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Bullseye Books was a series of novel-length fan fiction stories, based on the Doctor Who tv series. The series was devised and written by Andrew Kearley.


The Bullseye Books series is now published online.



What is Bullseye Books? - A description of the Bullseye Books series, and the ideas behind it.

The Insiders' Guide to Bullseye - An in-depth guide to the Bullseye adventures, including synopses and discussion by the author. WARNING! This section contains a lot of spoilers - so if you want to read the novels, I'd leave this until last...

Read Bullseye Books - This is it! The complete text of all Bullseye Books issues so far, available for you to read.

Other fan fiction by Andrew Kearley

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Read Doctor Who: An Adventure in Time and Space - the movie that should have been...


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