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Adventures of the
third Doctor Who

Story Title Location Notes
Spearhead from Space
The Arkwood ExperimentsTV Comic 944-949
Vengeance of the StonesDestiny of the Doctor 3
The Multi-MobileTV Comic 950-954
InsectTV Comic 955-959
Assassin from SpaceTV Comic Holiday Special 1970
UndercoverTV Comic Holiday Special 1970
Doctor Who and the Silurians

The Doctor meets Captain Henderson, who recounts the tale of the loss of his ship, as seen in Landbound.
The Blame GameShort Trips 6.07
Old SoldiersBF CC 2.3
Shadow of the PastBF CC 4.09
The Ambassadors of Death
The Straw that Broke the Camel's BackDecalog 1
Walls of ConfinementShort Trips 2
UNIT Christmas Parties: First ChristmasST: Christmas Treasury
The Christmas DimensionShort Trips bonus
The Last PostBF CC 7.04
Blue BoxesShort Trips 10.11
Still LivesST: Zodiac
The AnnihilatorsBF 3DA 9.1Features an appearance by the second Doctor, between All of Beyond and Lares Domestici.
The Mysterious MeteoriteTV Comic 960-964
The Fishmen of CarpanthaTV Comic 965-969
Doctor Who and the Rocks from VenusTV Comic 970-976
BinaryBF CC 6.09
The Mind ExtractorsAnnual 1971
Soldiers from ZoltaAnnual 1971
The Ghouls of GrestonspeyAnnual 1971
Caught in the WebAnnual 1971
Invaders InvisibleAnnual 1971
The Dark PlanetAnnual 1971
Caverns of HorrorAnnual 1971
A Universe Called FredAnnual 1971
A Home from HomeShort Trips bonus
The Science of MagicST: Magic
The Unzal IncursionBF 3DA 7
Rivers of LightDiary of River Song 9.4
The Eye of the GiantVirgin MA
The Blue ToothBF CC 1.3
The Scales of InjusticeVirgin MA
CastawayTV Comic Annual 1971
LevitationTV Comic Annual 1971
Dr. Who and the RobotTV Comic 977-984
Trail of FireTV Comic 985-991
The Kingdom BuildersTV Comic 992-999
The Rings of IkiriaBF CC 6.12
Danse MacabreST: History of Xmas
The Devil Goblins from NeptuneBBC novel
ReconnaissanceYearbook 1994
Country of the BlindYearbook 1993
Prisoners of the SunDecalog 1
Taken For GrantedShort Trips bonus
Terror of the Autons

The Doctor finds Richmann's watch in Haiti, in the Prelude to White Darkness.
Dark IntrudersAnnual 1973
War in the AbyssAnnual 1973
Hunt to the DeathAnnual 1973
Doorway into NowhereAnnual 1973
The ClawAnnual 1973
Saucer of FateAnnual 1973
The Phaser AliensAnnual 1973
DamascusShort Trips 6.08
The Sacrifice of Jo GrantThe Legacy of Time 3The Doctor later devises a method of saving Jo, which he takes to Osgood between Landbound and The Vogan Slaves.
The Sentinels of the New DawnBF CC 5.10
The Doll of DeathBF CC 3.3
Deadly ReunionBBC novel
UNIT Christmas Parties: Christmas TruceST: Christmas Treasury
Change of MindDWM 221-223
A Visit to the CinemaDWM 190
The Mind of Evil
AngelST: Sins
The Claws of Axos
The Doctor narrowly misses Missy and the Master when they infiltrate UNIT HQ, as seen in The Master Plan.
The MegaBF Lost 4.4
Colony in Space
The Thousand Years of ChristmasST: History of Xmas Features flashbacks of the second Doctor, occurring during The War Games; and the first Doctor between The Fishmen of Kandalinga and Doctor Who and the Invasion from Space.
The Tip of the MindST: Companions
The Dæmons
FreedomShort Trips
Degrees of TruthShort Trips
Following the Master's imprisonment, the Doctor takes a break from UNIT, and moves to a cottage in Wales...
Gemini PlanCountdown 1-5
TimebendersCountdown 6-13
The Thing from Outer Space!Countdown Holiday Special 1971
Harvest of TimeBBC novelFeatures a flashback of the first Doctor some time before Dr Who and the Daleks.
Gardeners' WorldsShort Trips 7.02
The Magician's OathBF CC 3.10
The SwitchingST: Zodiac
The Man in the Ion MaskDWM Winter Special 1991
Flashback of third Doctor in The Forgotten.
Day of the Daleks

The third Doctor's appearance in Time & Time Again occurs during this adventure.

The third Doctor meets journalist James Stevens in Who Killed Kennedy.
The Face of the EnemyBBC novelThe final scene of this story occurs after Horrors of War.
The Curse of Peladon
SpoilsportST: Prague
Horrors of WarBBC audiobook
The Doctor and Jo return to UNIT HQ, as recounted in The Face of the Enemy.
Honest LivingMore Short Trips
The Doctor visits Professor Child's dig, as recounted in the prologue of The Suns of Caresh.
JigsawST: Ghosts of Xmas
The Sea Devils

The third Doctor's appearance in A Stitch in Time occurs during this adventure.

Appearance of third Doctor in The Eight Doctors.
The Other WomanShort Trips 5.11
The Doctor investigates a mysterious infantryman's jacket, as recounted in Tales from the Vault.
Find and ReplaceBF CC 5.03
The Seismologist's StoryST: Repercussions
The Mutants
The Mists of TimeBig Finish download/
DWM 411

Doctor Who Fights Masterplan "Q" Nestles chocolate bar wrappers
The Touch of the NurazhST: Monsters
Still LifeShort Trips bonus
RagsBBC novel
PrimordBF 3DA 5
The Scream of GhostsBF 3DA 5
Poison of the DaleksBF 3DA 6
Operation: HellfireBF 3DA 6
The Time Monster
MorphologyST: Day in the Life
Prisoners of the LakeBF 3DA 1
Appearance of third Doctor in Supremacy of the Cybermen.
Where the Heart IsDecalog 2
Storm of the HorofaxBF 3DA 3
The Monster in the WoodsTales of Terror
The Clean Air ActTarget Storybook
Listen - the StarsAnnual 1974
Out of the Green MistAnnual 1974
The Time ThiefAnnual 1974
The Fathom TrapAnnual 1974
Menace of the MolagsAnnual 1974
Talons of TerrorAnnual 1974
Old Father SaturnAnnual 1974
Galactic GangsterAnnual 1974
The Doctor calls Stormcage to check on the Master's imprisonment, as seen in The Master Plan.
Appearance of third Doctor in Under Pressure.
Target PracticeDWM 234
VerdigrisBBC novel The final scene of the story occurs immediately after The Three Doctors.
The Three Doctors

Features appearances by the first Doctor, between The Bounty of Ceres and The Empire of Glass; and the second Doctor, between Future Imperfect and Briefly Noted.

The Doctor celebrates the end of his exile, meeting up with Iris and Tom, and encountering Verdigris again - events recounted in Verdigris.
The Doctor takes Captain Henderson back to witness the loss of his ship, as seen in Landbound.
Appearance of third Doctor in The Defectors.
The Hidden RealmBF 3DA 2
The Wages of SinBBC novel
The Christmas Inversion12 Doctors of Xmas
Hiccup in TimeST: Magic
The ScorchiesBF CC 7.09
The Heralds of DestructionTitan mini-series
Come Friendly Bombs...ST: Past Tense
Losing Track of TimeST: Terrors
The Sommerton FetchST: Ghosts of Xmas
The Havoc of EmpiresBF 3DA 1
Carnival of Monsters
PeepshowDiary of River Song 6.3This story takes place before the final scene of Carnival of Monsters.
The Suns of CareshBBC novel The prologue features a flashback of the Doctor and Jo visiting Professor Child's dig in Israel, which occurs between Honest Living and Jigsaw.
Appearance of third Doctor in Seven to One.
Deep StretchST: Steel Skies
The Many Deaths of Jo GrantBF CC 6.04
Appearance of third Doctor in Where's the Doctor?
Rock StarST: Leadership
Lost and FoundedST: Xmas around the World
Once upon a Time MachineST: Magic
Pop-UpShort Trips 3
Frontier in Space
Planet of the Daleks
The Conquest of FarBF 3DA 3
CatastropheaBBC novel
NightdreamersTelos novella
The PiperScientific Secrets
Hidden TalentST: Companions
Time TunnelShort Trips 5.03
Salt of the EarthTime Trips
/Carpenter/Butterfly/Baronet/ST: 2040
The Spear of DestinyPuffin e-book
The Transcendence of EphrosBF 3DA 2
Ghost in the MachineBF CC 8.04
The Rise of the New HumansBF 3DA 4
The Same FaceShort Trips 9.06
The House That Jack BuiltAnnual 1975
Revenge of the PhantomsAnnual 1975
Dead on ArrivalAnnual 1975
Fugitives from ChanceAnnual 1975
After the RevolutionAnnual 1975
The Battle WithinAnnual 1975
The Doctor and Jo briefly encounter Charley's "ghost", as seen in The Light at the End.
Flashback of the Doctor's visit to Pakha in Legacy.
The Tyrants of LogicBF 3DA 4
Sphinx LightningShort Trips bonus
The Dragon of Hyacinth LodgeDWM 236-238
Appearance of the third Doctor in Collision Course.
EchoesST: Centenarian
Lost in the Wakefield TriangleShort Trips 4
Conspiracy in SpaceBF 3DA 8
Dancing the CodeVirgin MA
Speed of FlightVirgin MA
The Doctor, Jo and Mike Yates travel to Karfel, as later recounted in Timelash.
The Bad GuyST: Farewells
Appearance of third Doctor in Waiting for Gadot.
Hide and SeekST: Dalek Empire
...And Eternity in an HourDecalog 3
Appearance of third Doctor in Categorical Imperative.
Last of the GadereneBBC novel
Flashback of third Doctor in Death to the Doctor!
The Green Death
She KnewST: Snapshots
Terror of the MasterBF audiobook
Council of WarBF CC 7.12
LandboundShort Trips 7.XThis story recounts the third Doctor's two previous encounters with Captain Henderson. The first occurs between Doctor Who and the Silurians and The Blame Game; the second between The Three Doctors and The Hidden Realm.
The Doctor takes Osgood a means of rescuing Jo, as seen in The Sacrifice of Jo Grant.
The Vogan SlavesCountdown 15-22
Midnight in the Café of the Black MadonnaST: Prague
The Prisoner of PeladonBF CC 4.03
The Celluloid MidasCountdown 23-32
BacktimeCountdown 33-39
The Master-PlantCountdown Annual 1972
The Eternal PresentCountdown 40-46
*Sub ZeroCountdown 47-54
The Planet of the DaleksCountdown 55-62
A Stitch in TimeTV Action 63-70
"And For My Next Trick..."TV Action Holiday Special 1972
The Enemy from NowhereTV Action 71-78
The UgrakksTV Action 79-88
Steel FistTV Action 89-93
Ride to NowhereCountdown Annual 1973
A True GentlemanShort Trips 1
Zeron InvasionTV Action 94-100
Countdown to TV ActionST: Side Steps
Deadly ChoiceTV Action 101-103
Who is the StrangerTV Action 104This story is later relived by the fourth Doctor.
The Glen of SleepingTV Action 107-111
The Threat from BeneathTV Action 112 Later relived by the fourth Doctor.
Back to the SunTV Action 116-119
FogboundDW Holiday Special 1973
Smash HitDW Holiday Special 1973
Secret of the TowerDW Holiday Special 1973
The One Second HourTV Action Holiday Special 1973
The LabyrinthTV Action 120 Later relived by the fourth Doctor.
The SpoilersTV Action 123 Later relived by the fourth Doctor.
The VortexTV Action 125-129
The Unheard VoiceTV Action 131 Later relived by the fourth Doctor.
The Hungry PlanetTV Action Annual 1974
Appearance of third Doctor in The Lost Dimension.
Children of the Evil EyeTV Comic 1133-1138
NovaTV Comic 1139-1147
The AmateurTV Comic 1148-1154 Later relived by the fourth Doctor.
The DisintegratorTV Comic 1155-1159
Dateline to DeadlineXmas around the World
Is Anyone There?TV Comic 1160-1169
Size ControlTV Comic 1170-1176 Later relived by the fourth Doctor.
The Magician!TV Comic 1177-1183 Later relived by the fourth Doctor.
Appearance of third Doctor in The Time Vampire.
Appearance of third Doctor in The Day of the Doctor.
Dream DevilsST: Centenarian
Appearance of third Doctor in The Glass Princess.
Appearance of third Doctor in All-Consuming Fire.
Appearance of third Doctor in Faithful Friends.
Flashback of third Doctor in The Three Companions.
PotentialST: How the Doctor...
Appearance of third Doctor in The Juror's Story.
Flashback of third Doctor saving the Weave World in The Glamour Chase.
Appearance of third Doctor in Downtime.
The Time Warrior
The Time ThiefAnnual 1975
The Paradise of DeathBBC Radio 5
Crime at the CinemaShort Trips bonus
Separation DayST: Farewells
Before the LegendAnnual 1975
Scorched EarthAnnual 1975
Invasion of the Dinosaurs
Death to the Daleks
NeptuneST: Solar System
The Hungry BombYearbook 1995
The GulfBF 3DA 7
Interesting TimesST: Xmas around the World
Decline of the Ancient MarinerShort Trips 10.03
Appearance of third Doctor in Prisoners of Time.
The Ghosts of N-SpaceVirgin MA
The Devil's HoofprintsBF 3DA 8
The Dead Man's StoryST: Repercussions
SednaST: Solar System
NumbST: Patterns
Scourge of the CybermenBF audio novel
The Monster of Peladon

Flashback of the third Doctor burying Laika, in Alien Bodies.
Appearance of third Doctor in Interference. (Given the events of these books, it is now uncertain whether the third Doctor's adventures from this point onwards actually happened at all... See notes on Doomcloud below.)
DoomcloudDW Holiday Special 1974 This story and some of those subsequent have also been recorded as happening to the fourth Doctor. This is perhaps due to the events of Interference altering the third Doctor's timeline, negating this original version.
Perils of ParisDW Holiday Special 1974
Who's Who?DW Holiday Special 1974
Appearance of third Doctor in The Light at the End.
LinkST: Transmissions
Signal S-O-STV Comic Holiday Special 1974
A Visit from Saint NicholasST: Xmas around the World
Amorality TaleBBC novel
The Discourse of FliesST: Terrors
PrimitivesST: Life Science
The Lampblack WarsST: History of Xmas
Generation GapST: Transmissions
Appearance of third Doctor in Five Card Draw.
The Metal-Eaters!TV Comic 1184-1190 Later relived by the fourth Doctor.
PetrifiedTV Comic Annual 1975
Lords of the Ether!TV Comic 1191-1198 Later relived by the fourth Doctor.
The WanderersTV Comic 1199-1203 Later relived by the fourth Doctor.
The Doctor visits Revolutionary France, and rescues Jason, a young aristocrat, from execution. Jason becomes his travelling companion...
Affected by an alien disease, the Doctor projects a Watcher-like interim incarnation. This creates a divergent timeline, in which for instance the alternative Doctor is recorded as experiencing a subtly different version of The Ultimate Adventure.
The Ultimate AdventureStage play
We Are the Daleks!RT 10th Anniversary Special
After a series of adventures together, Jason, Crystal and Zog all eventually leave the Doctor...
Appearance of third Doctor in The Five Doctors.
Island of DeathBBC novel
Appearance of third Doctor in Doctor Who and the Horror of Coal Hill.
Invasion of the Scorpion MenThe Many Lives of Doctor Who
An Overture Too EarlyST: Muses
Planet of the Spiders

Hares Goodwood British Leyland Test DayWith the Doctor lost in the Vortex, Sarah is attacked by a surviving Spider whilst showing off the Whomobile at a motor show, with illusions of other monsters and possibly a telepathic contact with the Doctor's subconscious.
The Story of AladdinCrackerjack pantomime This and the subsequent stories actually take place before the final scene of Planet of the Spiders, with the Doctor suffering from the effects of radiation poisoning...
Seven Keys to DoomsdayStage play
Ancient WhispersST: Centenarian
The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Time TravellerTime Trips
Eventually returning to UNIT HQ, the Doctor is assisted by Cho Je to achieve a successful regeneration into a stable fourth body, as seen in Planet of the Spiders.
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