the Mermaid and Jupiter.
Jamie is returned to his own time by the CIA, his memory of travelling with the Doctor erased once more. The Doctor then continues his adventures alone...
Appearance of second Doctor in The Juror's Story.
The DuellistsTV Comic 899-902This story is later relived by the fourth Doctor.
Eskimo JoeTV Comic 903-906
Peril at 60 FathomsTV Comic 907-910
Escaping from the butterflies of Phlok, the Doctor lands on Rimba and meets the Guerners, as seen in flashback in The Sleeping Beast.
The ChampionTV Comic Holiday Special 1969
The EntertainerTV Comic Holiday Special 1969
Appearance of the second Doctor in Collision Course.
Operation WurlitzerTV Comic 911-915
The Man Who (Nearly) Killed ChristmasST: Christmas Treasury
Death RaceTV Comic Annual 1970
Test FlightTV Comic Annual 1970
Appearance of second Doctor in The Five Doctors.
Loop the LoupYearbook 1994
Mother's Little HelperShort Trips
ReunionST: Side Steps
Appearance of second Doctor in Five Card Draw.
DustST: Steel Skies
GolemST: Snapshots
Pass It OnST: MagicFeatures an appearance of the sixth Doctor, between Trial of the Valeyard and The Lure of the Nomad.
Scientific AdviserMore Short Trips
The Time Lords finally catch up with the Doctor. Unable to hide behind CIA protection, his sentence of exile to Earth is enforced, although he is able to escape before he can be forcibly regenerated...
Action in ExileTV Comic 916-920
The Mark of TerrorTV Comic 921-924Features a flashback of the Doctor's battle with the Blenhims, occurring between ...'Daleks Invade Zaos'... and Blue Road Dance.
The BrotherhoodTV Comic 925-928
U.F.O.TV Comic 929-933
The Night WalkersTV Comic 934-936Caught in a Time Lord trap, the Doctor's regeneration is triggered - an event seen as a flashback in Timewyrm: Apocalypse.
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