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Adventures of the
sixth Doctor Who

Story Title Location Notes
The Twin Dilemma
Attack of the Cybermen
HouseST: Steel Skies
The Doctor and Peri foil the invasion attempt of the telepathic worms, as recounted in Old Boys.
Vengeance on Varos
Telling TalesST: Sins Features a flashback of the fourth Doctor, occurring between Checkpoint and Wave of Destruction.
Grave MatterBBC novel
SynthespiansTMBBC novel
Moon GraffitiOut of the Darkness
Burning HeartVirgin MA
Trapped!ST: Monsters
ExclaveST: Xmas around the World
The Mark of the Rani

Appearance of sixth Doctor in The Forgotten.
Mardi Gras MassacreST: Magic
PlayersBBC novelFeatures a flashback to the second Doctor, which takes place during World Game.
The StabberST: Zodiac
436ST: How the Doctor...
The Two Doctors

Features a guest appearance by the second Doctor and Jamie, occurring between World Game and Helicon Prime. The sixth Doctor's appearance in A Stitch in Time occurs during this adventure.

Appearance of sixth Doctor in Seven to One.
Not ForgottenShort Trips bonus
Battle PlanetAnnual 1985
Day of the DragonAnnual 1985
The Real HerewardAnnual 1985
The Deadly WeedAnnual 1985
Vorton's RevengeAnnual 1985
The Time SaversAnnual 1985
The Mystery of the RingsAnnual 1985
Appearance of sixth Doctor in Where's the Doctor?
VigilOut of the Darkness
Blue BoxBBC novel
The Doctor meets Becky who teaches him to dance, as seen in Teach Yourself Ballroom Dancing.
DavrosBF 48
The Terrible ManussaMyths & Legends
CryptobiosisBF bonus IV
A Handful of StardustTime Trips
See No EvilST: Transmissions
The Stars Our ContaminationST: Ghosts of Xmas
Something BorrowedPuffin e-book

Year of the PigBF 90
Appearance of sixth Doctor in Categorical Imperative.
Revelation of the Daleks
The Nightmare FairTarget novel
Gold and Black OozeST: Prague
The Ruins of HeavenST: Steel Skies
A Star is RebornST: Life Science
Priceless JunkST: Magic
As You Like ItThe Shakespeare NotebooksShakespeare's telling of these events may not be strictly accurate.
Potential EnergyScientific Secrets
Power to the PeopleDWM 114
Appearance of sixth Doctor in The Light at the End.
Trouble in ParadiseDestiny of the Doctor 6
The Ultimate EvilTarget novel
Mission to MagnusTarget novel
LeviathanBF Lost 1.3
The Reproductive CycleST: Life Science
SlipbackBBC Radio 4
Appearance of sixth Doctor in Five Card Draw.
The Hollows of TimeBF Lost 1.4
State of ChangeVirgin MA
Work Is HellYearbook 1995
Paradise 5BF Lost 1.5
Crisis in SpaceFind Your Fate
Taking the CureST: How the Doctor...
Point of EntryBF Lost 1.6
The Song of MegapteraBF Lost 1.7
The MacrosBF Lost 1.8
Virtually IndestructibleThe Many Lives of Doctor Who
The Flight of the Sun GodBBC audiobook
The Fellowship of QuanAnnual 1986
Time WakeAnnual 1986
InterfaceAnnual 1986
Beauty and the BeastAnnual 1986
RetributionAnnual 1986
Davarrk's ExperimentAnnual 1986
The Radio WavesAnnual 1986
The Guardians of ProphecyBF Lost 3.4
Power PlayBF Lost 3.5
The First SontaransBF Lost 3.6
Race Against TimeFind Your Fate
The Shadows of SerenityShort Trips 5.06
Hall of MirrorsDWM 119
TimeshareDecalog 2
The Great Journey of Life Ends HerePerfect Timing
Ghost in the MachineTwelve Angels Weeping
Whispers of TerrorBF 3
Turnabout is Fair PlayST: Side Steps
Palace of the Red SunBBC novel
...ishBF 35
Strange AttractorST: Prague
The ReapingBF 86
Memories of a TyrantBF 253
Emissary of the DaleksBF 254
Shell ShockTelos novella
CHAOSST: Past Tense
Peri stays behind in contemporary New York, and the Doctor travels on alone...
She Won't Be HomeST: History of Xmas
Appearance of sixth Doctor in The Glass Princess.
The Doctor opposes the Galyari and creates the legend of the Sandman, as seen in flashback in The Sandman.
Search for the DoctorFind Your Fate
A Fix with SontaransJim'll Fix It mini-episode

The Doctor falls victim to a fiendish plan by a mysterious enemy - using technology similar to that of the Land of Fiction, an attempt is made to fictionalize him, by presenting him as part of a children's television programme...

Fixing a HoleST: Past Tense
Appearance of sixth Doctor in Party Animals.
OutsourcingST: 2040
The Hunting GroundBF 246
Appearance of the sixth Doctor in Wink.
Gone FishingST: Time SignatureThese stories, and the Doctor's time travelling with William/Isaac are negated by the events of DS al Fine.
Walkin' City BluesST: Time Signature
Certificate of DestructionST: Time Signature
The Earwig ArchipelagoST: Time Signature
The Shape ShifterDWM 88-89
The VoyagerDWM 90-94
Polly the GlotDWM 95-97
Once Upon a Time-Lord...DWM 98-99
War-GameDWM 100-101
Flashback of sixth Doctor in Death to the Doctor!
FunhouseDWM 102-103
Kane's Story
Abel's Story
The Warrior's Story
Frobisher's Story
DWM 104-107
Appearance of sixth Doctor in Prisoners of Time.
DWM 108-110
Nature of the Beast!DWM 111-113
Time BombDWM 114-116
Salad DazeDWM 117
ChangesDWM 118-119
Profits of Doom!DWM 120-122
The GiftDWM 123-126
The World ShapersDWM 127-129
Frobisher leaves the Doctor and Peri, who then continue their travels together...
Prime WinnerShort Trips 6.02
Murmurs of EarthShort Trips 3
The Authentic ExperienceShort Trips 8.01
Doctor Who and the Rebel's GambleFASA game book
Under Odin's EyeShort Trips 9.05
The More Things ChangeYearbook 1994
To Cut a Blade of GrassShort Trips 4
Appearance of sixth Doctor in the first episode of Emperor of the Daleks!
"...Up Above the Gods..."DWM 227
The sixth Doctor meets up with the seventh at the end of Emperor of the Daleks!
Plight of the PimpernelBF 271
Mission to VenusFind Your Fate
The Doctor and Peri visit Ravalox, as seen in flashback in The Trial of a Time Lord.
Recorded TimeBF 150
ParadoxicideBF 150
A Most Excellent MatchBF 150
Question MarksBF 150
1963: The Space RaceBF 179
Breaking BubblesBF 188
Of Chaos Time TheBF 188
An Eye for MurderBF 188
The Curious Incident of the Doctor in the Night-TimeBF 188
Blood on Santa's Claw
The Baby Awakes
I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day
Brightly Shone the Moon That Night
BF 259
The Doctor and Peri visit Thoros Beta.
The Trial of a Time Lord

The sixth Doctor's appearances in The Eight Doctors and Supremacy of the Cybermen occur during this adventure.
Flashbacks are seen of the Doctor's visit to Ravalox, between Mission to Venus and Recorded Time; and to Thoros Beta, immediately prior to this story; and a future projection of the Doctor's voyage on the Hyperion III, between Millennial Rites and The Quantum Archangel.

Interstitial InsecurityTarget StorybookThis story occurs during The Trial of a Time Lord.
The Doctor attempts to return Mel to her own timeline, as seen in The Wrong Doctors.
The Spindle of NecessityST: Leadership
Time of Your LifeVirgin MA
Killing GroundVirgin MA
Wish Upon a Star BeastPerfect Timing
Schrödinger's BotanistPerfect Timing
The WormeryBF 51Features a brief appearance by the seventh Doctor, set between An Unfulfilled Dream and Testament.
The Doctor is attacked by the Logovore on Charisma, as recounted in Death Sentences.
Invasion of the OrmazoidsFind Your Fate
Christmas SpecialST: Christmas Treasury
The Golden DoorDecalog 1Features an appearance by the first Doctor, Steven and Dodo, occurring between This Sporting Life and 64 Carlysle Street.
Piece of MindLives of Captain Jack 2.1
The Doctor's CoatShort Trips 2
Wish You Were HereShort Trips
Appearance of sixth Doctor in The Sirens of Time.
The Ratings WarBig Finish CD/
DWM 313

Excelis RisingBig Finish CD
Fortunes of WarBBC audiobook
Whiskey and WaterST: Terrors
Trick Or TreatTales of Terror
Her Final FlightBF bonus III
The Doctor defeats the Krotons, as seen in flashback in Alien Bodies.
I.D.BF 94
Home FiresST: History of Xmas
Urgent CallsBF 94
Appearance of sixth Doctor in There's Something About Mary.
Vampire of the MindBF 212
Peri and the Piscon ParadoxBF CC 5.07 Features an appearance by the fifth Doctor, occurring between Wicked Sisters and The Caves of Androzani.
Whilst defeating a new Auton invasion, the Doctor takes time to teach the teenage Becky to dance, as seen in Teach Yourself Ballroom Dancing.
The Acheron PulseBF 166
Trial of the ValeyardBF bonus XII
Appearance of sixth Doctor in Pass It On.
The Lure of the NomadBF 238
Iron BrightBF 239
Hour of the CybermenBF 240
Appearance of the sixth Doctor in Collision Course.
The Marian ConspiracyBF 6
The Spectre of Lanyon MoorBF 9
The Apocalypse ElementBF 11
BloodtideBF 22
Project: TwilightBF 23
Real TimeBBCi webcast
The SandmanBF 37Features flashbacks of the Doctor creating the legend of the Sandman, between She Won't Be Home and Search for the Doctor.
JupiterST: Solar System
JubileeBF 40
Doctor Who and the Pirates
or The Lass That Lost a Sailor
BF 43
MortlakeST: Past Tense
Appearance of sixth Doctor in Project: Lazarus.
Arrangements for WarBF 57
Medicinal PurposesBF 60
The Diplomat's StoryST: Repercussions
Christmas on the MoonST: History of Xmas
A Town Called FortuneBF CC 5.05
Pier PressureBF 78
The Nowhere PlaceBF 84
The Doctor and Evelyn join Bernice's archaeological expedition, as seen in 100 Days of the Doctor.
My Own Private WolfgangBF 100
The Eighth Wonder of the WorldST: Dalek Empire
The Doctor and Evelyn spend a day flying kites, as seen in 100 Days of the Doctor.
100BCBF 100
Bedtime StoryBF 100
100 Days of the DoctorBF 100Features appearances by the fifth Doctor, between Son of the Dragon and The Mind's Eye; the seventh Doctor between The Report and The Dark Husband; two appearances of the eighth Doctor, one between Memory Lane and Salva Mea, the other between Remain in Light and Decorative Purposes; an encounter with the alternative timeline third Doctor; and glimpses of earlier adventures of the sixth Doctor, the first between The Nowhere Place and My Own Private Wolfgang, the other between The Eighth Wonder of the World and 100BC.
The CrackersST: Ghosts of Xmas
Assassin in the LimelightBF 108
The Final StarST: How the Doctor...
Revellers of DoomST: Xmas around the World
Trial by FireST: Magic
Mission ImprobableShort Trips bonus
The Doctor leaves Evelyn in 1988 to gather intelligence. Continuing his travels, he is reunited with Frobisher, and they pay several visits to Peri, and subsequent generations of her family on Krontep.
Mission: ImpracticalBBC novel
The Last EmperorST: 2040The opening of this story features the second Doctor, Jamie and Victoria, occurring between The Black Hole and Dreams of Empire. There is also an appearance from Ace and Benny, set between The Dark Flame and Utopia.
The Holy TerrorBF 14
The Maltese PenguinBF bonus 33½
The Age of ChaosDW Special 1994
Appearance of sixth Doctor in Time & Time Again.
Frobisher takes another break from the Tardis, and the Doctor continues his travels alone...
The Shadow in the GlassBBC novel
World Enough and TimeDiary of River Song 2.3
Appearance of sixth Doctor in The Eye of the Storm.
Last of the CybermenBF 199The Doctor is transposed with his second self, between The Space Pirates and The Menagerie.
Judoon in ChainsClassic/New 1.2
The Doctor reunites with Evelyn after her adventures with his older self, between Instruments of Darkness and The Eyes Have It.
The Crimes of Thomas BrewsterBF 143
The Feast of AxosBF 144
Industrial EvolutionBF 145
The Doctor and Evelyn return to Világ, where Evelyn decides to stay - as seen in flashback in Thicker Than Water.
The Wrong DoctorsBF 169Features an appearance of the Doctor's earlier self, immediately following The Trial of a Time Lord.
Loose ChangeST: Patterns
Academic NotesThe Shakespeare Notebooks
Second SightWorlds of DW boxset
ChronoclasmJago & Litefoot 3.4
Jago In LoveJago & Litefoot 4.1
Beautiful ThingsJago & Litefoot 4.2
The Lonely ClockJago & Litefoot 4.3
The Hourglass KillersJago & Litefoot 4.4
Voyage to VenusJago & Litefoot 4.5
Voyage to the New WorldJago & Litefoot 4.6
The Doctor helps establish Horlak's colony, as seen in flashback in The Lost Dimension.
Appearance of sixth Doctor in The Girl Who Never Was.
The CondemnedBF 105
The Doomwood CurseBF 111
Brotherhood of the DaleksBF 114
The Avenues of PossibilityThe Legacy of Time 5
The Red HouseThe Last Adventure
These Stolen HoursShort Trips 10.08
Return of the KrotonsBF bonus VII
The Raincloud ManBF 116
Patient ZeroBF 124
Paper CutsBF 125
Blue Forgotten PlanetBF 126
City of SpiresBF 133
Night's Black AgentsBF CC 4.11
The Wreck of the TitanBF 134
Legend of the CybermenBF 135
The Curse of DavrosBF 156
The Fourth WallBF 157
Wirrn IsleBF 158
Stage FrightThe Last Adventure
Vortex IceBF 225
Cortex FireBF 225
Antidote to OblivionBF 182
The Brood of ErysBF 183
ScavengerBF 184
The Widow's AssassinBF 192
Masters of EarthBF 193
The Rani EliteBF 194
The Headless Ones6th Doctor & Peri 1.1
Like6th Doctor & Peri 1.2
The Vanity Trap6th Doctor & Peri 1.3
Conflict Theory6th Doctor & Peri 1.4
The Death of MeST: Terrors
Teach Yourself Ballroom DancingST: MusesThis story recounts two earlier episodes in the life of the sixth Doctor. The first occurs between Blue Box and Davros; the second between Peri and the Piscon Paradox and The Acheron Pulse.
Appearance of sixth Doctor in The Four Doctors.
MasterpieceJago & Litefoot 11.4
The deadly enemy who attempted to fictionalize the Doctor (see A Fix with Sontarans) now conceives a more diabolical scheme. Companions Jason and Crystal are snatched from the divergent timeline following The Ultimate Adventure, and conditioned to accept the sixth Doctor as "their" Doctor.
The Ultimate AdventureStage play The Doctor is captured and his memories altered. Made to believe Jason and Crystal are his companions, he relives this adventure of his third persona. His enemy meanwhile takes the form of Zog, using this plan to infiltrate the TARDIS...
Face ValueST: Side Steps
Beyond the Ultimate AdventureBF CC 6.06
The Doctor eventually returns Jason and Crystal to their own time streams.
The Inquisitor's StoryST: Repercussions
Water's EdgeST: Christmas Treasury
Harry Houdini's WarBF 255
The Terror of the DarknessST: Day in the Life
Incongruous DetailsST: Centenarian
Defining PatternsST: Patterns
linking material

The Carrionite CurseClassic/New 2.3
Appearance of sixth Doctor in The Lost Dimension.
Criss-CrossBF 204
Planet of the RaniBF 205
Shield of the JötunnBF 206
The End of the LineThe Last Adventure
Order of the DaleksBF 218
One For AllThe Eleven
The Darkened EarthShort Trips 8.07
Colony of FearBF 273
The Murder of Oliver Akkron
The Eleven
Absolute PowerBF 219
QuicksilverBF 220
The BehemothBF 231
The MiddleBF 232
StaticBF 233
Cry of the VultrissBF 263
Scorched EarthBF 264
The Lovecraft InvasionBF 265
Appearance of sixth Doctor in The End of the Beginning.
The Wings of a ButterflyShort Trips 1
Jago & Litefoot ForeverJago & Litefoot 14
The Garden of EvilFind Your Fate
Appearance of sixth Doctor in The Day of the Doctor.
The Doctor defeats the Bonepuppets and buries Amaca's umbilicus, as seen in flashback in Nobody's Gift.
The Book of My LifeST: Patterns
Gone Too SoonST: Side Steps
Business UnusualBBC novel
The Doctor records his answerphone message, as heard in Expiry Dating.
The DealYearbook 1992
A Wee Deoch an..?DWM Winter Special 1991
A Tourist InvasionYearbook 1993
FegovyDecalog 3
The Doctor appears in the film Swamp of Horrors.
IntuitionShort Trips bonus
The One DoctorBF 27
The Man Who Wouldn't Give UpST: Past Tense
Mortal ThoughtsST: Life Science
The JuggernautsBF 65
Catch-1782BF 68
Sold OutST: Day in the Life
Thicker Than WaterBF 73Features a flashback of Evelyn leaving the Doctor, set between Industrial Evolution and The Wrong Doctors; and an appearance by the seventh Doctor, between Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast and LIVE 34.
Curtain CallST: Farewells
The Doctor and Mel defeat the Rainbow, as recounted in Old Boys.
The Best Joke I Ever ToldST: Dalek Empire
Fairy Tale of New New York12 Doctors of Xmas
The Wishing BeastBF 97
The Vanity BoxBF 97
Spaceport FearBF 170
Mel-evolentShort Trips 8.02
Loud and ProudShort Trips bonus
Millennial RitesVirgin MA
The Doctor and Mel travel aboard the Hyperion III and fight the Vervoids, as foreseen in The Trial of a Time Lord. Mel is subsequently removed from her time stream to testify at the Doctor's trial.
The Quantum ArchangelBBC novel
Instruments of DarknessBBC novel
The Doctor takes Evelyn back to 1957, to prevent Edward Grainger being falsely accused of treason, as recounted in Old Boys.
The Doctor returns Evelyn to her own time, to be reunited with his younger self between Judoon in Chains and The Crimes of Thomas Brewster.
The Eyes Have ItST: Snapshots
Dr CadabraST: Ghosts of Xmas
Change ManagementST: How the Doctor...
The Seeds of WarBF 171
The Death of PeladonPeladon 3
Mind of the HodiacBF Lost 6.3
The Rotting DeepWater Worlds
The Tides of the MoonWater Worlds
The Dream NexusBF interlude
MaelstromWater Worlds
Spiral ScratchBBC novel
The Brink of DeathThe Last Adventure
Go to adventures of the seventh Doctor Who.
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