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This site is not intended to be a detailed or comprehensive guide to Doctor Who. There's plenty of those sites on the web already. Check out the Web Guide to Doctor Who to find more of those. Here, I'm more concerned with looking at why we like the series, and what it means to us - the thoughts, ideas and feelings that it prompts in us. So I'm looking for contributions from you out there - short essays about any aspect of the series that takes your fancy. It doesn't have to be particularly serious - this isn't exactly a serious site. If you've got any ideas for anything you want to put on this site, then email me and tell me about it. I'll consider any contributions, as long as they're entertaining.

The centrepiece of this site at the moment is the listing of the Doctor's complete adventures. I think I'm right in saying that my site was the first to eschew the notion of "canon" entirely, and include every medium in which Doctor Who has ever appeared - other sites have since followed suit...

There are also reviews of individual stories, and other related articles. Once again, this is an area where other people can contribute - but I'm looking for more than the standard "as for the sets and costumes" type review. I want pieces that demonstrate how Doctor Who has made you think, or about related topics that the episode has only hinted at - or even vitriolic rants about how bad it all is!


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