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Adventures of the
first Doctor Who

Story Title Location Notes
The Doctor is born from the Loom of the House of Lungbarrow, as recounted in Lungbarrow.
The distraught young Doctor is consoled by Clara, as seen in Listen.
Flashbacks of the young Doctor being tutored - and running away to the riverbank - in Lungbarrow.
Flashback of the Doctor being lectured by Borusa in Vortex Butterflies.
Flashback of the Doctor and his hermit-mentor in Timewyrm: Revelation.
The Doctor is disinherited from his ancestral House, as seen in flashback in Lungbarrow.
Flashback of the Doctor's first meeting with the Toymaker in Divided Loyalties.
The Doctor and the Master work on the Consolidator, as seen in flashback in Harvest of Time.
Dr Who and the DaleksCadet sweet cigarette cards Acting as a Time Lord ambassador, the Doctor undertakes two missions involving the Voord and the Daleks.
Appearance of first Doctor in Flashback.
Flashback of the Doctor leaving Gallifrey in Nightshade.
A flashback in Cold Fusion shows the Doctor rescuing Patience and her granddaughter from danger on Gallifrey - although it's an uncertain memory he's not even sure is his own...
Flashbacks in Lungbarrow show the Doctor arguing with his cousin Glospin; leaving Gallifrey with the Hand of Omega; and travelling back to the Old Time where he "adopts" Susan - however, these are astral projections of uncertain provenance...
Some scenes of the Doctor and Susan living together on Gallifrey might be depicted in The Longest Story in the World.
One Virtue, and a Thousand CrimesAdventures in Lockdown
Flashbacks of the Doctor and Susan fleeing Gallifrey in Time & Time Again and The Name of the Doctor.
The ExilesST: Terrors
The BeginningBF CC 8.05
FrayedTelos novella
The Five O'Clock ShadowST: Day in the Life
Dr Who Travels in SpacePainting book
The Sons of the CrabAnnual 1966 In these early adventures, the Doctor is exploring on his own, perhaps looking for a new home where he and Susan can be safe.
The Lost OnesAnnual 1966
The Monsters from EarthAnnual 1966
The Sleeping BloodBF CC 9.1
Childhood LivingST: Centenarian
The Message of MysteryThe Dalek Book
Seven to OneShort Trips 3Features appearances by the seventh Doctor between The Happiness Patrol and uPVC; the sixth Doctor between The Two Doctors and Not Forgotten; the fifth Doctor between Plague of the Daleks and The Demons of Red Lodge; the fourth Doctor between The English Way of Death and Nightmare of Eden; the third Doctor between The Suns of Caresh and Deep Stretch; and the second Doctor between Martha the Mechanical Housemaid and Across Silent Seas.
A Big Hand for the DoctorPuffin e-book
Indian SummerST: Snapshots
The Doctor and Susan visit Jabalhabad, as recounted in All-Consuming Fire.
Appearance of first Doctor in Categorical Imperative.
The AlchemistsBF CC 8.02
The ArborealsScientific Secrets
Appearance of first Doctor in Time Trick.
UrrozdineeYearbook 1995
Flashback of first Doctor in Life from Lifelessness.
The Price of ConvictionST: Leadership
Bide-a-WeeST: Past Tense
Appearance of first Doctor in Where's the Doctor?
The GiftST: History of Xmas
QuinnisBF CC 5.06
Appearance of first Doctor in The Little Things.
Flashbacks in The Rag & Bone Man's Story show the Doctor's arrival in 1960s London, and Susan attending Coal Hill School.
Time and RelativeTelos novella
An Unearthly WomanDiary of River Song 6.1
The Juror's StoryST: RepercussionsTo get acquitted, the Doctor eventually needs the help of the fifth Doctor between Catalogue of Events and Lily; the third Doctor between Potential and The Time Warrior; the eighth Doctor between Interference and Second Contact; and the second Doctor between That Time I Nearly Destroyed the World whilst Looking for a Dress and The Duellists.
Operation ProteusDWM 231-233
The Doctor and Susan have a ghostly encounter, as recounted in Ash.
Losing the AudienceST: Patterns
Hunters of EarthDestiny of the Doctor 1
Doctor Who and the Horror of Coal HillBBC DW websiteFeatures an appearance by the third Doctor between Island of Death and Invasion of the Scorpion Men; the eleventh Doctor between The Jago & Litefoot Revival and Death Is the Only Answer; and the twelfth Doctor between Off the Trail and The Stockbridge Showdown.
Echoes of Future PastDWM 181Features an appearance by the seventh Doctor, occurring for him between Dragonfire and Remembrance of the Daleks.
Appearance of first Doctor in The Shoreditch Intervention.
Appearance of first Doctor in Time & Time Again.
An Unearthly Child

The first Doctor's appearance in Supremacy of the Cybermen occurs during this adventure.

The Cave of Skulls
The Forest of Fear
The Firemaker

The first Doctor's appearance in The Eight Doctors occurs during this story; as does his interlude in The Knight, the Fool and the Dead.

The Dead Planet
The Survivors
The Escape
The Ambush
The Expedition
The Ordeal
The Rescue
The Edge of Destruction
The Brink of Disaster
The Roof of the World
The Singing Sands
Five Hundred Eyes
The Wall of Lies
Rider from Shang-Tu
Mighty Kublai Khan
Assassin at Peking
The Sorceror's ApprenticeVirgin MA
In-Between TimesTitan comic
Flashback of first Doctor in The Forgotten.
Who Discovered America?DWM 184
The Ruins of TimeST: Time Signature
Tell Me You Love MeST: Ghosts of Xmas
The Age of EnduranceBF Early 3.1
The Path of SkullsThe Many Lives of Doctor Who
Flashback of Susan and Barbara in Tragedy Day.
The Sea of Death
The Velvet Web
The Screaming Jungle
The Snows of Terror
Sentence of Death
The Keys of Marinus
The Fragile Yellow Arc of FragranceBF Lost 2.1
The Temple of Evil
The Warriors of Death
The Bride of Sacrifice
The Day of Darkness
Strangers in Space
The Unwilling Warriors
Hidden Danger
A Race against Death
A Desperate Venture
The Transit of VenusBF CC 3.7
A Land of Fear
Guests of Madame Guillotine
A Change of Identity
The Tyrant of France
A Bargain of Necessity
Prisoners of Conciergerie
Rise and FallShort Trips 1
The Destination WarsBF 1DA 1.1
The Great White HurricaneBF 1DA 1.2
The Invention of DeathBF 1DA 2.1
The Barbarians and the SamuraiBF 1DA 2.2
The PhoeniciansBF 1DA 3.1
Tick-Tock WorldBF 1DA 3.2
Return to SkaroBF 1DA 4.1
Last of the RomanovsBF 1DA 4.2
For the Glory of UrthBF 1DA 5.1
The Hollow CrownBF 1DA 5.2
Farewell, Great MacedonBF Lost 2.1
The Masters of LuxorBF Lost 3.7
The Library of AlexandriaBF CC 7.10
A Star is BornShort Trips 4
The Flames of CadizBF CC 7.07
A Small Semblance of HomeShort Trips 8.09
Rennigan's RecordDWM 200
The Last DaysShort Trips
A Long NightST: Companions
On a dying world, Barbara is infected by an alien parasite which distorts her memories - an event recounted in Nothing at the End of the Lane.
Appearance of first Doctor in The Light at the End.
Mire and ClayST: Terrors
The Duke's FollyST: Sins
The Mother RoadST: Farewells
E Is For...BF CC 13.1
Room for ImprovementST: Prague
The Reign MakersST: Magic
Domain of the VoordBF Early 1.1
Flywheel RevolutionShort Trips 5.01
The WandererBF CC 6.10
Home Again, Home AgainShort Trips bonus
City at World's EndBBC novel
The Witch HuntersBBC novelThis adventure also recounts a later visit by the Doctor to Salem, which occurs between his involvement in The Five Doctors and Cambridge Previsited.
Here There Be MonstersBF CC 3.1
Appearance of first Doctor in The Thief of Sherwood.
Planet of Giants
Dangerous Journey
The Time TravellersBBC novel
World's End
The Daleks
Day of Reckoning
The End of Tomorrow
The Waking Ally

The first Doctor's appearance in A Stitch in Time occurs during this adventure.

Venusian LullabyVirgin MA
The Book of ShadowsDecalog 1
The RevenantsBig Finish download/
DWM 448

Set in StoneST: History of Xmas
The Nine-Day QueenDecalog 2
The True and Indisputable Facts in the Matter of the Ram's SkullST: Zodiac
Dr Who in the Spider's Web
Dr Who on the Aqua Planet
The Ice-Age Monster
Dr Who Meets the Watermen
The Daleks Destroy the Zomites
Escape from the Aquafien
Where Diamonds are Worthless
The Prehistoric Monster
Dr Who and the Nerve Machine
The Daleks are Foiled
Rescued from the Daleks
The Defeat of the Daleks
Give-a-Show Projector slides
The Powerful Enemy
Desperate Measures
Byzantium!BBC novel
Romans CutawayMore Short Trips
The Slave Traders
All Roads Lead to Rome
StarbornBF CC 8.09
The Eleventh TigerBBC novel
The Web Planet
The Zarbi
Escape to Danger
Crater of Needles
The Centre
The Fifth TravellerBF Early 3.2
Appearance of first Doctor in White Man's Burden.
All I Want for Christmas12 Doctors of Xmas
The Dark PlanetBF Lost 4.1
Nothing at the End of the LaneST: Side StepsA complex story, told entirely through Barbara's dreams after she is attacked by an alien parasite that distorts her memories. It features a flashback of her infection by the creature, an event that occurs between A Long Night and Mire and Clay. Barbara's recurring nightmares mostly involve a distorted memory of events immediately prior to and during An Unearthly Child.
1963Short Trips 2
The Rocket MenBF CC 6.02
Appearance of first Doctor in Prisoners of Time.
The Lion
The Knight of Jaffa
The Wheel of Fortune
The Warlords
The Space Museum
The Dimensions of Time
The Search
The Final Phase
Every DayST: Christmas Treasury
A Religious ExperienceYearbook 1994 Features an appearance by the seventh Doctor, occurring between The Gallery and Monitor.
The PlottersVirgin MA
The Sleeping CityBF CC 8.08
The Unwinding WorldBF CC 9.2
DaybreakBF CC 13.1
The Doctor's TaleBF Early 1.2
The Executioners
The Death of Time
Flight through Eternity
Journey into Terror
The Death of Doctor Who
The Planet of Decision
Journey Out of TerrorTarget StorybookThis story occurs during the final scenes of Journey into Terror.
The Watcher
The Meddling Monk
A Battle of Wits

The Doctor discovers the truth about Piltdown Man, as recounted in The Suffering.
FrostfireBF CC 1.1
The Bounty of CeresBF Early 1.3
Appearance of first Doctor in The Three Doctors.
The Empire of GlassVirgin MA
Are You Listening?DWM Summer Special 1994
The Ravelli ConspiracyBF Early 3.3
Corridors of PowerST: Steel Skies
Fields of TerrorBF CC 11.1
The Schoolboy's StoryST: Repercussions
The Long Step BackwardST: Prague
Snowman in ManhattanST: Ghosts of Xmas
MarsST: Solar System
The Power SupplyST: MagicFeatures an appearance of the fifth Doctor, between The Secret History and Fungus.
The Doctor, Steven and Vicki briefly encounter Charley's "ghost", as seen in The Light at the End.
The Founding FathersBF CC 9.3
Appearance of first Doctor in The Secret History.
EtheriaShort Trips 5.09
Across the Darkened CityBF CC 11.2
UpstairsBF CC 8.03
The Dalek Occupation of WinterBF Early 5.1
An Ideal WorldBF Early 5.2
EntanglementBF Early 5.3
The Crash of the UK-201BF Early 5.4
The SufferingBF CC 4.07Vicki and Steven recall a previous adventure, occurring between Checkmate and Frostfire.
Four Hundred Dawns
Trap of Steel
Air Lock
The Exploding Planet
Mission to the Unknown

Although the Doctor does not appear, this story follows on directly from The Exploding Planet, and acts as a prelude to The Nightmare Begins.

Planet of the BunnoidsST: Side Steps
Temple of Secrets
Small Prophet, Quick Return
Death of a Spy
Horse of Destruction

Appearance of first Doctor in Daughter of the Gods.
Scribbles in ChalkST: Life Science
The Nightmare Begins
Day of Armageddon
Devil's Planet
The Traitors
Counter Plot
Coronas of the Sun

The Feast of Steven
The Little Drummer BoyST: Companions
The AnachronautsBF CC 6.07
Sara briefly encounters Charley's "ghost", as seen in The Light at the End.
Men of WarBBC audiobook
An Ordinary LifeBF Early 1.4
The Guardian of the Solar SystemBF CC 5.01
The Drowned WorldBF CC 4.01
Home TruthsBF CC 3.5
The SontaransBF Early 3.4
Golden Death
Escape Switch
The Abandoned Planet
Destruction of Time
The Perpetual BondBF CC 5.08
AshST: TerrorsThe Doctor recounts a past adventure, occurring between Operation Proteus and Losing the Audience.
The Cold EquationsBF CC 5.12
The First WaveBF CC 6.05
RosesDWM 214
Appearance of first Doctor in The Five Doctors.
By the grace of Rassilon, the Doctor returns to Salem, as recounted in The Witch Hunters.
Having glimpsed his future, the Doctor is more aware of his own mortality, and feels the need to come to terms with his coming regeneration. Having been granted some degree of freedom by Rassilon, he decides not to return to Steven immediately, but to travel on his own for a while...
The Vardon HorseMyths & Legends
The Lair of Zarbi SupremoAnnual 1966
Peril in MechanistriaAnnual 1966
The Fishmen of KandalingaAnnual 1966
Flashback of first Doctor in The Thousand Years of Christmas.
Appearance of first Doctor in The Glass Princess.
Doctor Who and the Invasion from Space
Appearance of first Doctor in The Day of the Doctor.
Returning to Earth, the Doctor bases himself in another junkyard.
The Klepton ParasitesTV Comic 674-683The Doctor is joined by two Earth children, John and Gillian - his grandchildren.
Cambridge PrevisitedYearbook 1993
The Therovian QuestTV Comic 684-689
The Hijackers of ThraxTV Comic 690-692
Doctor Who on the Web PlanetTV Comic 693-698
The GyrosTV Comic 699-704
Prisoners of GritogTV Comic Holiday Special 1965
Home to HamelinTV Comic 705-709
Moon LandingTV Comic 710-712
In ReverseTV Comic 713-715
LizardworldTV Comic 716-719
Prisoners of the KleptonsTV Comic Annual 1966
The Caterpillar MenTV Comic Annual 1966
The Ordeals of DemeterTV Comic 720-723
Enter: The Go-RayTV Comic 724-727
Dr. Who Meets the Frog PeopleTV Comic 728-731
A Christmas StoryTV Comic 732-735
In Search of the DidusTV Comic 736-739
Space-Station Z-7TV Comic 740-743
Plague of the Black ScorpiTV Comic 744-747
The Trodos TyrannyTV Comic 748-752
Guests of King NeptuneTV Comic Holiday Special 1966
The Gaze of the GorgonTV Comic Holiday Special 1966
The Secret of GeminoTV Comic 753-757
The Haunted PlanetTV Comic 758-762
The Hunters of ZeroxTV Comic 763-767
The Underwater RobotTV Comic 768-771
Deadly CargoTV Comic Annual 1967
The PetsTV Comic Annual 1967
Return of the TrodsTV Comic 772-775
The Galaxy GamesTV Comic 776-779
The ExperimentersTV Comic 780-783
Sensing his regeneration drawing near, the Doctor decides to spare John and Gillian the trauma of seeing him go through the transformation. Leaving them in a safe place, he resumes travelling on his own...
Dr Who on the Planet ZactusPainting book
The Cloud ExilesAnnual 1967
The Sons of GrekkAnnual 1967
Terror on TiroAnnual 1967
Mission for DuhAnnual 1967
The Devil-Birds of CorboAnnual 1967
The Playthings of FoAnnual 1967
Justice of the GlaciansAnnual 1967
Ten Fathom PiratesAnnual 1967
Appearance of the first Doctor in Collision Course.
iNtRUsioNsST: Transmissions
Dr Who Travels in SpaceSticker fun book
From EternityST: Monsters
Appearance of first Doctor in The Lost Dimension.
Appearance of first Doctor in The End.
The Doctor meets up with Steven once more...
Making HistoryST: Day in the Life
Waiting for JeremyST: Day in the Life
Appearance of first Doctor in Do You Smell Carrots?
HelmstoneShort Trips bonus
White on WhiteST: Xmas around the World
O TannenbaumShort Trips 7.12
The Vardan Invasion of MirthBF CC 13.3
Peace in Our TimeShort Trips 9.12
Out of the DeepShort Trips 10.06
War of God
The Sea Beggar
Priest of Death
Bell of Doom
SalvationBBC novel
The Steel Sky
The Plague
The Return
The Bomb
The Celestial Toyroom
The Hall of Dolls
The Dancing Floor
The Final Test
A Holiday for the Doctor
Don't Shoot the Pianist
Johnny Ringo
The O.K. Corral
Mother RussiaBF CC 2.1
Flashback of first Doctor in Death to the Doctor!
Murder in the DarkTales of Terror
This Sporting LifeShort Trips 6.05
Appearance of first Doctor in The Golden Door.
The Doctor investigates a crashed spaceship during the Boer War, as recounted in Tales from the Vault.
64 Carlysle StreetMore Short Trips
Bunker SoldiersBBC novel
Return of the Rocket MenBF CC 7.05
The Secrets of Det-SenBF Early 7.2
The DreamThe Shakespeare NotebooksShakespeare's telling of these events may not be strictly accurate.
The War to End All WarsBF CC 8.10
The Savages
Tarnished ImageDecalog 3
There Are Fairies at the Bottom of the GardenShort Trips
The OutlawsBF 1DA 1
The MiniaturistBF 1DA 1
The Horror at Bletchington StationShort trips bonus
The Man in the Velvet MaskVirgin MA
The War Machines
The Rag & Bone Man's StoryST: Repercussions Features flashbacks of the Doctor and Susan's early days on Earth, occurring between Quinnis and Time and Relative.
The Smugglers
The Bonfires of the VanitiesBF CC 11.3
The Three PathsST: Farewells
Food For ThoughtDWM 218-220
Ten Little AliensBBC novel
Appearance of first Doctor in Five Card Draw.
The Plague of DreamsBF CC 11.4
The Crumbling MagicianBF CC 13.4
FallingShort Trips 7.05
The Tenth Planet

The first Doctor's appearance in Twice upon a Time occurs during the final moments of this story.

The Locked RoomBF CC 9.4This story occurs during The Tenth Planet.
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