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Since the Bullseye Books series was supposed to represent what a Doctor Who tv series might have been like, I decided to divide it into "seasons", of six stories apiece. The First Season was fully planned out, and the first four novels were actually written. The other two remain "in development". My interest in producing fan fiction has waned quite a lot recently, so I can't say if or when I'll ever write any more of these. The Second Season and beyond was always far more nebulous - I did have ideas for three stories that I might have written. The ideas are still floating round, but whether I ever write the stories is very uncertain. The other slots were left blank, for contributions by other writers. Oh yes, I had several people interested in writing Bullseye Books at one point - some of them established fan fiction writers. There were editorial discussions, synopses and sample chapters going back and forth. But somehow, despite a high level of enthusiasm from the potential contributors, nothing ever came out of it.

The links below lead to detailed synopses and discussion of the featured stories. More links may be added if any new stories ever appear...

BEWARE SPOILERS If you want to read the novels, then I suggest you leave this section until last.



  1. The Belphegor Inheritance (6 episodes)
  2. Warcry of Hallatern (7 episodes)
  3. The Michaelmas Phantoms (4 episodes)
  4. The Legacy of Sion (7 episodes)
  5. The Stone of Sephiroth (4 episodes)
  6. Reformation of the Daleks (6 episodes)


  1. The Covenant of Tollan (7 episodes)
  2. The Catastrophe Project (5 episodes)
  3. ???
  4. ???
  5. ???
  6. The Ruins of Time (6 episodes)

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